Post Office Photographs
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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
Alabama Post Office Photographs (564)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
AbernantTuscaloosaDec 2011J Gallagher
AddisonWinstonMar 2007J Gallagher
AdgerJeffersonSep 2017J W Hue
AkronHaleFeb 2003J Gallagher
AkronHaleOct 2019J Emerson
AlabasterShelbyFeb 2020J Gallagher
AlbertaWilcoxJun 2005J EmersonSusp. 2006
AlbertvilleMarshallMar 2007J Gallagher
Alexander CityTallapoosaMay 2019J W HueFormer site
Alexander CityTallapoosaMay 2019J W Hue
AlexandriaCalhounJul 2007J Gallagher
AlicevillePickensDec 2011J Gallagher
AllgoodBlountJul 2007J Gallagher
AllgoodBlountJul 2011J Emerson
Alma CPO [Jackson]ClarkeJun 2001J EmersonDisc.
AlpineTalladegaOct 2006J Emerson
AltoonaEtowahMar 2007J Gallagher
AnnistonCalhounca. 1906N/AFormer site
AnnistonCalhounNov 1935N/AFormer site
AnnistonCalhounMay 2019J W HueFormer site
AnnistonCalhounSep 2017J W Hue
. Blue Mountain StationCalhounSep 2003J Emerson
. Blue Mountain StationCalhounJan 2011J Emerson
ArabMarshallMar 2007J Gallagher
AritonDaleFeb 2020J Gallagher
ArleyWinstonMar 2007J Gallagher
ArlingtonWilcoxNov 2009J Emerson
AshvilleSaint ClairJul 2007J Gallagher
AshvilleSaint ClairApr 2019E Kalish
AtmoreEscambiaJun 2007J Emerson
AttallaEtowahApr 2019E Kalish
AuburnLeeJan 2010D Greenwald
. Big Blue Bookstore CPULeeDec 2010J Emerson
AutaugavilleAutaugaOct 2019J Emerson
AxisMobileMay 2013S Bahnsen
BaileytonCullmanMar 2007J Gallagher
BanksPikeJan 2010D Greenwald
BankstonFayetteDec 2011J Gallagher
BankstonFayetteOct 2019J Emerson
Bay MinetteBaldwinMay 2013S Bahnsen
Bear CreekMarionMar 2007J Gallagher
Bear CreekMarionNov 2017J Emerson
BeatriceMonroeNov 2011J Emerson
BeavertonLamarDec 2006J Emerson
BeavertonLamarDec 2011J Gallagher
BellamySumterMar 2008J Emerson
Belle MinaLimestoneNov 1988J Gallagher
BellwoodGenevaAug 2000N/A
BellwoodGenevaNov 2011J Emerson
BessemerJeffersonNov 2017J W Hue
BillingsleyAutaugaFeb 2003J Gallagher
Birmingham: MPOJeffersonSep 1892N/AFormer site
Birmingham: MPOJefferson1976N/AFormer site
Birmingham: MPO and P&DCJeffersonApr 2019E Kalish
. Bluff Park BranchJeffersonDec 2010J Emerson
. Downtown Carrier AnnexJeffersonDec 2010J Emerson
. Eastlake StationJeffersonApr 2019E Kalish
. Ensley StationJeffersonNov 2017J W Hue
. Fairview StationJeffersonMay 2017J W Hue
. North Birmingham StationJeffersonDec 2010J Emerson
. South Highland StationJeffersonMay 2017J W Hue
. South Highland StationJeffersonMay 2017J W Hue
. Sta. #9 CPUJeffersonAug 2009J EmersonU. of Alabama CPU
. Woodlawn StationJeffersonApr 2019E Kalish
BlackGenevaMar 2022J Emerson
BlountsvilleBlountJul 2007J Gallagher
BoazMarshallMar 2007J Gallagher
BoligeeGreeneApr 2019E Kalish
Bon AirTalladegaNov 2011J Emerson
Bon AirTalladegaAug 2019J Emerson
Bon SecourBaldwinSep 2020J Emerson
BoothAutaugaJan 2007J EmersonDisc.
BoykinWilcoxDec 2010J Emerson
BoykinWilcoxMar 2021J Emerson
BrantleyCrenshawMar 2022J Emerson
BrentBibbAug 2012J Emerson
BrewtonEscambiaJan 2020J Gallagher
BrierfieldBibbFeb 2003J Gallagher
BrilliantMarionMay 2017J W Hue
BrooklynConecuhJun 2007J Emerson
BrooksideJefferson2001J EmersonDisc. 2003
Brookside CPO [Gardendale]JeffersonDec 2010J EmersonOpened 2009
BrookwoodTuscaloosaDec 2011J Gallagher
BrundidgePikeFeb 1996J Gallagher
BryantJacksonMar 2007J Gallagher
BuhlTuscaloosaSep 2017J W Hue
Burnt CornMonroeFeb 2002J EmersonDisc. 1997
BurnwellWalkerApr 2000J EmersonDisc. 2003
BurnwellWalkerJun 2001J EmersonDisc. 2003
BynumCalhounJul 2007J Gallagher
Camp HillTallapoosaFeb 2020J Gallagher
CampbellClarkeMar 2008J Emerson
CampbellClarkeApr 2022J Emerson
CapshawLimestoneNov 1988J Gallagher
Carbon HillWalkerSep 2009E Kalish
CardiffJefferson2001J EmersonDisc. 2003
CarrolltonPickensDec 2006J Emerson
CastleberryConecuhMar 2014M Gollnick
CentrevilleBibbMar 2018J W Hue
ChancellorGenevaNov 2011J Emerson
ChapmanButlerJul 2001J Emerson
ChelseaShelbyFeb 2020J Gallagher
ChildersburgTalladegaFeb 1996J Gallagher
ChoccoloccoCalhounNov 2011J Emerson
ChoccoloccoCalhounSep 2017J W Hue
ClaytonBarbourFeb 1996J Gallagher
ClevelandBlountJul 2007J Gallagher
ClintonGreeneSep 2017J W Hue
ClioBarbourFeb 1996J Gallagher
CloptonDaleNov 2011J EmersonDisc. 2011
CoalingTuscaloosaMar 2001N/A
CoalingTuscaloosaOct 2019J Emerson
Coffee SpringsGenevaNov 2011J Emerson
CoffeevilleClarkeDec 2014J Emerson
CokerTuscaloosaSep 2017J W Hue
ColumbiaHoustonMay 2017J Hicks
ColumbianaShelbyMay 2013S Bahnsen
Cook SpringsSaint ClairJul 2007J GallagherDisc. 2011
CoosadaElmoreFeb 1996J Gallagher
CottondaleTuscaloosaDec 2011J Gallagher
CottontonRussellFeb 2020J Gallagher
CoyWilcoxDec 2010J Emerson
CragfordClayOct 2006J Emerson
Crane HillCullmanMar 2007J Gallagher
CropwellSaint ClairJul 2007J Gallagher
CrossvilleDeKalbApr 2019E Kalish
CubaSumterApr 2019E Kalish
CullmanCullmanca. 1914N/AFormer site
CullmanCullmanNov 1988J GallagherFormer site
CullmanCullmanMar 2007J Gallagher
CussetaChambersApr 2007J Emerson
DadevilleTallapoosaFeb 2020J Gallagher
Dauphin IslandMobileJun 2019J Emerson
DavistonTallapoosaJan 2014J Emerson
DawsonDeKalbMar 2007J Gallagher
De ArmanvilleCalhounSep 2017J W Hue
DeatsvilleElmoreFeb 1996J Gallagher
DecaturLimestoneDec 2009D Greenwald
Deer ParkWashingtonMar 2022J Emerson
DelmarWinstonMay 2006J EmersonDisc. 2011
DeltaClayNov 2011J Emerson
DeltaClayDec 2019J Emerson
DemopolisMarengoMar 2008J Emerson
DetroitLamarDec 2011J Gallagher
Dickinson CPO [Fulton]ClarkeFeb 2000J EmersonDisc. 2003
Dixons MillsMarengoMay 2013S Bahnsen
DolomiteJeffersonDec 2018J Wilson
DothanHoustonca. 1911N/AFormer site
DothanHoustonJul 2019J W Hue
Double SpringsWinstonMar 2007J Gallagher
DouglasMarshallMar 2007J Gallagher
DuncanvilleTuscaloosaDec 2011J Gallagher
DuttonJacksonMar 2007J Gallagher
East Brewton BranchEscambiaMar 2014M Gollnick[Brewton]
EastabogaCalhounJul 2007J Gallagher
EcholaTuscaloosaJun 2002J EmersonDisc.
EclecticElmoreMay 2013S Bahnsen
EdwardsvilleCleburneOct 2006J Emerson
Eight MileMobileJun 2003J EmersonDisc. 2011
EldridgeWalkerSep 2009E Kalish
ElmoreElmoreFeb 1996J GallagherFormer site
ElrodTuscaloosaMay 2017J W Hue
EmelleSumterDec 2011J Gallagher
EpesSumterDec 2011J Gallagher
EpesSumterApr 2019E Kalish
EqualityCoosaFeb 1996J Gallagher
EthelsvillePickensDec 2011J Gallagher
EufaulaBarbourca. 1913N/AFormer site
EufaulaBarbourFeb 2020J Gallagher
EutawGreeneDec 2007J Emerson
EvaMorganNov 1988J Gallagher
EvaMorganDec 2017J Emerson
EvergreenConecuhMay 2013S Bahnsen
ExcelMonroeMay 2013S Bahnsen
FairfieldJeffersonDec 2007J Emerson
FairhopeBaldwinJan 2011J Gallagher
FalkvilleMorganDec 2009D Greenwald
FaunsdaleMarengoFeb 2017J Emerson
FayetteFayetteDec 2011J Gallagher
FitzpatrickBullockFeb 1996J Gallagher
Five PointsChambersDec 2010J Emerson
Flat RockJacksonMar 2007J Gallagher
FlorenceLauderdaleMay 1913N/A
FlorenceLauderdaleMay 2017J W Hue
. North Florence StationLauderdaleMay 2017J W Hue
FoleyBaldwinJan 2011J Gallagher
Forest HomeButlerJun 2007J Emerson
Forest HomeButlerApr 2022J Emerson
ForklandGreeneFeb 2003J Gallagher
ForklandGreeneSep 2020J Emerson
Fort DavisMaconSep 2006J Emerson
Fort DavisMaconAug 2020J Emerson
Fort MitchellRussellNov 2011J Emerson
Fort PayneDeKalbApr 2019E Kalish
Fort Rucker Branch [Daleville]CoffeeMay 2013S Bahnsen
FostersTuscaloosaDec 2009D Greenwald
FranklinMaconJun 2007J Emerson
FranklinMonroeJan 2020J Gallagher
FrankvilleWashingtonJun 2019J Emerson
FrankvilleWashingtonJan 2020J Gallagher
Frisco CityMonroeMay 2013S Bahnsen
FruitdaleWashingtonJan 2009J Emerson
FruithurstCleburneOct 2006J Emerson
FruithurstCleburneOct 2019J Emerson
FultonClarkeNov 2011J Emerson
FultondaleJeffersonNov 1988J Gallagher
FurmanWilcoxJan 2020J Gallagher
FyffeDeKalbApr 2019E Kalish
GadsdenEtowahca. 1910N/AFormer site
GadsdenEtowahca. 1915N/AFormer site
GadsdenEtowah1937N/AFormer site
GadsdenEtowahMar 2007J Gallagher
. Alabama City StationEtowahAug 2009J Emerson
. East Gadsden StationEtowahMar 2007J Gallagher
GainesvilleSumterDec 2011J Gallagher
GallionHaleFeb 2017J Emerson
GanttCovingtonNov 2011J Emerson
Garden CityCullmanNov 1988J Gallagher
Garden CityCullmanDec 2018J Emerson
GardendaleJeffersonNov 1988J GallagherFormer site
GardendaleJeffersonNov 2017J W Hue
GenevaGenevaAug 2019J Emerson
GeraldineDeKalbMar 2007J Gallagher
GeraldineDeKalbApr 2019E Kalish
Glen AllenFayetteJul 2010J Emerson
Glen AllenFayetteNov 2021J Emerson
GlenwoodCrenshawNov 2011J Emerson
GoodspringsWalkerAug 2009J Emerson
GoodspringsWalkerDec 2011J Gallagher
GoodwaterCoosaFeb 2020J Gallagher
GordoPickensDec 2011J Gallagher
GradyMontgomeryFeb 1996J Gallagher
GrahamRandolphJan 2014J Emerson
Grand BayMobileJan 2014J Emerson
GraysvilleJeffersonSep 2009E Kalish
Green PondBibbFeb 2003J Gallagher
GreensboroHaleFeb 2008J Emerson
GreenvilleButlerJun 2007J Emerson
Grove HillClarkeJan 2020J Gallagher
GroveoakDeKalbMar 2007J GallagherDisc. 2011
GroveoakDeKalbNov 2011J EmersonDisc. 2011
Gulf ShoresBaldwinJan 2011J Gallagher
GuntersvilleMarshallMay 2006J EmersonFormer site
HackleburgMarionMay 2003J Emerson
HackleburgMarionMay 2011J Emerson
HaleyvilleWinstonMar 2007J Gallagher
HaleyvilleWinstonMay 2017J W Hue
HancevilleCullmanNov 1988J Gallagher
HardawayMaconDec 2002J EmersonDisc. 2005
HarpersvilleShelbyMay 2013S Bahnsen
HartfordGenevaMar 2022J Emerson
HarvestMadisonNov 1988J Gallagher
HatchechubbeeRussellFeb 2020J Gallagher
HaydenBlountNov 1988J Gallagher
Hazel GreenMadisonDec 2018J Emerson
HeflinCleburneSep 2017J W Hue
HigdonJacksonMar 2007J Gallagher
Highland HomeCrenshawJun 2019J Emerson
HodgesFranklinMar 2007J Gallagher
HodgesFranklinMay 2022J Emerson
HollinsClayMay 2010J EmersonDisc. 2011
Holly PondCullmanMar 2007J Gallagher
HollytreeJacksonJun 2001J EmersonDisc. 2006
HollytreeJacksonJun 2004J EmersonInt.; disc. 2006
Holy Trinity CPO [Cottonton]RussellAug 2001J EmersonDisc.
Homewood BranchJeffersonApr 2019E Kalish[Birmingham]
HonoravilleCrenshawJun 2001J Emerson
HonoravilleCrenshawSep 2020J Emerson
Hoover Branch [Birmingham]JeffersonApr 2019E Kalish
Hope HullMontgomeryJan 2001N/A
Hope HullMontgomeryJan 2021J Emerson
HortonMarshallMar 2007J Gallagher
HoustonWinstonMar 2007J Gallagher
HuntsvilleMadison1900N/AFormer site
HuntsvilleMadisonMay 1936N/AFormer site
Huntsville: GMFMadisonOct 2018J W Hue
. Downtown StationMadisonNov 1988J GallagherFormer site
. Downtown StationMadisonJun 2019J W Hue
. West StationMadisonNov 1988J Gallagher
HurtsboroRussellFeb 2020J Gallagher
HuxfordEscambiaJun 2007J Emerson
IderDeKalbMay 2007J Emerson
Jachin CPO [Lisman]ChoctawMar 2008J Emerson
JackCoffeeJan 2009J Emerson
JacksonClarkeJan 2020J Gallagher
Jacksons GapTallapoosaNov 2008J Emerson
JacksonvilleCalhounJul 2007J Gallagher
JeffersonMarengoFeb 2008J EmersonDisc.
JonesAutaugaFeb 2003J Gallagher
JoppaCullmanMar 2007J Gallagher
KansasWalkerDec 1999N/A
KansasWalkerSep 2009E Kalish
KellermanTuscaloosaDec 2011J GallagherDisc.
KellytonCoosaFeb 2020J Gallagher
KennedyLamarDec 2017J Emerson
Kent CPOElmoreSep 2001J EmersonDisc.
KimberlyJeffersonNov 1988J Gallagher
KinstonCoffeeAug 2019J Emerson
KnoxvilleGreeneOct 2005J EmersonDisc.
LanettChambersMar 2018J W Hue
LangstonJacksonNov 2011J EmersonFormer site
LangstonJacksonNov 2011J Emerson
LapineMontgomeryFeb 1996J Gallagher
LapineMontgomeryJun 2019J Emerson
LawleyBibbOct 2006J EmersonSusp. 2006
LeesburgCherokeeMay 2013S Bahnsen
LeroyWashingtonNov 2009J Emerson
LesterLimestoneOct 2011J EmersonDisc. 2011
LetohatcheeLowndesFeb 2009J Emerson
LillianBaldwinJan 2011J Gallagher
LincolnTalladegaJul 2007J Gallagher
LindenMarengoMay 2013S Bahnsen
LinevilleClayDec 2014J Emerson
LismanChoctawMay 2013S Bahnsen
Little RiverBaldwinJan 2009J Emerson
Little RiverBaldwinJun 2019J Emerson
Littleville CPU [Tuscumbia]ColbertDec 2010J Emerson
LivingstonSumterDec 2011J Gallagher
LoachapokaLeeFeb 2000N/A
LoachapokaLeeDec 2010J Emerson
LoachapokaLeeMar 2021J Emerson
LockhartCovingtonAug 2019J Emerson
Locust ForkBlountJul 2007J Gallagher
Locust ForkBlountJul 2011J Emerson
LoganCullmanMar 2007J Gallagher
LouisvilleBarbourFeb 1996J Gallagher
Lower Peach TreeWilcoxMar 2008J Emerson
Lower Peach TreeWilcoxJun 2019J Emerson
LowndesboroLowndesMay 2019J W Hue
LoxleyBaldwinMay 2013S Bahnsen
LuverneCrenshawJan 2010D Greenwald
MadisonMadisonOct 2018J W Hue
MagnoliaMarengoNov 2009J Emerson
MagnoliaMarengoJun 2019J Emerson
Magnolia SpringsBaldwinJan 2011J Gallagher
MalcolmWashingtonNov 2014J Emerson
MaplesvilleChiltonMar 2018J W Hue
MarburyAutaugaDec 2014J Emerson
MargaretSaint ClairDec 2010J Emerson
MarionPerryFeb 2008J Emerson
Marion JunctionDallasDec 2014J Emerson
MathewsMontgomeryNov 2011J EmersonDisc. 2011
MayleneShelbyFeb 2020J Gallagher
McCallaJeffersonFeb 2003J Gallagher
McShanPickensApr 2005J EmersonDisc. 2006
McWilliamsWilcoxDec 2010J EmersonDisc. 2011
MegargelMonroeJun 2007J Emerson
MentoneDeKalbApr 2019E Kalish
MeridianvilleMadisonDec 2018J Emerson
MexiaMonroeNov 2009J Emerson
MidwayBullockNov 2011J Emerson
MillbrookElmoreFeb 1996J Gallagher
MillervilleClayMay 2010J EmersonDisc. 2011
MillportLamarDec 2011J Gallagher
MillryWashingtonJan 2020J Gallagher
MinterDallasJan 2020J Gallagher
Mobile P&DCMobileMay 2013S Bahnsen
Mobile: MPOMobile1901N/AFormer site
Mobile: MPOMobileJan 2010D Greenwald
. Airport StationMobileMay 2013S Bahnsen
. Bayside StationMobileMay 2013S Bahnsen
. Bel Air StationMobileMay 2013S Bahnsen
. Cottage Hills StationMobileMay 2013S Bahnsen
. Crichton StationMobileMay 2013S Bahnsen
. Loop StationMobileMay 2013S Bahnsen
. Plaza de Malaga StationMobileMay 2013S Bahnsen
. Tillman's Corner BranchMobileApr 2017P Tarnow
MonroevilleMonroeJun 2007J Emerson
MontevalloShelbyJan 2009J Emerson
Montgomery: MPOMontgomeryNov 1900N/AFormer site
Montgomery: MPOMontgomeryMay 1933N/AFormer site
Montgomery: MPOMontgomeryOct 2018J W Hue
. Boylston BranchMontgomeryDec 2010J Emerson
. Capitol Heights StationMontgomeryDec 2010J EmersonDisc. 2011
. Carolyn StationMontgomeryFeb 1996J Gallagher
. Cloverland StationMontgomeryDec 2010J Emerson
. Downtown StationMontgomeryDec 2009D Greenwald
. Green Lantern StationMontgomeryFeb 1996J Gallagher
. Lagoon Park StationMontgomeryDec 2010J Emerson
. Shakespeare StationMontgomeryFeb 1996J Gallagher
. South StationMontgomeryFeb 1996J Gallagher
MontroseBaldwinJan 2011J Gallagher
MoodySaint ClairJul 2007J Gallagher
MooresvilleLimestoneNov 1988J Gallagher
MooresvilleLimestoneDec 2010J Emerson
MooresvilleLimestoneDec 2018J Emerson
MorrisJeffersonNov 1988J Gallagher
Morvin CPO [Thomasville]ClarkeJun 2001J EmersonDisc.
MoundvilleHaleMay 2017J W Hue
Mount HopeWalkerDec 2008J Emerson
Mount MeigsMontgomeryNov 2009J Emerson
Mountain BrookJeffersonAug 2012J Emerson
MulgaJeffersonDec 2010J Emerson
MuscadineCleburneMay 2010J Emerson
MuscadineCleburneDec 2013J Emerson
Muscle ShoalsColbertMay 2017J W Hue
MyrtlewoodMarengoMay 2013S Bahnsen
Natural BridgeWinstonMay 2007J Emerson
Natural BridgeWinstonNov 2014J Emerson
NauvooWalkerJul 2016J W Hue
NeedhamChoctawJun 2000J EmersonDisc.
New CastleJeffersonJan 2009J Emerson
NewbernHaleFeb 2003J Gallagher
NewvilleHenryNov 2011J Emerson
NorthportTuscaloosaDec 2011J Gallagher
. Fred's CPUTuscaloosaSep 2017J W Hue
NotasulgaLeeJan 2010D Greenwald
Oak HillWilcoxDec 2010J Emerson
OakmanWalkerOct 2019J Emerson
OdenvilleSaint ClairOct 2018J W Hue
OneontaBlountJul 2007J Gallagher
OpelikaLee1918N/AFormer site
OpelikaLeeSep 2006J Emerson
Orange BeachBaldwinJan 2011J Gallagher
Orange BeachBaldwinSep 2020J Emerson
Owens Cross RoadsMadisonOct 2014J Emerson
OxfordCalhounSep 2009E Kalish
OzarkDaleFeb 2020J Gallagher
Paint RockJacksonDec 2013J Emerson
PanolaSumterDec 2011J Gallagher
Pell CitySaint ClairJul 2007J Gallagher
PenningtonChoctawDec 2014J Emerson
PerdidoBaldwinNov 2014J Emerson
Perdue HillMonroeJun 2007J Emerson
Perdue HillMonroeJun 2019J Emerson
PetermanMonroeJan 2020J Gallagher
PetersonTuscaloosaDec 2011J Gallagher
Phenix CityRussellJan 2010D Greenwald
Phil CampbellFranklinMay 2017J W Hue
PiedmontCalhounJun 2006J Emerson
Pike RoadMontgomeryDec 2010J Emerson
Pine AppleWilcoxDec 2010J Emerson
Pine AppleWilcoxFeb 2017J Emerson
Pine HillWilcoxJan 2020J Gallagher
Pine LevelMontgomeryFeb 1996J Gallagher
Pine LevelAutaugaJan 2007J Emerson
PlantersvilleDallasFeb 2003J Gallagher
Pleasant GroveJeffersonFeb 2003J Gallagher
Point ClearBaldwinJan 2011J Gallagher
PrichardMobileJan 2010D Greenwald
QuintonWalkerSep 2009E Kalish
RaglandSaint ClairJul 2007J Gallagher
RainsvilleDeKalbApr 2019E Kalish
RalphTuscaloosaSep 2017J W Hue
RamerMontgomeryFeb 1996J Gallagher
RanburneCleburneMay 2013S Bahnsen
RandolphBibbFeb 2003J Gallagher
Red BayFranklinMar 2007J Gallagher
Red LevelCovingtonNov 2011J Emerson
ReformPickensDec 2011J Gallagher
RemlapBlountJul 2007J Gallagher
ReptonMonroeMay 2013S Bahnsen
River ViewEscambiaSep 2006J Emerson
RiversideSaint ClairJul 2007J Gallagher
RobertsdaleBaldwinJan 2011J Gallagher
Rock MillsRandolphFeb 2000J EmersonDisc. 2003
RockfordCoosaFeb 1996J Gallagher
RogersvilleLauderdaleMay 2013S Bahnsen
RussellvilleFranklinNov 2006J Emerson
RutledgeCrenshawNov 2011J Emerson
SaffordDallasFeb 2003J Gallagher
SaginawShelbyFeb 2003J Gallagher
Saint StephensWashingtonMar 2008J Emerson
Saint StephensWashingtonNov 2014J Emerson
SalemLeeJan 2010D Greenwald
SamanthaTuscaloosaDec 2011J Gallagher
SaralandMobileJan 2010D Greenwald
SaralandMobileMay 2013S Bahnsen
SardisDallasFeb 2000N/A
SardisDallasMar 2008J Emerson
SatsumaMobileMay 2013S Bahnsen
SawyervilleHaleFeb 2003J Gallagher
SawyervilleHaleNov 2021J Emerson
SayreJeffersonApr 2000N/ADisc. 2011
SayreJeffersonAug 2009J EmersonDisc. 2011
ScottsboroJacksonMay 2013S Bahnsen
SectionJacksonMar 2007J Gallagher
SelmaDallasca. 1909N/AFormer site
SelmaDallasMar 2018J W Hue
SheffieldColbertMay 2006J Emerson
ShelbyShelbyMay 2013S Bahnsen
ShorterMaconFeb 2020J Gallagher
ShortervilleHenryFeb 2020J Gallagher
SilasWashingtonJan 2020J Gallagher
SilverhillBaldwinJan 2011J Gallagher
SkippervilleDaleFeb 2020J Gallagher
Skyline CPU [Scottsboro]JacksonAug 2009J EmersonFormer site
Skyline CPU [Scottsboro]JacksonApr 2022J Emerson
Smiths StationLeeJan 2010D Greenwald
SomervilleMorganNov 1988J Gallagher
Spanish Fort CPO [Daphne]BaldwinJan 2011J GallagherDisc. 2021
Spanish Fort CPO [Daphne]BaldwinJan 2021J EmersonDisc. 2021
Spring GardenCherokeeJun 2006J Emerson
SpringvilleSaint ClairApr 2019E Kalish
Spruce PineFranklinOct 2011J Emerson
StantonChiltonFeb 2003J Gallagher
StapletonBaldwinMay 2013S Bahnsen
SteeleSaint ClairApr 2019E Kalish
SterrettShelbyFeb 2020J Gallagher
StevensonJacksonApr 2022J Emerson
SulligentLamarDec 2011J Gallagher
SummerdaleBaldwinJan 2011J Gallagher
SunflowerWashingtonJul 2003J EmersonDisc.
SycamoreTalladegaOct 2006J Emerson
SylacaugaTalladegaFeb 1996J Gallagher
Sylvan Springs CPU [Mulga]JeffersonDec 2010J EmersonOpened 2009
TallasseeElmoreFeb 2020J Gallagher
Tarrant Branch [Birmingham]JeffersonNov 1988J Gallagher
ThomastonMarengoFeb 2017J Emerson
ThomasvilleClarkeJan 2020J Gallagher
TitusElmoreFeb 1996J Gallagher
ToneyMadisonNov 1988J Gallagher
Town CreekLawrenceDec 2009D Greenwald
ToxeyChoctawDec 2014J Emerson
TraffordJeffersonJul 2011J EmersonDisc.
TrentonJacksonOct 2011J EmersonDisc. 2012
TroyPikeca. 1911N/AFormer site
TroyPikeJan 2010D Greenwald
TuscaloosaTuscaloosaca. 1910N/AFormer site
TuscaloosaTuscaloosaDec 2011J Gallagher
. Skyland StationTuscaloosaDec 2011J Gallagher
TuscumbiaColbertMay 2017J W Hue
TuskegeeMaconSep 2006J Emerson
TuskegeeMaconJan 2010D GreenwaldFormer site
Tuskegee InstituteMaconNov 2014J Emerson
TylerDallasFeb 2003J Gallagher
Union GroveMarshallMar 2007J Gallagher
Union SpringsBullockSep 2006J Emerson
UniontownPerryDec 2014J Emerson
UriahBaldwinMay 2013S Bahnsen
Valhermoso SpringsMorganDec 2017J Emerson
ValleyChambersSep 2006J Emerson
Valley Grande CPU [Selma]DallasDec 2010J Emerson
Valley HeadDeKalbOct 2014J Emerson
VanceTuscaloosaFeb 2003J Gallagher
VandiverShelbyFeb 2020J Gallagher
VerbenaChiltonFeb 1996J Gallagher
Vestavia Hills BranchJeffersonSep 2017J W Hue[Birmingham]
VinaFranklinMar 2007J Gallagher
VincentShelbyMay 2013S Bahnsen
Vinegar BendWashingtonJan 2009J EmersonSusp. 2010
VinemontCullmanNov 1988J Gallagher
VredenburghMonroeJun 2007J Emerson
WagarvilleWashingtonNov 2009J Emerson
Walnut GroveEtowahNov 2008J Emerson
WardSumterDec 2011J Gallagher
WarriorJeffersonNov 1988J Gallagher
WatsonJeffersonDec 2011J Gallagher
WeaverCalhounJul 2007J Gallagher
WellingtonCalhounJul 2007J Gallagher
WeogufkaCoosaFeb 1996J Gallagher
West BloctonBibbAug 2012J Emerson
West GreeneGreeneMar 2008J Emerson
West GreeneGreeneOct 2019J Emerson
WestoverShelbyFeb 2020J Gallagher
WetumpkaElmoreFeb 1996J Gallagher
WhatleyClarkeNov 2009J Emerson
WilsonvilleShelbyMay 2013S Bahnsen
WiltonShelbyJun 2019J W Hue
WingCovingtonNov 2011J Emerson
WoodlandRandolphJan 2014J Emerson
WoodstockBibbSep 2016J W Hue
WoodvilleJacksonJun 2016J Emerson
YorkSumterApr 2019E Kalish

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