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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
Delaware Post Office Photographs (159)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
BearNew CastleJul 1994J GallagherFormer site
Bear [and Newark Carriers]New CastleSep 2011E Kalish
Bethany BeachSussexSep 1991J Gallagher
Bethany BeachSussexOct 2019E Kalish
BethelSussexSep 1999J Gallagher
BethelSussexSep 2019E Kalish
BridgevilleSussexSep 2011E Kalish
Camden-WyomingKentSep 2011E Kalish
CannonSussexAug 1978J GallagherDisc.
CheswoldKentSep 2011E Kalish
ClarksvilleSussexAug 1975J GallagherConsolidated 1989
ClaymontNew CastleMay 2000J Gallagher
ClaymontNew CastleAug 2013E Kalish
ClaytonKentSep 2019E Kalish
DagsboroSussexOct 1994J Gallagher
DagsboroSussexOct 2019E Kalish
Delaware CityNew CastleMay 2004J Gallagher
Delaware CityNew CastleSep 2011E Kalish
Delaware P&DCNew CastleMar 1998J Gallagher
Delaware P&DCNew CastleAug 2013E Kalish
Delaware P&DCNew CastleAug 2021E Kalish+ Wilmington MPO
DelmarSussexSep 1999J Gallagher
DelmarSussexSep 2019E Kalish
Dewey Beach CPOSussexJan 2007J Gallagher
Dewey Beach CPOSussexOct 2019E Kalish
DoverKentJul 1900N/AFormer site
DoverKentMar 1934L SchwarzFormer site
DoverKentSep 2019E Kalish
DoverKentSep 2019E Kalish
DoverKentAug 2021E KalishThen-future site
. Dover Air Force Base BranchKentSep 1991J GallagherFormer site
. Dover Air Force Base BranchKentSep 2019E Kalish
Edgemoor BranchNew CastleSep 2011E Kalish[Wilmington]
EllendaleSussex1977J GallagherFormer site
EllendaleSussexJan 2007J Gallagher
EllendaleSussexSep 2019E Kalish
FarmingtonKent1983J GallagherDisc.
Farmington CPOKentSep 1999J GallagherDisc.
FeltonKentSep 1999J GallagherFormer site
FeltonKentSep 2011E Kalish
Fenwick Island CPOSussexSep 1991J GallagherDisc.
FrankfordSussexJan 2007J Gallagher
FrankfordSussexOct 2019E Kalish
. Sussex County Carrier AnnexSussexOct 2019E Kalish
FredericaKentMay 2005J Gallagher
GeorgetownSussexDec 1932N/AFormer site
GeorgetownSussexJul 1974J GallagherFormer site
GeorgetownSussexJun 2002J Gallagher
GeorgetownSussexSep 2019E Kalish
Greenville Branch [Wilm.]New CastleMay 2004J GallagherFormer site
Greenville BranchNew CastleOct 2019E Kalish[Wilmington]
GreenwoodSussexSep 1999J Gallagher
GreenwoodSussexSep 2011E Kalish
GreenwoodSussexSep 2019E Kalish
HarbesonSussexSep 1991J GallagherFormer site
HarbesonSussexNov 2002J GallagherFormer site
HarbesonSussexFeb 2017J GallagherFormer site
HarbesonSussexOct 2020P Soroka
HarringtonKentAug 1937L Schwarz
HarringtonKentSep 2019E Kalish
HartlyKentSep 1999J Gallagher
HartlyKentSep 2019E Kalish
HockessinNew Castle1974J GallagherFormer site
HockessinNew CastleMay 2004J Gallagher
HockessinNew CastleOct 2019E Kalish
HoustonKent1975J Gallagher
HoustonKentMay 2005J Gallagher
KentonKentMay 1995J Gallagher
KentonKentSep 2019E Kalish
KirkwoodNew CastleMay 2004J Gallagher
KirkwoodNew CastleSep 2011E Kalish
KirkwoodNew CastleJan 2019P Soroka
LaurelSussexDec 1935N/AFormer site
LaurelSussexOct 1994J GallagherFormer site
LaurelSussexSep 2019E Kalish
LewesSussexca. 1900N/AFormer site
LewesSussexca. 1915N/A
LewesSussexSep 1991J Gallagher
LewesSussexOct 2019E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexSussexJan 2007J GallagherDisc.
LewesSussexAug 2021E Kalish
LincolnSussexOct 1991J Gallagher
LincolnSussexJan 2007J Gallagher
LincolnSussexSep 2019E Kalish
Little CreekKentSep 1991J Gallagher
Little CreekKentApr 2011J Emerson
Little CreekKentSep 2019E Kalish
MagnoliaKentMay 2005J Gallagher
MagnoliaKentSep 2019E Kalish
MiddletownNew CastleSep 2011E Kalish
Midway CPO [Rehoboth Bch.]SussexJan 2007J Gallagher
MilfordSussexca. 1915N/AFormer site
MilfordSussexJan 2007J Gallagher
MilfordSussexSep 2019E Kalish
MillsboroSussexOct 1994J Gallagher
MillsboroSussexFeb 2017J Gallagher
MillvilleSussex1975J GallagherConsolidated 1989
MiltonSussexJan 2007J Gallagher
MontchaninNew CastleAug 2011E Kalish
MontchaninNew CastleOct 2019E Kalish
NassauSussexOct 1991J GallagherFormer site
NassauSussexJan 2007J Gallagher
NassauSussexOct 2019E Kalish
New CastleNew CastleMar 1936N/A
New CastleNew CastleOct 2007J Emerson
. Centerpoint Carrier AnnexNew CastleAug 2014E Kalish
. Manor BranchNew CastleAug 2013E Kalish
. Manor BranchNew CastleAug 2021E Kalish
. Manor Carrier AnnexNew CastleMar 2001J GallagherNow Centerpoint
NewarkNew CastleNov 1929N/A
NewarkNew CastleAug 2013E Kalish
. Federal StationNew CastleMay 2004J Gallagher
. Federal StationNew CastleJul 2022J Emerson
. Polly Drummond CPUNew CastleAug 2013E KalishAt Zingo's
Newport Branch [Wilm.]New CastleMay 2004J GallagherConsol. w/ Stanton Bx
Ocean View-Millville-ClarksvilleSussexJan 2007J Gallagher
Ocean View-Millville-ClarksvilleSussexOct 2019E Kalish
OdessaNew CastleSep 2011E Kalish
Port PennNew CastleOct 1991J Gallagher
Port PennNew CastleSep 2011E Kalish
Port PennNew CastleMay 2019J Emerson
Rehoboth BeachSussexAug 1938N/A
Rehoboth BeachSussexJan 2007J Gallagher
. Carrier AnnexSussexJan 2009J GallagherFormer site
. Carrier AnnexSussexOct 2019E Kalish
RocklandSussex1975J Gallagher
RocklandNew CastleOct 2019E Kalish
Saint GeorgesNew CastleSep 2011E Kalish
SeafordSussexNov 1935N/AFormer site
SeafordSussexSep 1999J GallagherFormer site
SeafordSussexSep 2011E Kalish
SelbyvilleSussexNov 1940N/A
SelbyvilleSussexOct 2007J Emerson
SelbyvilleSussexOct 2019E Kalish
SmyrnaKentca. 1915N/AFormer site
SmyrnaKentSep 2019E Kalish
Stanton Branch [Wilm.]New CastleMar 1995J GallagherConsol. w/ Newport Bx
Talleyville BranchNew CastleOct 2019E Kalish[Wilmington]
Talleyville Branch [Wilm.]New CastleMay 2004J GallagherFormer site
Talleyville Carrier AnnexNew CastleOct 2019E Kalish[Wilmington]
TownsendNew CastleSep 2011E Kalish
ViolaKent1974J GallagherFormer site
ViolaKentSep 1999J Gallagher
ViolaKentSep 2011E Kalish
Wilmington: MPONew Castleca. 1897N/AFormer site
Wilmington: MPONew CastleApr 1937N/AFormer site
Wilmington: MPONew CastleAug 2021E Kalish+ Delaware P&DC
. Lancaster Avenue StationNew CastleSep 2011E Kalish
. Marshallton BranchNew Castle1983J GallagherFormer site
. Marshallton BranchNew CastleJul 2014E Kalish
. Newport-Stanton BranchNew CastleJul 2014E Kalish
. Rodney Square StationNew CastleSep 2011E Kalish
. Trolley Square CPUNew CastleSep 2011E Kalish
. Winterthur CPONew CastleMay 2004J Gallagher
. Winterthur CPONew CastleOct 2019E Kalish
WoodsideKentSep 1999J Gallagher
WoodsideKentSep 2011E Kalish
YorklynNew CastleMay 2004J Gallagher
YorklynNew CastleOct 2019E Kalish

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