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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
Alaska Post Office Photographs (209)
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Link Post Office [Sort] Borough/C.A. [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
Akhiok CPO [Kodiak]Kodiak IslandJun 1992J Gallagher
AkutanAleutians EastJul 2000J Gallagher
AleknagikDillinghamJul 2018J Emerson
Anaktuvik PassNorth SlopeJun 1992J Gallagher
Anchor PointKenai PeninsulaOct 2016E Kalish
Anchorage: MPOAnchorageDec 1941N/AFormer site
Anchorage: MPO and P&DCAnchorageJul 2003M Gollnick
Anchorage: MPO and P&DCAnchorageOct 2016E KalishFormer site
. Andy's Ace CPUAnchorageNov 2016E KalishExt.
. Andy's Ace CPUAnchorageNov 2016E Kalish
. Downtown StationAnchorageJul 2003M GollnickDisc.
. Eastchester StationAnchorageOct 2016E Kalish
. Fort Richardson BranchAnchorageNov 2000E Tomsen
. Huffman StationAnchorageJul 2003M Gollnick
. Huffman StationAnchorageOct 2016E Kalish
. Lake Otis StationAnchorageAug 1994J Gallagher
. Lake Otis StationAnchorageOct 2016E Kalish
. Midtown StationAnchorageOct 2016E Kalish
. MPO and P&DCAnchorageOct 2016E Kalish
. MPO and P&DCAnchorageOct 2016E Kalish
. Muldoon StationAnchorageJul 2003M Gollnick
. Muldoon StationAnchorageNov 2016E Kalish
. Postal StoreAnchorageJul 2003M Gollnick
. Postal StoreAnchorageOct 2016E Kalish
. Russian Jack StationAnchorageJul 2003M Gollnick
. Russian Jack StationAnchorageNov 2016E Kalish
. Sand Lake StationAnchorageOct 2016E Kalish
. Spenard StationAnchorageJul 2003M Gollnick
. Spenard StationAnchorageOct 2016E Kalish
. Sta #5 CPUAnchorageOct 2016E KalishExt.
. Sta #5 CPUAnchorageOct 2016E Kalish
AngoonHoonah-AngoonJul 2003J Gallagher
BarrowNorth SlopeJul 2019J Emerson
BethelBethelJul 2000J GallagherFormer site
. Distribution AnnexBethelJul 2000J GallagherDisc.
BethelBethelJul 2019J Emerson
Border CPO [Northway]Southeast FairbanksJul 1987J GallagherDisc. 2006
CantwellDenaliJul 2003M Gollnick
CantwellDenaliJul 2012J Emerson
CentralYukon-KoyukukJul 1987J Gallagher
Chickaloon CPOMatanuska-SusitnaAug 1994J GallagherFormer site
Chickaloon CPOMatanuska-SusitnaJul 2012J Emerson
ChickenSoutheast FairbanksAug 1994J Gallagher
ChignikLake and PeninsulaJun 2000E Cooper
Chiniak CPOKodiak IslandJul 2018J Emerson
Chiniak CPO [Kodiak]Kodiak IslandJun 1992J Gallagher
ChitinaCopper RiverJul 1987J Gallagher
ChugiakAnchorageNov 2016E Kalish
Circle CityYukon-KoyukukJul 1987J Gallagher
Clam GulchKenai PeninsulaOct 2016E Kalish
Cooper LandingKenai PeninsulaOct 2016E Kalish
Copper CenterCopper RiverJul 2012J Emerson
CordovaChugachJun 1992J Gallagher
CraigPrince of Wales-HyderAug 2002J Gallagher
Delta JunctionSoutheast FairbanksJul 2003M Gollnick
Denali National Park CPODenaliJun 2000E Cooper[Fairbanks]
DillinghamDillinghamJul 2000J Gallagher
DillinghamDillinghamJul 2018J Emerson
Dot Lake CPOSoutheast FairbanksJul 2003M Gollnick[Delta Junction]
Dot Lake CPOSoutheast FairbanksJul 2012J Emerson[Delta Junction]
Dutch Harbor BranchAleutians WestJul 2000J Gallagher[Unalaska]
Dutch Harbor BranchAleutians WestSep 2019J Emerson[Unalaska]
EagleSoutheast FairbanksJul 1987J Gallagher
Eagle RiverAnchorageNov 2016E Kalish
Elfin CoveHoonah-AngoonJul 2002J Gallagher
English Bay CPOKenai PeninsulaJun 1992J GallagherName chg. to Nanwalek
EsterFairbanks North StarJul 2003M Gollnick
EsterFairbanks North StarJul 2019J Emerson
FairbanksFairbanks North Starca. 1933N/AFormer site
FairbanksFairbanks North StarJul 2012J EmersonFormer site
FairbanksFairbanks North StarJul 1987J Gallagher
FairbanksFairbanks North StarJul 2019J Emerson
. Badger CPUFairbanks North StarJul 2019J Emerson
. College BranchFairbanks North StarJul 2019J Emerson
. Downtown StationFairbanks North StarJul 1987J Gallagher
. Downtown StationFairbanks North StarJun 2019K Kwiatkowski
. Steese CPUFairbanks North StarJul 2003M Gollnick
. Steese CPUFairbanks North StarJul 2019J Emerson
. U. of Alaska Fairbanks CPUFairbanks North StarJul 2012J EmersonUAF CPU
Fritz Creek CPO [Homer]Kenai PeninsulaOct 2016E Kalish
Fritz Creek CPO [Homer]Kenai PeninsulaOct 2016E KalishInt.
GakonaCopper RiverAug 1994J Gallagher
GakonaCopper RiverJul 2003M Gollnick
GambellNomeMay 2018F Welden
GirdwoodAnchorageOct 2016E Kalish
GlennallenCopper RiverAug 1994J Gallagher
HainesHainesJul 1999K Kindahl
HainesHainesJul 2018J Emerson
Halibut Cove CPOKenai PeninsulaOct 2016E Kalish[Homer]
Halibut Cove CPO [Homer]Kenai PeninsulaJun 1992J GallagherFormer site
HealyDenaliJul 1987J GallagherFormer site
HealyDenaliJul 2003M Gollnick
HealyDenaliJun 2019K Kwiatkowski
HomerKenai PeninsulaOct 2016E Kalish
HoonahHoonah-AngoonAug 2002J Gallagher
HopeKenai PeninsulaOct 2016E Kalish
HydaburgPrince of Wales-HyderAug 2002J Gallagher
HyderPrince of Wales-HyderAug 1994J Gallagher
Igiugig CPOLake and PeninsulaJul 2000J Gallagher
JuneauJuneauJul 2018J Emerson
. Auke Bay BranchJuneauAug 1994J Gallagher
. Auke Bay BranchJuneauJul 2018J Emerson
. Douglas BranchJuneauAug 1994J Gallagher
. Douglas BranchJuneauJul 2018J Emerson
. Downtown StationJuneauAug 1994J Gallagher
. Mendenhall StationJuneauAug 1994J Gallagher
. Mendenhall StationJuneauJul 2018J Emerson
. Sta. #1 (Endicott CPU)JuneauAug 1994J Gallagher
. Sta. #1 (Trading Post) CPUJuneauJul 2018J Emerson
KakePetersburgAug 2002J Gallagher
KarlukKodiak IslandJun 1992J Gallagher
KasilofKenai PeninsulaJul 2003M Gollnick
KasilofKenai PeninsulaOct 2016E Kalish
KenaiKenai PeninsulaOct 2016E Kalish
KetchikanKetchikan GatewayAug 2002J Gallagher
KetchikanKetchikan GatewayJul 2018J EmersonOld site
KetchikanKetchikan GatewayJul 2018J Emerson
. Sta. #1 CPUKetchikan GatewayAug 2002J Gallagher
KianaNorthwest ArcticJul 2000J Gallagher
King SalmonBristol BayJul 2000J Gallagher
King SalmonBristol BayJul 2018J Emerson
KlawockPrince of Wales-HyderJul 2002J Gallagher
KlawockPrince of Wales-HyderJul 2018J Emerson
KodiakKodiak IslandJun 1992J Gallagher
KodiakKodiak IslandJul 2018J Emerson
KotzebueNorthwest ArcticJul 2000J Gallagher
KotzebueNorthwest ArcticSep 2019J Emerson
Larsen BayKodiak IslandJun 1992J Gallagher
LevelockLake and PeninsulaJul 2000J Gallagher
Little Diomede CPONomeJul 2017R Popkin
Little Diomede CPONomeJul 2017R PopkinInt.
Manley Hot SpringsYukon-KoyukukJul 1987J Gallagher
Mentasta Lake CPO [Tok]Copper RiverJun 2000E Cooper
Mentasta Lake CPO [Tok]Copper RiverJul 1987J Gallagher
MintoYukon-KoyukukJul 1987J Gallagher
Moose PassKenai PeninsulaJul 2012J Emerson
NaknekBristol BayJul 2000J Gallagher
NaknekBristol BayJul 2018J Emerson
Nanwalek CPOKenai PeninsulaOct 2016E Kalish[Homer]
Nanwalek CPOKenai PeninsulaOct 2016E KalishInt.
Nikiski CPOKenai PeninsulaOct 2016E Kalish[Kenai]
Nikolaevsk CPOKenai PeninsulaJun 1992J Gallagher[Anchor Point]
Nikolaevsk CPOKenai PeninsulaOct 2016E Kalish[Anchor Point]
NikolskiAleutians WestJul 2000J Gallagher
NinilchikKenai PeninsulaJul 2003M Gollnick
NinilchikKenai PeninsulaOct 2016E Kalish
NomeNomeOct 1938N/AFormer site
NomeNomeJul 2000J Gallagher
NomeNomeJul 2019J Emerson
. Mail Processing AnnexNomeJul 2019J Emerson
North Pole BranchFairbanks North StarJul 2003M Gollnick[Fairbanks]
North Pole BranchFairbanks North StarJul 2019J Emerson[Fairbanks]
North Pole CPO [Fairbanks]Fairbanks North StarJul 1987J Gallagher
NorthwaySoutheast FairbanksJul 1987J Gallagher
Old HarborKodiak IslandJun 1992J Gallagher
OuzinkieKodiak IslandJun 1992J Gallagher
PalmerMatanuska-SusitnaNov 2016E Kalish
Paxson CPO [Delta Junction]Copper RiverJul 1987J GallagherRenamed; disc.
PelicanHoonah-AngoonJul 2002J Gallagher
PetersburgPetersburgAug 2002J Gallagher
PetersburgPetersburgJul 2018J Emerson
Port Graham CPOKenai PeninsulaOct 2016E Kalish[Homer]
Port HeidenLake and PeninsulaJul 2000J Gallagher
Saint Mary'sKusilvakJul 2000J Gallagher
Salcha CPO [Fairbanks]Fairbanks North StarJul 1987J Gallagher
Sand PointAleutians EastJul 2019J Emerson
SeldoviaKenai PeninsulaOct 2016E Kalish
SewardKenai PeninsulaOct 2016E Kalish
SitkaSitkaAug 2002J Gallagher
. Pioneer Station CPUSitkaAug 2002J GallagherDisc. 2019
. Pioneer Station CPUSitkaJul 2018J EmersonDisc. 2019
SkagwaySkagwayJul 1999K Kindahl
SkagwaySkagwayJul 2012J Emerson
Slana CPOCopper RiverAug 1994J Gallagher
SoldotnaKenai PeninsulaOct 2016E Kalish
South NaknekBristol BayJul 2000J Gallagher
SterlingKenai PeninsulaOct 2016E Kalish
SuttonMatanuska-SusitnaAug 1994J Gallagher
TalkeetnaMatanuska-SusitnaJul 2012J Emerson
Tanacross CPO [Tok]Southeast FairbanksJul 1987J Gallagher
TellerNomeJul 2000J Gallagher
TokSoutheast FairbanksAug 1994J Gallagher
TokSoutheast FairbanksJul 2012J Emerson
Two Rivers CPO [Fairbanks]Fairbanks North StarJul 1987J GallagherNow non-CPO CPU
UnalaskaAleutians WestJul 2000J Gallagher
UnalaskaAleutians WestSep 2019J Emerson
ValdezChugachJul 2012J Emerson
Ward CoveKetchikan GatewayJul 2003M Gollnick
Ward CoveKetchikan GatewayJul 2018J Emerson
WasillaMatanuska-SusitnaJul 1987J Gallagher
WasillaMatanuska-SusitnaJul 2003M Gollnick
WasillaMatanuska-SusitnaNov 2016E Kalish
. Big Lake CPOMatanuska-SusitnaJul 1987J GallagherFormer site
. Big Lake CPOMatanuska-SusitnaNov 2016E Kalish
. Brentwood CPUMatanuska-SusitnaNov 2016E Kalisha.k.a. Br. #1
. Carrier AnnexMatanuska-SusitnaNov 2016E Kalish
. Houston CPOMatanuska-SusitnaJul 1987J Gallagher
. Houston CPOMatanuska-SusitnaNov 2016E Kalish
. Houston CPOMatanuska-SusitnaNov 2016E KalishInt.
. Knik / Settlers Bay CPUMatanuska-SusitnaNov 2016E Kalisha.k.a. Br. #2
. Meadow Lakes CPUMatanuska-SusitnaNov 2016E Kalisha.k.a. Br. #3
. Meadow Lakes CPUMatanuska-SusitnaNov 2016E KalishInt.
Whittier CPO [Girdwood]ChugachOct 2016E KalishExt.
Whittier CPO [Girdwood]ChugachOct 2016E Kalish
WillowMatanuska-SusitnaNov 2016E Kalish
WrangellWrangellAug 2002J Gallagher
WrangellWrangellJul 2018J Emerson
YakutatYakutatAug 2002J Gallagher
YakutatYakutatJul 2018J Emerson

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