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Alaska Post Office Photographs (120)
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Akhiok CPO [Kodiak]Kodiak IslandJun 1992J Gallagher
AkutanAleutians EastJul 2000J Gallagher
Anaktuvik PassNorth SlopeJun 1992J Gallagher
Anchorage: MPOAnchorageDec 1941N/AFormer site
Anchorage: MPOAnchorageJul 2003M Gollnick
Anchorage: MPOAnchorageJul 2012J Emerson
. Downtown StationAnchorageJul 2003M GollnickDisc. 2013
. Fort Richardson BranchAnchorageNov 2000E Tomsen
. Huffman StationAnchorageJul 2003M Gollnick
. Lake Otis StationAnchorageAug 1994J Gallagher
. Muldoon StationAnchorageJul 2003M Gollnick
. Postal StoreAnchorageJul 2003M Gollnick
. Russian Jack StationAnchorageJul 2003M Gollnick
. Spenard StationAnchorageJul 2003M Gollnick
AngoonSkagway-H.-A.Jul 2003J Gallagher
BethelBethelJul 2000J Gallagher
. Distribution AnnexBethelJul 2000J Gallagher
Big Lake CPO [Wasilla]Matanuska-SusitnaJul 1987J Gallagher
Border CPO [Northway]Southeast FairbanksJul 1987J GallagherDisc. 2006
CantwellDenaliJul 2003M Gollnick
CantwellDenaliJul 2012J Emerson
CentralYukon-KoyukukJul 1987J Gallagher
Chickaloon CPOMatanuska-SusitnaAug 1994J GallagherFormer site
Chickaloon CPOMatanuska-SusitnaJul 2012J Emerson
ChickenValdez-CordovaAug 1994J Gallagher
ChignikLake and PeninsulaJun 2000E Cooper
Chiniak CPO [Kodiak]Kodiak IslandJun 1992J Gallagher
ChitinaValdez-CordovaJul 1987J Gallagher
Circle CityYukon-KoyukukJul 1987J Gallagher
Cooper LandingKenai PeninsulaJun 2006J DelGrosso
Copper CenterValdez-CordovaJul 2012J Emerson
CordovaValdez-CordovaJun 1992J Gallagher
CraigPr.o.W.-Out. Ketch.Aug 2002J Gallagher
Delta JunctionSoutheast FairbanksJul 2003M Gollnick
Denali National Park CPODenaliJun 2000E Cooper[Fairbanks]
DillinghamDillinghamJul 2000J Gallagher
Dot Lake CPOSoutheast FairbanksJul 2003M Gollnick[Delta Junction]
Dot Lake CPOSoutheast FairbanksJul 2012J Emerson[Delta Junction]
Dutch Harbor BranchAleutians WestJul 2000J Gallagher[Unalaska]
EagleSoutheast FairbanksJul 1987J Gallagher
Elfin CoveSkagway-H.-A.Jul 2002J Gallagher
English Bay CPOKenai PeninsulaJun 1992J GallagherName chg. to Nanwalek
EsterFairbanks North StarJul 2003M Gollnick
FairbanksFairbanks North Starca. 1933N/AFormer site
FairbanksFairbanks North StarJul 1987J Gallagher
FairbanksFairbanks North StarJul 2012J EmersonFormer site
. Downtown StationFairbanks North StarJul 1987J Gallagher
. Steese CPUFairbanks North StarJul 2003M Gollnick
. U. of Alaska Fairbanks CPUFairbanks North StarJul 2012J EmersonUAF CPU
GakonaValdez-CordovaAug 1994J Gallagher
GakonaValdez-CordovaJul 2003M Gollnick
GlenallenValdez-CordovaAug 1994J Gallagher
HainesHainesJul 1999K Kindahl
Halibut Cove CPO [Homer]Kenai PeninsulaJun 1992J Gallagher
HealyDenaliJul 1987J GallagherFormer site
HealyDenaliJul 2003M Gollnick
HoonahSkagway-H.-A.Aug 2002J Gallagher
Houston CPO [Wasilla]Matanuska-SusitnaJul 1987J Gallagher
HydaburgPr.o.W.-Out. Ketch.Aug 2002J Gallagher
HyderPr.o.W.-Out. Ketch.Aug 1994J Gallagher
Igiugig CPOLake and PeninsulaJul 2000J Gallagher
Juneau: Auke Bay BranchJuneauAug 1994J Gallagher
. Douglas BranchJuneauAug 1994J Gallagher
. Downtown StationJuneauAug 1994J Gallagher
. Mendenhall StationJuneauAug 1994J Gallagher
. Sta. #1 (Endicott CPU)JuneauAug 1994J Gallagher
KakePetersburgAug 2002J Gallagher
KarlukKodiak IslandJun 1992J Gallagher
KasilofKenai PeninsulaJul 2003M Gollnick
KetchikanKetchikan GatewayAug 2002J Gallagher
. Sta. #1 CPUKetchikan GatewayAug 2002J Gallagher
KianaNorthwest ArcticJul 2000J Gallagher
King SalmonBristol BayJul 2000J Gallagher
KlawockPr.o.W.-Out. Ketch.Jul 2002J Gallagher
KodiakKodiak IslandJun 1992J Gallagher
KotzebueNorthwest ArcticJul 2000J Gallagher
Larsen BayKodiak IslandJun 1992J Gallagher
LevelockLake and PeninsulaJul 2000J Gallagher
Manley Hot SpringsYukon-KoyukukJul 1987J Gallagher
Mentasta Lake CPO [Tok]Valdez-CordovaJun 2000E Cooper
Mentasta Lake CPO [Tok]Southeast FairbanksJul 1987J Gallagher
MintoYukon-KoyukukJul 1987J Gallagher
Moose PassKenai PeninsulaJul 2012J Emerson
NaknekBristol BayJul 2000J Gallagher
Nikolaevsk CPOKenai PeninsulaJun 1992J Gallagher[Anchor Point]
NikolskiAleutians WestJul 2000J Gallagher
NinilchikKenai PeninsulaJul 2003M Gollnick
NomeNomeOct 1938N/AFormer site
NomeNomeJul 2000J Gallagher
North Pole BranchFairbanks North StarJul 2003M Gollnick[Fairbanks]
North Pole CPO [Fairbanks]Fairbanks North StarJul 1987J Gallagher
NorthwaySoutheast FairbanksJul 1987J Gallagher
Old HarborKodiak IslandJun 1992J Gallagher
OuzinkieKodiak IslandJun 1992J Gallagher
Paxson CPO [Delta Junction]Valdez-CordovaJul 1987J GallagherDisc.
PelicanSkagway-H.-A.Jul 2002J Gallagher
PetersburgPetersburgAug 2002J Gallagher
Port HeidenLake and PeninsulaJul 2000J Gallagher
Saint Mary'sWade HamptonJul 2000J Gallagher
Salcha CPO [Fairbanks]Fairbanks North StarJul 1987J Gallagher
SitkaSitkaAug 2002J Gallagher
. Pioneer StationSitkaAug 2002J Gallagher
SkagwaySkagway-H.-A.Jul 1999K Kindahl
SkagwaySkagway-H.-A.Jul 2012J Emerson
Slana CPOValdez-CordovaAug 1994J Gallagher
South NaknekBristol BayJul 2000J Gallagher
SuttonMatanuska-SusitnaAug 1994J Gallagher
TalkeetnaMatanuska-SusitnaJul 2012J Emerson
Tanacross CPO [Tok]Southeast FairbanksJul 1987J Gallagher
TellerNomeJul 2000J Gallagher
TokValdez-CordovaAug 1994J Gallagher
TokValdez-CordovaJul 2012J Emerson
Two Rivers CPO [Fairbanks]Fairbanks North StarJul 1987J GallagherNow non-CPO CPU
UnalaskaAleutians WestJul 2000J Gallagher
ValdezValdez-CordovaJul 2012J Emerson
Ward CoveKetchikan GatewayJul 2003M Gollnick
WasillaMatanuska-SusitnaJul 1987J Gallagher
WasillaMatanuska-SusitnaJul 2003M Gollnick
WrangellWrangellAug 2002J Gallagher
YakutatYakutatAug 2002J Gallagher

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