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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
South Carolina Post Office Photographs (448)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
Adams RunCharlestonDec 2009J Gallagher
Aiken: Summerall StationAikenMay 2013S Bahnsen
AlcoluClarendon1977J Gallagher
AndersonAndersonAug 1910N/AFormer site
AndersonAndersonca. 1938N/AFormer site
AndersonAndersonSep 2017J W Hue
. North Anderson StationAndersonSep 2017J W Hue
AwendawCharleston1990V Fischer
BallentineRichlandJul 2022E Kalish
BambergBambergApr 1938N/A
BambergBambergSep 2006J Emerson
BarnwellBarnwellMar 2014S Are
BatesburgLexingtonJul 1997J GallagherFormer site
Batesburg-LeesvilleLexingtonJun 2003S Bahnsen
Batesburg-LeesvilleLexingtonJul 2022E Kalish
BathAikenDec 2016E Kalish
BeaufortBeaufortApr 2013E Kalish
BennettsvilleMarlboroca. 1914N/AFormer site
BennettsvilleMarlboroMay 2013S Bahnsen
Berea Branch [Greenville]GreenvilleJul 2013J Gallagher
BethuneKershawJul 1997J Gallagher
BishopvilleLeeJul 1997J GallagherFormer site
BlacksburgCherokeeSep 1990N/AFormer site
BlacksburgCherokeeNov 2009J Gallagher
BlackstockChesterJul 1997J Gallagher
BlackvilleBarnwellAug 1989N/A
BlenheimMarlboroJul 1997J Gallagher
BlufftonBeaufortDec 2009J Gallagher
. Carrier AnnexBeaufortApr 2013E Kalisha.k.a. 'Okatie'
. Kim's Dry Cleaners CPUBeaufortApr 2013E Kalish
BlythewoodRichlandJun 2003S Bahnsen
BlythewoodRichlandJul 2022E Kalish
Boiling Springs BranchSpartanburgNov 2009J Gallagher[Spartanburg]
BonneauBerkeleyJul 1997J Gallagher
Bowling GreenYorkJun 2003S Bahnsen
BowmanOrangeburgMay 2013S Bahnsen
BranchvilleOrangeburgMar 2014S Are
BrunsonHamptonMay 2013S Bahnsen
BuffaloUnionJul 1997J Gallagher
Burton Branch [Beaufort]BeaufortDec 2009J Gallagher
CadesWilliamsburgJan 2010J Gallagher
CamdenKershawFeb 2007J Emerson
. King Haigler StationKershawJul 2022K Kindahl
CameronCalhounDec 2016E Kalish
CampobelloSpartanburgNov 2009J Gallagher
Canadys CPOColletonAug 2009E KalishDisc. 2011
Carolina Forest BranchHorryMay 2013S Bahnsen[Myrtle Beach]
CassattKershawJul 1997J Gallagher
CatawbaYorkJan 2007J Emerson
Cayce-West ColumbiaLexingtonDec 2016E Kalish
. Meeting Place CPULexingtonDec 2016E Kalish
. Three Fountains CPULexingtonDec 2016E Kalish
. Three Fountains CPULexingtonDec 2016E KalishInt.
CentralPickensAug 2013E Kalish
ChapinLexingtonJul 2022E Kalish
ChappellsNewberryJul 2013J GallagherFormer site
ChappellsNewberryJul 2020P Tarnow
Charleston P&DF + Cross County BranchCharlestonApr 2013E Kalish
Charleston: MPOCharleston1894N/ANow Old Main Sta.
. Ashley River StationCharlestonApr 2013E Kalish
. East Bay StationCharlestonApr 2013E Kalish
. Festival Center CPUDorchesterApr 2013E Kalish
. James Island StationCharlestonApr 2013E Kalish
. North Pointe Plaza CPUCharlestonApr 2013E Kalish
. Old Main StationCharlestonApr 2013E Kalish
. Orange Grove Plaza CPUCharlestonApr 2013E Kalish
. Pinehaven BranchCharlestonApr 2013E Kalish
. Saint Andrews StationCharlestonApr 2013E Kalish
. Savannah Highway CPUCharlestonApr 2013E Kalish
. The Citadel CPUCharlestonApr 2013E Kalish
CherawChesterfieldJun 2004J Emerson
ChesterChesterJul 1997J Gallagher
ChesterfieldChesterfieldAug 1938N/A
ChesterfieldChesterfieldFeb 2007J Emerson
Clarks HillMcCormickJul 2022K Kindahl
ClearwaterAikenDec 2016E Kalish
ClemsonPickensJul 1939N/AFormer site
ClemsonPickensAug 2013E Kalish
ClevelandGreenvilleNov 2009J Gallagher
CliftonSpartanburgNov 2009J Gallagher
ClintonLaurensJul 2013J Gallagher
ClioMarlboroJan 2010J Gallagher
Columbia P&DCLexingtonDec 2016E Kalish
Columbia: MPORichlandca. 1900N/AFormer site
Columbia: MPORichlandDec 2016E Kalish
Columbia: MPORichlandDec 2016E Kalish
. At The Office CPURichlandDec 2016E Kalish
. Boozer Center CPURichlandDec 2016E Kalish
. Capitol StationRichlandDec 2016E Kalish
. Crossroads Center CPULexingtonJul 2022E Kalish
. Crossroads Center CPULexingtonJul 2022E KalishInt.
. Dutch Fork BranchRichlandDec 2016E Kalish
. Eau Claire StationRichlandDec 2016E Kalish
. Edgewood StationRichlandDec 2016E Kalish
. Five Points StationRichlandDec 2016E Kalish
. Fort Jackson StationRichlandDec 2016S VanderknyffFormer site
. Fort Jackson StationRichlandJul 2022E Kalish
. Leesburg StationRichlandDec 2016E Kalish
. Northeast BranchRichlandDec 2016E Kalish
. Polo Road CPURichlandDec 2016E Kalish
. Sandhills BranchRichlandDec 2016E Kalish
. Univ. South Carolina CPU [II]RichlandDec 2016E KalishRandall House
. Univ. South Carolina CPU [II]RichlandDec 2016E KalishRandall House
. Univ. South Carolina CPU [I]RichlandDec 2016E KalishHampton St.
ConesteeGreenvilleMay 2013S Bahnsen
ConverseSpartanburgMay 2013S Bahnsen
CordesvilleBerkeleyJan 2010J Gallagher
CottagevilleColletonMar 2014S Are
CowardFlorenceJan 2010J Gallagher
CowpensSpartanburgNov 2009J Gallagher
CrossBerkeleyAug 1992B German
Cross AnchorSpartanburgJan 2007J Emerson
Cross HillLaurensNov 2010J Emerson
DarlingtonDarlingtonca. 1910N/AFormer site
DarlingtonDarlingtonJul 1997J GallagherFormer site
DenmarkBambergAug 2005M Gollnick
DillonDillonJul 2022K Kindahl
DorchesterDorchesterJan 2010J Gallagher
DraytonBerkeleyJul 1997J Gallagher
DuncanSpartanburgMay 2013S Bahnsen
Early BranchHamptonSep 2006J Emerson
EasleyPickensSep 1940N/AFormer site
EasleyPickensJul 2022E Kalish
EastoverRichlandMay 2010J Gallagher
EdgefieldEdgefieldJan 1998N/ACourtesy PM
EdgefieldEdgefieldDec 2016E Kalish
EdgemoorChesterJul 2022K Kindahl
Edisto IslandCharlestonApr 2013E Kalish
EffinghamFlorenceJan 2010J Gallagher
EhrhardtBambergMar 2014S Are
ElginKershawJul 1997J Gallagher
ElkoBarnwellAug 1989N/A
ElkoBarnwellMay 2013S Bahnsen
ElliottLeeJul 1997J GallagherFormer site
ElliottLeeJul 2022K Kindahl
ElloreeOrangeburgAug 1992B German
ElloreeOrangeburgDec 2016E Kalish
EnoreeSpartanburgJul 2013J Gallagher
EstillHamptonAug 2005M Gollnick
EutawvilleOrangeburgJul 1997J Gallagher
Fair PlayOconeeAug 1997N Ritchie
FairfaxAllendaleAug 2005M Gollnick
FingervilleSpartanburgJul 2022E Kalish
FlorenceFlorenceca. 1910N/AFormer site
FlorenceFlorenceJul 1938N/AFormer site
FlorenceFlorenceJan 2010J Gallagher
. Federal StationFlorenceSep 1990N/A
. South Florence StationFlorenceJan 2010J Gallagher
Folly BeachCharlestonApr 2013E Kalish
Forest Acres Branch [Columbia]RichlandDec 2016E Kalish
ForkDillonJan 2010J Gallagher
Fort LawnChesterMay 2013S Bahnsen
Fountain InnGreenvilleJul 2013J Gallagher
FrogmoreBeaufort1988A Benson
FurmanHamptonJan 2010J Gallagher
GableClarendon1977J Gallagher
GadsdenRichlandMay 2010J Gallagher
GaffneyCherokeeOct 1940N/AFormer site
GaffneyCherokeeNov 2009J Gallagher
. Buford Street CPUCherokeeNov 2009J Gallagher
GarnettHamptonJan 2010J Gallagher
GastonLexingtonMay 2010J Gallagher
GeorgetownGeorgetownca. 1906N/AFormer site
GiffordHamptonAug 2005M Gollnick
GilbertLexingtonJul 1997J Gallagher
GilbertLexingtonJul 2022K Kindahl
GlendaleSpartanburgMay 2013S Bahnsen
GlovervilleAikenDec 2016E Kalish
Goose CreekBerkeleyApr 2013E Kalish
GramlingSpartanburgNov 2009J Gallagher
GranitevilleAikenMar 2014S Are
GranitevilleAikenJul 2022K Kindahl
Gray CourtLaurensJul 2013J Gallagher
Great FallsChesterJul 1997J Gallagher
GreeleyvilleWilliamsburgJan 2010J Gallagher
Green PondColletonDec 2009J Gallagher
Green SeaHorryNov 2013J Emerson
Greenville: MPOGreenvilleca. 1892N/AFormer site
Greenville: MPOGreenvilleNov 1909N/AFormer site
Greenville: MPOGreenvilleNov 1937N/ANow Federal Sta.
Greenville: MPOGreenvilleJul 2013J Gallagher+ Upstate P&DC
. Federal StationGreenvilleJul 2013J Gallagher
. Keith D. Oglesby StationGreenvilleJul 2013J Gallagher
. Park Place StationGreenvilleMay 2013S Bahnsen
. Pleasantburg StationGreenvilleJul 2013J Gallagher
. Station AGreenvilleMay 2013S Bahnsen
. Woodruff Road CPUGreenvilleJul 2013J Gallagher
GreenwoodGreenwoodMar 1941N/AFormer site
GreenwoodGreenwoodMay 2013S Bahnsen
. Magnolia StationGreenwoodJul 2013J Gallagher
. South Greenwood StationGreenwoodJul 2013J Gallagher
GreerGreenvilleca. 1935J HuntingtonFormer site
GreerGreenvilleJul 2013J Gallagher
GroverDorchesterAug 2009E Kalish
HamerDillonAug 2009E Kalish
HamptonHamptonFeb 2013S Are
HardeevilleJasperAug 2005M Gollnick
HardeevilleJasperDec 2009J Gallagher
HarleyvilleDorchesterJan 2010J Gallagher
HartsvilleDarlingtonOct 1930N/AFormer site
HartsvilleDarlingtonJul 1997J Gallagher
Hilton Head IslandBeaufortDec 2009J Gallagher
. Fairfield StationBeaufortDec 2009J Gallagher
. Harbourtown StationBeaufortApr 2013E Kalish
. Harbourtown StationBeaufortApr 2013E Kalish
HodgesGreenwoodJul 2013J Gallagher
Holly HillDorchesterJan 2010J Gallagher
HollywoodCharlestonDec 2009J Gallagher
HopkinsRichlandMay 2010J Gallagher
HoratioSumterMay 2010J Gallagher
HugerBerkeleyJan 2010J Gallagher
InmanSpartanburgNov 2009J Gallagher
IrmoLexingtonDec 2016E Kalish
Isle of PalmsCharlestonMar 2014S Are
JacksonAikenMay 2010J Gallagher
JacksonboroColletonDec 2009J Gallagher
JamestownBerkeleyJan 2010J Gallagher
JeffersonChesterfieldJul 1997J Gallagher
JenkinsvilleFairfieldJul 2022E Kalish
JoannaLaurensJul 2013J Gallagher
Johns IslandCharlestonApr 2013E Kalish
JohnstonEdgefieldJul 1997J Gallagher
JohnstonEdgefieldDec 2016E Kalish
JonesvilleUnionJul 1997J Gallagher
KershawLancasterJul 1997J Gallagher
KinardsNewberryJul 1997J GallagherDisc.
Kings CreekCherokeeMar 1995N/ADisc.
KingstreeWilliamsburgJul 1938N/A
KingstreeWilliamsburgJan 2010J Gallagher
La FranceAndersonSep 2017J W Hue
LadsonCharlestonApr 2013E Kalish
Lake CityFlorenceJan 2010J Gallagher
Lake ViewDillonJan 2010J Gallagher
LamarDarlingtonJul 1997J Gallagher
LamarDarlingtonJul 2022K Kindahl
LancasterLancasterApr 1928N/AFormer site
LandoChesterNov 2010J EmersonExt.
LandoChesterNov 2010J Emerson
LandrumSpartanburgJul 2022E Kalish
LaneWilliamsburgJan 2010J Gallagher
LangleyAikenDec 2016E Kalish
LaurensLaurensJul 1913N/AFormer site
LaurensLaurensJul 2013J Gallagher
LeesvilleLexingtonJul 1997J Gallagher
LexingtonLexingtonJul 1997J GallagherFormer site
LexingtonLexingtonDec 2016E Kalish
. Downtown StationLexingtonDec 2016E Kalish
LibertyPickensAug 2013E Kalish
Liberty HillKershawJul 1997J Gallagher
Liberty HillKershawAug 1998N/ACourtesy PM
Little MountainNewberryJul 2022E Kalish
Little RiverHorry1965E LeHuquetFormer site
Little RockDillonJan 2010J Gallagher
Livingston CPOOrangeburgJul 1997J Gallagher
LobecoBeaufortDec 2009J Gallagher
LockhartUnionJul 1997J Gallagher
LodgeColletonMar 2014S Are
Lone Star CPO [Cameron]CalhounAug 1992B German
Long CreekOconeeNov 2009J Gallagher
Long CreekOconeeAug 2013E Kalish
LowndesvilleAbbeville1978J Gallagher
LugoffKershawJul 1997J Gallagher
LugoffKershawJul 2022K Kindahl
LurayHamptonAug 2005M Gollnick
LydiaDarlingtonJul 1997J Gallagher
LynchburgLeeJul 1997J Gallagher
ManningClarendonJul 1997J Gallagher
MariettaGreenvilleJul 2013J Gallagher
MarionMarionAug 1918N/AFormer site
MauldinGreenvilleJul 2013J Gallagher
MayesvilleSumterJul 1997J Gallagher
McBeeChesterfieldJul 1997J Gallagher
McCollMarlboroJan 2010J Gallagher
ModocMcCormick1998V Fischer
ModocMcCormickJul 2022K Kindahl
Moncks CornerBerkeleyJan 2010J Gallagher
MonettaSaludaJul 1997J Gallagher
MonettaSaludaMar 2014S Are
Mount CroghanChesterfieldMay 2013S Bahnsen
Mount PleasantCharlestonMar 2014S Are
. Smoker Friendly CPUCharlestonMar 2014S Are
. Sweetgrass Ace CPUCharlestonMar 2014S Are
. Sweetgrass Ace CPUCharlestonMar 2014S AreInt.
Mountain RestOconeeNov 2009J Gallagher
Mountain RestOconeeAug 2013E Kalish
MountvilleLaurensJul 2013J Gallagher
MullinsMarionMay 1939N/AFormer site
MullinsMarionJan 2010J Gallagher
Murrells InletGeorgetownSep 1990N/A
Myrtle BeachHorryMay 2013S Bahnsen
. Live Oak StationHorryMay 2013S Bahnsen
NeesesOrangeburgAug 2005M Gollnick
New EllentonAikenMay 2010J Gallagher
New ZionClarendon1977J Gallagher
NewberryNewberryJan 1913N/AFormer site
NewberryNewberryJul 1997J Gallagher
NewberryNewberryJul 2022E Kalish
NewryOconeeAug 2013E Kalish
NicholsMarionJun 2022P Soroka
Ninety SixGreenwoodJul 2013J Gallagher
NorrisPickensAug 2013E Kalish
NorthOrangeburgAug 2005M Gollnick
North AugustaAikenDec 2016E Kalish
North Charleston BranchCharlestonDec 2009J Gallagher[Charleston]
North Myrtle BeachHorryMay 2013S Bahnsen
. Coastal StationHorryMay 2013S Bahnsen
NorwayOrangeburgAug 2005M Gollnick
OlantaFlorenceJul 1997J Gallagher
OlarBambergMar 2014S Are
OrangeburgOrangeburgFeb 1918N/AFormer site
OrangeburgOrangeburgApr 1920N/AFormer site
OrangeburgOrangeburgMay 2013S Bahnsen
PacoletSpartanburgJul 1997J Gallagher
Pacolet MillsSpartanburgJul 1997J Gallagher
PagelandChesterfieldJul 1997J Gallagher
ParksvilleMcCormick1998V Fischer
Parris Island BranchBeaufortApr 2013E Kalish[Beaufort]
PatrickChesterfieldJul 1997J Gallagher
PeakNewberryJul 2013J Gallagher
PelionLexingtonJul 1997J Gallagher
PelzerAndersonJul 2013J Gallagher
PendletonAndersonJul 2019J W Hue
PickensPickensAug 2013E Kalish
PiedmontGreenvilleJul 2013J Gallagher
PiedmontAndersonJul 2022E Kalish
PinelandJasperJan 2010J Gallagher
PinevilleBerkeleyMay 2013S Bahnsen
PinopolisBerkeleyJul 1997J Gallagher
PinopolisBerkeleyMar 2014S Are
Plum BranchMcCormickNov 2010J Emerson
PomariaNewberryJul 2013J Gallagher
Port RoyalBeaufortDec 2009J Gallagher
ProsperityNewberryJul 2013J Gallagher
Quinby BranchFlorenceJul 2022K Kindahl[Florence]
RavenelCharlestonDec 2009J Gallagher
ReevesvilleDorchesterAug 2009E Kalish
RembertSumterMay 2010J Gallagher
RichburgChesterMay 2013S Bahnsen
RichburgChesterJul 2022E Kalish
Ridge SpringSaludaJul 1997J Gallagher
Ridge SpringSaludaDec 2016E Kalish
RidgelandJasperJul 1965N/A
RidgevilleDorchesterJan 2010J Gallagher
RidgewayChesterJul 1997J Gallagher
RidgewayFairfieldJul 2022E Kalish
RionChesterJul 1997J Gallagher
Rock HillYorkca. 1910N/AFormer site
Rock HillYorkMar 1933N/AFormer site
Rock HillYorkSep 1990N/A
RoebuckSpartanburgMay 2013S Bahnsen
Round OColletonSep 2006J Emerson
RowesvilleOrangeburgMay 2013S Bahnsen
RubyChesterfieldJul 1997J Gallagher
RuffinColletonMar 2014S Are
RussellvilleBerkeleyMay 2013S Bahnsen
Saint GeorgeDorchesterAug 2009E Kalish
Saint Helena IslandBeaufortDec 2009J Gallagher
Saint MatthewsCalhounDec 2016E Kalish
SalemOconeeNov 2009J Gallagher
SaltersWilliamsburgJan 2010J Gallagher
SaludaSaludaJul 1997J GallagherFormer site
SaludaSaludaJul 2022E Kalish
Sandy SpringsAndersonSep 2017J W Hue
SanteeOrangeburgDec 2016E Kalish
SardiniaClarendon1977J Gallagher
Scotia CPO [Estill]HamptonJan 2010J Gallagher
ScrantonFlorenceJan 2010J Gallagher
SeabrookBeaufortDec 2009J Gallagher
SenecaOconeeAug 2013E Kalish
. The Booksmith CPUOconeeAug 2013E KalishDisc.
SheldonBeaufortDec 2009J Gallagher
SilverstreetNewberryJul 2013J Gallagher
SilverstreetNewberryJul 2022E Kalish
SimpsonvilleGreenvilleMay 2013S Bahnsen
. Fairview StationGreenvilleMay 2013S Bahnsen
Six MilePickensAug 2013E Kalish
SlaterGreenvilleJul 2013J Gallagher
SmoaksColletonMar 2014S Are
SmyrnaYorkMay 2013S Bahnsen
Socastee BranchHorryMay 2013S Bahnsen[Myrtle Beach]
Society HillDarlingtonJul 1997J Gallagher
SpartanburgSpartanburgMar 1907N/AFormer site
SpartanburgSpartanburgSep 1931N/AFormer site
SpartanburgSpartanburgNov 2009J Gallagher
. Pinewood StationSpartanburgNov 2009J Gallagher
. Westside StationSpartanburgMay 2013S Bahnsen
SpringfieldOrangeburgMay 2010J Gallagher
StartexSpartanburgApr 2021R Hearn
State ParkRichlandDec 2016E Kalish
State ParkRichlandDec 2016E Kalish
Sullivans IslandCharlestonMar 2014S Are
SummertonClarendon1977J Gallagher
SummervilleDorchesterMay 1938N/AFormer site
SummervilleDorchesterApr 2013E Kalish
. Oakbrook StationDorchesterApr 2013E Kalish
. Old Trolley Road CPUDorchesterApr 2013E Kalish
SumterSumterAug 1937N/AFormer site
SunsetPickensNov 2009J Gallagher
SunsetPickensAug 2013E Kalish
Surfside Beach BranchHorryMay 2013S Bahnsen[Myrtle Beach]
SwanseaLexingtonAug 2005M Gollnick
SycamoreAllendaleAug 2005M Gollnick
TamasseeOconeeNov 2009J Gallagher
TatumMarlboroJul 1997J Gallagher
TaylorsGreenvilleJul 2013J Gallagher
TigervilleGreenvilleNov 2009J Gallagher
TigervilleGreenvilleJul 2022E Kalish
Travelers RestGreenvilleJul 2013J Gallagher
TrentonEdgefieldJul 1997J Gallagher
TrentonEdgefieldDec 2016E Kalish
TurbevilleClarendonJul 1997J Gallagher
UlmerAllendaleMay 2013S Bahnsen
UnaSpartanburgNov 2012J Emerson
UnionUnionMar 1919N/AFormer site
UnionUnionJul 1997J Gallagher
Upstate P&DCGreenvilleJul 2013J Gallagher+ Greenville MPO
VanceOrangeburgAug 1992B GermanFormer site
VanceOrangeburgDec 2016E Kalish
VaucluseAikenJul 1997J Gallagher
VaucluseAikenDec 2016E Kalish
VaucluseAikenJul 2022K Kindahl
Wadmalaw IslandCharlestonApr 2013E Kalish
WagenerAikenMar 2014S Are
WalhallaOconeeNov 2009J Gallagher
WallaceMarlboroMay 2013S Bahnsen
WalterboroColletonMar 1937N/AFormer site
WalterboroColletonApr 1999E Scarborough
WalterboroColletonNov 2012J EmersonFormer site
WardSaludaJul 1997J Gallagher
WardSaludaDec 2016E Kalish
WardSaludaJul 2022K Kindahl
Ware ShoalsGreenwoodca. 1935J Huntington
Ware ShoalsGreenwoodJan 2007J Emerson
WarrenvilleAikenJul 1997J Gallagher
WarrenvilleAikenJul 2022K Kindahl
WaterlooLaurensJul 2013J Gallagher
WedgefieldSumterMay 2010J Gallagher
West UnionOconeeNov 2009J Gallagher
WestminsterOconeeNov 2009J Gallagher
WestvilleKershawJul 1997J Gallagher
White RockRichlandJul 2022E Kalish
White StoneSpartanburgJul 1997J Gallagher
WilliamsColletonMar 2014S Are
WillistonBarnwellMay 2010J Gallagher
WindsorAikenMay 2010J Gallagher
WinnsboroFairfieldApr 1937N/A
WinnsboroFairfieldFeb 2007J Emerson
YemasseeHamptonJan 2010J Gallagher

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