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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
New Mexico Post Office Photographs (425)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
AlamagordoOteroJan 1991J GallagherFormer site
AlamogordoOteroAug 2012E Kalish
Albuquerque: MPOBernalillo1933N/AFormer site
Albuquerque: MPOBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Academy StationBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Airport Mail FacilityBernalilloFeb 1992J Gallagher
. Airport Mail FacilityBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Airport Mail FacilityBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Alameda BranchBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. All Type CPUBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Coors Post Office ExpressBernalilloJan 2016E KalishExt.
. Coors Post Office ExpressBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Cottonwood StationBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Downtown StationBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Downtown StationBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Five Points StationBernalilloMay 2015J Gallagher
. Foothills StationBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Galleria StationBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Giant CPUBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Highland StationBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Louisiana POEBernalilloJan 2016E KalishExt.
. Louisiana POEBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Manzano StationBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Mountain Run POEBernalilloJan 2016E KalishExt.
. Mountain Run POEBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. North Valley Carrier AnnexBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. North Valley StationBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Old Albuquerque StationBernalilloJul 2015R Sendejas
. Old Town Plaza StationBernalilloMay 2015J Gallagher
. On the Spot Rental CPUBernalilloJan 2018E KalishExt.
. On the Spot Rental CPUBernalilloJan 2018E Kalish
. Perfectly Legal CPUBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Richard J. Pino StationBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Steve Schiff StationBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. The Sign Store CPUBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. University StationBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Uptown StationBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Victors Regent Pharm. CPUBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
. Victors Regent Pharm. CPUBernalilloJan 2016E KalishInt.
AlgodonesSandovalMar 1982J Gallagher
AltoLincolnJan 1991J Gallagher
AmaliaTaosMay 2010J Gallagher
AmistadUnionNov 2011J Gallagher
Angel Fire Branch [Eagle Nest]ColfaxMay 2006N Ritchie
AnimasHidalgoAug 2012E Kalish
AnthonyDona AnaAug 2012E Kalish
. Chaparral CPUDona AnaAug 2012E Kalish
Anton ChicoGuadalupeJan 2018E Kalish
ArreySierraSep 2013J Gallagher
Arroyo HondoTaosFeb 1978J GallagherFormer site
Arroyo HondoTaosJul 2016J Emerson
ArtesiaEddyJul 2015R Sendejas
ArtesiaEddyMar 2022E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexEddyMar 2022E Kalish
BayardGrantOct 2021J Gallagher
BelenValenciaMay 2015J Gallagher
Berino CPO [Anthony]Dona AnaAug 2012E KalishDisc. 2013
BernalilloSandovalJan 2016E Kalish
BlancoSan JuanMar 1982J Gallagher
BluewaterCibolaMay 2015J Gallagher
Boles CPO [Alamogordo]OteroSep 2013J GallagherDisc. 2011
BosqueValenciaMay 2015J Gallagher
BuckhornGrantJan 1991J Gallagher
BuckhornGrantJun 2010J Emerson
Buena VistaMoraFeb 1992J Gallagher
Buena VistaMoraMay 2006N Ritchie
CaballoSierraJan 1991J Gallagher
CaballoSierraSep 2013J Gallagher
CapitanLincolnJan 1991J Gallagher
CapulinUnionFeb 1978J Gallagher
CarlsbadEddyMar 2022E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexEddyMar 2022E Kalish
CarsonTaosFeb 1978J GallagherFormer site
CarsonTaosMay 2006N Ritchie
Casa BlancaCibolaMay 2015J Gallagher
CauseyRooseveltFeb 1992J Gallagher
Cedar CrestBernalilloFeb 1992J GallagherFormer site
Cedar CrestBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
CedarvaleTorranceMar 1982J GallagherDisc. 1990
CerrillosBernalilloFeb 1992J GallagherFormer site
CerrillosBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish
CerroTaosFeb 1978J GallagherFormer site
CerroTaosMay 2006N Ritchie
ChaconMoraFeb 1992J Gallagher
ChamaRio ArribaSep 2013M Wasko
ChamberinoDona AnaSep 2013J Gallagher
Church RockMcKinleyMay 2015J Gallagher
CimarronColfaxMay 2006N Ritchie
ClaytonUnionJan 2018E Kalish
ClevelandMoraMay 2006N Ritchie
CliffGrantJan 1991J Gallagher
CloudcroftOteroAug 2012E Kalish
ClovisCurryFeb 1992J Gallagher
ClovisCurryJan 2018E Kalish
. Manana CPUCurryJan 2018E Kalish
. Northwest StationCurryJan 2018E Kalish
ColumbusLunaAug 2012E Kalish
Conchas Dam CPO [Tucumcari]QuayNov 2011J Gallagher
Conchas Dam CPO [Tucumcari]QuayJan 2016E Kalish
Continental DivideMcKinleyMay 2015J Gallagher
. Jamestown CPOMcKinleyMay 2015J GallagherExt.
. Jamestown CPOMcKinleyMay 2015J GallagherInt.
CoronaLincolnMar 1982J Gallagher
CorralesSandovalJan 2016E Kalish
CostillaTaosMay 2010J Gallagher
CrossroadsLeaFeb 1992J Gallagher
CrossroadsLeaJun 2010J Emerson
CrownpointMcKinleyMay 2015J Gallagher
CuberoCibolaMay 2015J Gallagher
CuervoGuadalupeOct 1999N/A
DatilCatronMay 2015J Gallagher
DemingLunaAug 2012E Kalish
DerrySierraSep 2013J Gallagher
Des MoinesUnionSep 2013M Wasko
DexterChavesJul 2015R Sendejas
DixonRio ArribaMay 2006N Ritchie
Dona AnaDona AnaAug 2012E Kalish
DoraRooseveltFeb 1992J Gallagher
DulceRio ArribaJan 2016E Kalish
Eagle NestColfaxMay 2006N Ritchie
Eagle NestColfaxJun 2010J Emerson
EdgewoodSanta FeJan 2016E Kalish
El PradoTaosSep 2013M Wasko
Elephant ButteSierraOct 2021J Gallagher
ElidaRooseveltOct 2021J Emerson
ElidaRooseveltMar 2022P Soroka
EmbudoRio ArribaMay 2006N Ritchie
EncinoTorranceJan 2018E Kalish
EncinoTorranceSep 2019R Martin
EstanciaTorranceJan 2016E Kalish
EuniceLeaFeb 1992J Gallagher
EuniceLeaMar 2022E Kalish
FairacresDona AnaAug 2012E Kalish
FaywoodGrantOct 2021J Gallagher
Fence LakeCibolaMay 2015J Gallagher
FloydRooseveltJan 2018E Kalish
FolsomUnionJul 2016J Emerson
Fort StantonLincolnMar 1982J Gallagher
Fort StantonLincolnJan 1991J Gallagher
Fort SumnerDe BacaFeb 1992J Gallagher
Fort SumnerDe BacaJan 2018E Kalish
Fort WingateMcKinleyMay 2015J Gallagher
GallupMcKinleyMay 2015J GallagherCarriers
. Finance StationMcKinleyMay 2015J Gallagher
Gamerco CPO [Gallup]McKinleyMay 2015J GallagherExt.
GarfieldDona AnaSep 2013J Gallagher
GaritaSan MiguelNov 2011J Gallagher
GilaGrantJan 1991J Gallagher
GladstoneUnionNov 2011J GallagherDisc.
GlencoeLincolnMar 1982J Gallagher
GlorietaSanta FeOct 2021J Emerson
GradyCurryJan 2018E Kalish
GrantsCibolaMay 2015J Gallagher
GrenvilleUnionJan 2018E Kalish
GuadalupitaMoraFeb 1992J Gallagher
GuadalupitaMoraMay 2006N Ritchie
HachitaGrantAug 2012E Kalish
HanoverGrantJan 1991J Gallagher
HanoverGrantOct 2021J Gallagher
HatchDona AnaSep 2013J Gallagher
High Rolls-Mountain ParkOteroAug 2012E Kalish
HillsboroSierraJan 1991J Gallagher
HillsboroSierraJun 2010J Emerson
HillsboroSierraOct 2021J Gallagher
HobbsLeaFeb 1992J GallagherFormer site
HobbsLeaMar 2022E Kalish
HolmanMoraFeb 1992J Gallagher
HolmanMoraMay 2006N Ritchie
HondoLincolnMar 1982J Gallagher
HopeEddyJan 1991J Gallagher
HouseQuayJan 2018E Kalish
HurleyGrantOct 2021J Gallagher
IlfeldSan MiguelOct 2021J Emerson
Isleta PuebloBernalilloMay 2015J Gallagher
JalLeaFeb 1992J Gallagher
JalLeaMar 2022E Kalish
JaralesValenciaMay 2015J Gallagher
Jemez PuebloSandovalMar 1982J GallagherFormer site
Jemez PuebloSandovalOct 2021J Emerson
Jemez SpringsSandovalMar 1982J Gallagher
La JaraSandovalMar 1982J Gallagher
La JoyaSocorroMay 2015J Gallagher
La LuzOteroJan 1991J Gallagher
La LuzOteroAug 2012E Kalish
La MesaDona AnaAug 2012E Kalish
La PlataSan JuanMar 1982J GallagherFormer site
La PlataSan JuanSep 2016P Tarnow
LagunaCibolaMay 2015J Gallagher
Lake ArthurChavesJan 1991J Gallagher
LakewoodEddyMar 1982J GallagherFormer site
LakewoodEddyMar 2022E Kalish
Las CrucesDona Ana1952N/AFormer site
Las CrucesDona AnaAug 2012E Kalish
. Commerce StationDona AnaAug 2012E Kalish
. University StationDona AnaAug 2012E Kalish
Las VegasSan Miguel1928N/AFormer site
Las VegasSan MiguelFeb 1992J Gallagher
Las VegasSan MiguelJan 2018E Kalish
. West Las Vegas StationSan MiguelFeb 1992J Gallagher
. West Las Vegas StationSan MiguelJan 2018E Kalish
LedouxMoraFeb 1992J Gallagher
LemitarSocorroMay 2015J Gallagher
LincolnLincolnMar 1982J Gallagher
LincolnLincolnJun 2010J Emerson
Loco HillsEddy2000N/A
Loco HillsEddyMar 2022E Kalish
LoganQuayFeb 1992J Gallagher
LoganQuayNov 2011J Gallagher
LoganQuayJan 2018E Kalish
LordsburgHidalgoOct 2021J Gallagher
Los AlamosLos AlamosJul 2015R Sendejas
. White Rock BranchLos AlamosJan 2016E Kalish
. White Rock BranchLos AlamosOct 2021J Emerson
Los LunasValenciaMay 2015J Gallagher
. Carrier AnnexValenciaMay 2015J Gallagher
Los OjosRio ArribaSep 2013M Wasko
LovingEddyMar 2022E Kalish
LovingtonLeaFeb 1992J Gallagher
LovingtonLeaMar 2022E Kalish
MagdalenaSocorroMay 2015J Gallagher
MalagaEddyMar 2022E Kalish
MaljamarLeaMar 2022E Kalish
MaxwellColfaxMay 2006N Ritchie
MayhillOteroJan 1991J Gallagher
MayhillOteroAug 2012E Kalish
McAlisterQuayJan 2018E Kalish
McDonaldLeaFeb 1992J Gallagher
McIntoshTorranceMar 1982J GallagherFormer site
McIntoshTorranceJan 2016E Kalish
MelroseCurryJan 2018E Kalish
MescaleroOteroOct 2021J Emerson
MesillaDona AnaAug 2012E Kalish
Mesilla ParkDona AnaAug 2012E Kalish
MesquiteDona AnaAug 2012E Kalish
MilanCibolaOct 1999N/A
Milan Branch [Grants]CibolaMay 2015J Gallagher
MillsHardingFeb 1992J Gallagher
MillsHardingNov 2011J Gallagher
MilnesandRooseveltFeb 1992J Gallagher
MilnesandRooseveltJun 2010J Emerson
MimbresGrantOct 2021J Gallagher
MontezumaSan MiguelFeb 1992J Gallagher
MontezumaSan MiguelJan 2018E Kalish
MonticelloSierraOct 2021J Gallagher
MonumentLeaFeb 1992J Gallagher
MonumentLeaMar 2022E Kalish
MoriartyTorranceJan 2016E Kalish
. Clines Corners CPOTorranceJan 2016E KalishExt.
. Clines Corners CPOTorranceJan 2016E Kalish
MosqueroHardingNov 2011J Gallagher
MosqueroHardingJan 2016E Kalish
MountainairTorranceJan 2016E Kalish
Mule CreekGrantJun 2010J Emerson
Nara VisaQuayNov 2011J Gallagher
NavajoMcKinleyMar 1982J GallagherNow CPO [Ft. Def., AZ]
Navajo DamSan JuanMar 1982J Gallagher
New LagunaCibolaMay 2015J Gallagher
Newcomb CPOSan JuanJan 2016E Kalish[Shiprock; ext.]
Newcomb CPOSan JuanJan 2016E Kalish[Shiprock; int.]
Newcomb CPOSan JuanMay 2022P Soroka[Shiprock; ext.]
NewkirkGuadalupeNov 2011J Gallagher
NogalLincolnJan 1991J Gallagher
OcateMoraFeb 1992J Gallagher
OcateMoraMay 2006N Ritchie
Ohkay OwingehRio ArribaOct 2021J Emerson
Ojo Feliz CPOMoraFeb 1992J Gallagher
Ojo Feliz CPOMoraOct 2021J Emerson
OrganDona AnaAug 2012E Kalish
OrganDona AnaOct 2021J Emerson
OrograndeOteroSep 2013J Gallagher
OrograndeOteroApr 2022P Soroka
PaguateCibolaMay 2015J Gallagher
PeñascoTaosMay 2006N Ritchie
PecosSan MiguelFeb 1992J Gallagher
PecosSan MiguelOct 2021J Emerson
PepRooseveltFeb 1992J Gallagher
PepRooseveltJun 2010J Emerson
PeraltaValenciaJan 2016E Kalish(+ Bosque Farms)
PiñonOteroJan 1991J Gallagher
PicachoLincolnMar 1982J Gallagher
PicachoLincolnJun 2010J Emerson
PicachoLincolnOct 2021J Emerson
Pie TownCatronMay 2015J GallagherFormer site
Pie TownCatronSep 2019R Martin
Pinos AltosGrantJun 2010J EmersonDisc. 2011
PlacitasSandovalMar 1982J Gallagher
PolvaderaSocorroMay 2015J Gallagher
PonderosaSandovalOct 2021J Emerson
PortalesRooseveltJun 2010J Emerson
. University CPURooseveltJun 2010J EmersonEastern New Mexico U.
. University CPURooseveltJan 2018E KalishExt.
. University CPURooseveltJan 2018E KalishInt.
PrewittMcKinleyOct 1999N/A
PrewittMcKinleyMay 2015J Gallagher
QuemadoCatronMay 2015J Gallagher
QuestaTaosFeb 1978J Gallagher
QuestaTaosMay 2006N Ritchie
Radium SpringsDona AnaSep 2013J Gallagher
RainsvilleMoraFeb 1992J Gallagher
RainsvilleMoraMay 2006N Ritchie
RainsvilleMoraNov 2011J Gallagher
RamahMcKinleyMay 2015J Gallagher
Ranchos de TaosTaosMay 2006N Ritchie
RatonColfaxJan 2016E Kalish
Red RiverTaosFeb 1978J Gallagher
RehobothMcKinleyMay 2015J Gallagher
RiberaSan MiguelFeb 1992J GallagherFormer site
RiberaSan MiguelNov 2011J Gallagher
RinconDona AnaSep 2013J Gallagher
Rio Rancho Branch [ABQ]SandovalJan 2016E Kalish
Rio Rancho Giant CPU [ABQ]SandovalJan 2016E Kalish
Rio Rancho Giant CPU [ABQ]SandovalJan 2016E KalishInt.
Rio Rancho P.O. Express [ABQ]SandovalJan 2016E KalishExt.
Rio Rancho P.O. Express [ABQ]SandovalJan 2016E Kalish
RociadaSan MiguelFeb 1992J Gallagher
RodeoHidalgoAug 2012E Kalish
RogersRooseveltFeb 1992J Gallagher
RoswellChavesca 1913N/AFormer site
RoswellChavesJul 2015R Sendejas
RoweSan MiguelFeb 1992J Gallagher
RoyHardingNov 2011J Gallagher
SacramentoOteroJan 1991J Gallagher
SacramentoOteroAug 2012E Kalish
Saint VrainCurryAug 2008PDTillman
SalemDona AnaSep 2013J Gallagher
San AcaciaSocorroOct 2021J Emerson
San AntonioSocorroJan 1991J Gallagher
San AntonitoBernalilloJan 2016E Kalish(+ Sandia Park)
San CristobalTaosFeb 1978J GallagherFormer site
San CristobalTaosMay 2006N Ritchie
San FidelCibolaMay 2015J Gallagher
. Pueblo of Acoma CPOCibolaJan 2016E Kalish
San JonQuayNov 2011J Gallagher
San JonQuayJan 2018E Kalish
San JoseSan MiguelFeb 1992J Gallagher
San Juan PuebloRio ArribaMay 2006N Ritchie
San MiguelDona AnaAug 2012E Kalish
San PatricioLincolnMar 1982J Gallagher
San PatricioLincolnOct 2021J Emerson
San RafaelCibolaMay 1999N/A
San RafaelCibolaMay 2015J Gallagher
San YsidroSandovalMar 1982J Gallagher
Santa ClaraGrant2000N/A
Santa ClaraGrantOct 2021J Gallagher
Santa FeSanta FeJan 2016E Kalish
. Coronado StationSanta FeJan 2016E Kalish
. De Vargas StationSanta FeJan 2016E Kalish
. Nambe Falls CPUSanta FeJan 2016E Kalish
. Quik Send CPUSanta FeJan 2016E Kalish
. Villa Linda StationSanta FeJan 2016E Kalish
Santa RosaGuadalupeJan 2016E Kalish
Santa Teresa CPO [Anthony]Dona AnaAug 2012E KalishFormer site
Santa Teresa CPO [Anthony]Dona AnaOct 2021J Gallagher
SapelloSan MiguelFeb 1992J Gallagher
SedanUnionJan 2018E Kalish
SerafinaSan MiguelJan 2018E Kalish
Sheep Springs CPOSan JuanMay 2022P Soroka[Tohatchi]
ShiprockSan JuanMay 2022P Soroka
Silver CityGrantOct 2021J Gallagher
Smith Lake CPO [Thoreau]McKinleyMay 2015J GallagherExt.
Smith Lake CPO [Thoreau]McKinleyMay 2015J GallagherInt.
SocorroSocorroMay 2015J Gallagher
SolanoHardingNov 2011J Gallagher
SolanoHardingJan 2016E Kalish
SpringerColfaxNov 2011J Gallagher
StanleySanta FeJun 2010J Emerson
Sunland ParkDona AnaAug 2012E Kalish
TaibanDe BacaFeb 1992J GallagherFormer site
TaibanDe BacaJan 2018E Kalish
TajiqueTorranceMar 1982J GallagherDisc. 2001
TaosTaosMay 2006N Ritchie
Taos Ski Valley CPO [Taos]TaosMay 2006N Ritchie
TatumLeaFeb 1992J Gallagher
TesuqueSanta FeJan 2016E Kalish
TexicoCurryFeb 1992J Gallagher
TexicoCurryJan 2018E Kalish
ThoreauMcKinleyMay 2015J Gallagher
Tierra AmarillaRio ArribaSep 2013M Wasko
TijerasBernalilloFeb 1992J Gallagher
TinnieLincolnMar 1982J Gallagher
Tohajiilee CPO [Laguna]BernalilloJan 2016E KalishPrev. Cañoncito
Tohajiilee CPO [Laguna]BernalilloJan 2016E KalishInt.
TohatchiMcKinleyJun 2010J EmersonFormer site
TohatchiMcKinleyMay 2022P Soroka
TomeValenciaMay 2015J Gallagher
TorreonTorranceMar 1982J GallagherFormer site
TorreonTorranceJan 2016E Kalish
TrementinaSan MiguelJan 2016E Kalish
Tres PiedrasTaosFeb 1978J GallagherFormer site
Tres PiedrasTaosJul 2016J Emerson
Truth or ConsequencesSierraOct 2021J Gallagher
. Geronimo Springs StationSierraJun 2010J Emerson
TucumcariQuayJan 2018E Kalish
TularosaOteroAug 2012E Kalish
TyroneGrantOct 2021J Gallagher
Ute ParkColfaxFeb 1978J GallagherFormer site
Ute ParkColfaxMay 2006N Ritchie
VaditoTaosMay 2006N Ritchie
ValdezTaosFeb 1978J Gallagher
Vanderwagen CPO [Gallup]McKinleyMay 2015J Gallagher
VaughnGuadalupeJul 2015R Sendejas
VeguitaSocorroMay 2015J Gallagher
VelardeRio ArribaMay 2006N Ritchie
VillanuevaSan MiguelNov 2011J Gallagher
Wagon MoundMoraFeb 1992J GallagherFormer site
Wagon MoundMoraJan 2016E Kalish
WaterflowSan JuanMar 1982J GallagherFormer site
WaterflowSan JuanApr 1999N/A
WatrousMoraFeb 1992J GallagherFormer site
WatrousMoraJan 2018E Kalish
WeedOteroJan 1991J Gallagher
WeedOteroAug 2012E Kalish
White Sands Missile Range Br.Dona AnaAug 2012E Kalish[Las Cruces]
Whites CityEddyJul 2015R Sendejas
Whites CityEddyMar 2022E Kalish
WillardTorranceMar 1982J GallagherNow CPO [Estancia]
Willard CPO [Estancia]TorranceJan 2016E Kalish
WilliamsburgSierraJan 1991J Gallagher
WilliamsburgSierraOct 2021J Gallagher
WinstonSierraOct 2021J Gallagher
YesoDe BacaFeb 1992J GallagherFormer site
YesoDe BacaJan 2018E Kalish
ZuniMcKinleyMay 2015J Gallagher

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