Post Office Photographs
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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
Texas Post Office Photographs (1077)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
AbileneTaylorca. 1903N/AFormer site
AbileneTaylorMay 1936N/A
AcePolkNov 1989J Gallagher
AckerlyGainesJan 1998J Gallagher
AdrianOldham1976J Gallagher
Afton CPODickensNov 1995J Gallagher
Agua DulceNuecesJan 2006J Gallagher
AlamoHidalgoJan 2006J Gallagher
AlanreedGray1976J Gallagher
AlanreedGrayOct 1999N/A
AlanreedGrayApr 2011J Phelan
AlbaWoodNov 2011J Gallagher
AlbanyShackelfordDec 1998J Gallagher
AliceJim WellsJan 2006J Gallagher
AllenCollinAug 2012E Kalish
. Best4Less CPUCollinAug 2012E Kalish
. Friendly Storage CPUCollinAug 2012E Kalish
. The ZIP Code Mail Ctr. CPUCollinAug 2012E Kalish
AllisonWheelerSep 1985J Gallagher
AltoCherokeeJul 1976J Gallagher
AlvinBrazoriaFeb 2005J Gallagher
AlvordWiseAug 2012E Kalish
Amarillo: MPOPotterca. 1916N/AFormer site
Amarillo: MPOPotter1938N/AFormer site
. Jordan StationPotterNov 1995J Gallagher
Ames CPOLibertyNov 1989J Gallagher
AmherstLambNov 1995J Gallagher
AnahuacChambersFeb 2005J Gallagher
AndrewsAndrewsJan 1998J Gallagher
AnnonaRed RiverJan 1995J Gallagher
AnsonJonesSep 2014J Emerson
AntonHockleyNov 1995J Gallagher
Aransas PassSan PatricioApr 1991J Gallagher
Archer CityArcherDec 1998J Gallagher
ArgyleDentonAug 2012E Kalish
Arlington: Arlington Fin. Center CPUTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. Famous Cleaners CPUTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. Famous Cleaners CPUTarrantAug 2012E KalishInt.
. Melear StationTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. Tate Springs StationTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. The Cleaners CPUTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
ArmstrongKenedy1982J Gallagher
ArpSmithNov 2011J Gallagher
Artesia WellsLa Salle1982J Gallagher
AshertonDimmit1982J Gallagher
AspermontStonewallNov 1995J Gallagher
AtascosaBexarJul 1976J Gallagher
Austin: GMFTravisAug 2012E Kalish
Austin: MPOTravis1901N/AFormer site
. Balcones StationTravisAug 2012E Kalish
. Bluebonnet StationTravisAug 2012E Kalish
. Capitol StationTravisAug 2012E Kalish
. Central Park StationTravisAug 2012E Kalish
. Chimney Corners StationTravisAug 2012E Kalish
. Downtown StationTravisAug 2012E KalishFormer site
. East Austin StationTravisApr 1991J GallagherFormer site
. East Austin StationTravisAug 2012E KalishFormer site
. Huston Tillotson CPUTravisAug 2012E Kalish
. Mail Processing AnnexTravisAug 2012E Kalish
. McNeil StationTravisAug 2012E Kalish
. Mockingbird StationTravisAug 2012E Kalish
. North Austin StationTravisAug 2012E Kalish
. Northcross StationTravisAug 2012E Kalish
. Northeast StationTravisAug 2012E Kalish
. Oak City CPUTravisAug 2012E KalishDisc.
. Oak Hill StationTravisAug 2012E Kalish
. Parmer [North Park] CPUTravisAug 2012E Kalish
. Parmer [North Park] CPUTravisAug 2012E KalishInt.
. Research CPUTravisAug 2012E Kalisha.k.a. Sta. #5
. South Austin StationTravisApr 1991J GallagherDisc.
. South Congress StationTravisAug 2012E Kalish
. Southeast StationTravisApr 1991J Gallagher
. Stor Self Storage CPUTravisAug 2012E Kalish
. Town North StationTravisAug 2012E Kalish
. University StationTravisAug 2012E Kalish
. West Austin StationTravisAug 2012E Kalish
AustwellRefugioJan 2006J Gallagher
Avoca CPOJonesNov 1995J Gallagher
BacliffGalvestonFeb 2005J Gallagher
BaileyFanninJan 1995J Gallagher
BalmorheaReevesMar 2011G Guercio
BanqueteNuecesJan 2006J Gallagher
BarksdaleEdwardsJan 1998J Gallagher
BarnhartIrionDec 1993J Gallagher
BarstowWardFeb 1998J Gallagher
BatesvilleZavala1982J Gallagher
BatesvilleZavalaFeb 2016J Gallagher
BatsonHardinNov 1989J Gallagher
Bay CityMatagordaJan 2006J Gallagher
BaysideRefugioJan 2006J Gallagher
BaytownHarrisFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Station AHarrisFeb 2005J Gallagher
BeasleyFort BendJan 2006J Gallagher
Beaumont P&DCJeffersonFeb 2005J Gallagher
Beaumont: MPOJeffersonFeb 1904N/AFormer site
Beaumont: MPOJefferson1934N/ANow Downtown Sta.
. Downtown StationJeffersonFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Southend StationJeffersonFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Tobe Hahn StationJeffersonFeb 2005J Gallagher
BebeGonzalesApr 1991J Gallagher
BeckvillePanolaMar 2000J Gallagher
BedfordTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. Central Bedford StationTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
BeevilleBeeApr 1991J Gallagher
BeevilleBeeMay 201425or6to4
BellaireHarrisJul 2008WhisperToMe
Bellmead Branch [Waco]McLennanAug 2012E Kalish
BelmontGonzalesSep 2011J Emerson
BeltonBellAug 2012E Kalish
Ben WheelerVan ZandtAug 2012E Kalish
BenavidesDuvalJan 2006J Gallagher
BendLampasasNov 1995J Gallagher
BerclairGoliadJan 2006J Gallagher
BertramBurnetDec 1993J Gallagher
Big Bend National ParkBrewsterAug 2012E Kalish
Big Bend National ParkBrewsterAug 2012E Kalish
Big LakeReaganDec 1993J Gallagher
Big SpringHowardJan 1998J Gallagher
Big WellsDimmit1982J Gallagher
BigfootFrioSep 2011J Emerson
BishopNuecesJan 2006J Gallagher
BlancoBlancoAug 2012E Kalish
BlessingMatagordaJan 2006J Gallagher
BloomburgCassJun 1993J Gallagher
Blue RidgeCollinJun 1987P Cooley
BoerneKendallApr 1991J Gallagher
. Sisterdale CPOKendallApr 1991J Gallagher
BolingWhartonDec 2012Djmaschek
Bon WeirNewtonFeb 2005J Gallagher
BonhamFanninJan 1995J Gallagher
BookerLipscombSep 1985J Gallagher
BorgerHutchinsonSep 1985J Gallagher
BoydWiseAug 2012E Kalish
Boys Ranch CPO [Vega]OldhamMay 2008J GallagherInt.
BrackettvilleKinneyFeb 2016J Gallagher
BradyMcCullochAug 2014L Moore
BrandonHillDec 1998J Gallagher
BreckenridgeStephensJul 2015J Emerson
Bridge CityOrangeFeb 2005J Gallagher
BridgeportWiseAug 2012E Kalish
BriggsBurnetDec 1993J Gallagher
BriscoeWheelerSep 1985J Gallagher
BrookshireWaller1982J Gallagher
BrownfieldTerryJan 1998J Gallagher
BrownsboroHendersonNov 2011J Gallagher
BrownsvilleCameronSep 1892N/AFormer site
BrownsvilleCameron1933N/ANow Downtown Sta.
BrownsvilleCameronJan 2006J Gallagher
. Downtown StationCameronJan 2006J Gallagher
BruniWebbJan 2006J Gallagher
BudaHaysJul 1976J Gallagher
BudaHaysApr 1991J Gallagher
BulaBaileyFeb 1992J Gallagher
BurkevilleNewtonFeb 2005J Gallagher
BushlandPotterApr 2011J Phelan
CactusMooreMay 2008J Gallagher
CaddoStephensDec 1998J Gallagher
CaldwellBurlesonJan 2003J Gallagher
CallNewtonFeb 2005J Gallagher
CallihamMcMullenApr 1991J Gallagher
CamdenPolkNov 1989J Gallagher
Camp Verde CPOKerrJan 1998J Gallagher
Camp Verde CPOKerrJul 2015J Emerson
Camp WoodRealJan 1998J Gallagher
CampbelltownAtascosaFeb 2016J Gallagher
CanadianHemphillSep 1985J Gallagher
CantonVan ZandtAug 2012E Kalish
CanutilloEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish
CanyonRandallNov 1995J Gallagher
CareyChildressMar 1994J GallagherDisc. prior
CarlsbadTom GreenDec 1993J Gallagher
Carrizo SpringsDimmit1982J Gallagher
Carrizo SpringsDimmitJan 1998J Gallagher
Carrollton: Old Town Craft Store CPUDallasAug 2012E Kalish
CarthagePanolaNov 2011J Gallagher
CasonMorrisNov 2011J Gallagher
CastrovilleMedinaFeb 2016J Gallagher
Cat SpringAustinSep 2011J Emerson
CatarinaDimmit1982J Gallagher
Cedar ParkWilliamsonca. 1994N RitchieFormer site
Cee VeeCottleMar 1994J Gallagher
CenterShelbyJul 2009J Gallagher
Center PointKerrJan 1998J Gallagher
CentervilleLeonJul 1976J Gallagher
ChanningHartleyMay 2008J Gallagher
Chapman RanchNuecesApr 1991J Gallagher
CharlotteAtascosaFeb 2016J Gallagher
CherokeeSan SabaNov 1995J Gallagher
ChicoWiseAug 2012E Kalish
ChicoWiseAug 2012E Kalish
ChillicotheHardemanMar 1994J Gallagher
ChillicotheHardemanAug 2006Pmsyyz
ChinaJeffersonFeb 2005J Gallagher
ChirenoNacogdochesJul 1976J Gallagher
ChriesmanBurlesonJan 2003J Gallagher
ChristineAtascosaFeb 2016J Gallagher
ChristovalTom GreenJan 1998J Gallagher
ChristovalTom GreenMay 2009N Ritchie
CiboloGuadalupeJul 1976J Gallagher
ClarendonDonleyNov 2012J Gallagher
ClaudeArmstrongSep 1985J Gallagher
ClaytonPanolaMar 2000J Gallagher
ClevelandLibertyNov 1989J Gallagher
. First Bank Postal CenterLibertyNov 1989J GallagherDisc.
CliftonBosqueMay 2007J Emerson
ClintEl PasoSep 2013J Gallagher
CoahomaHowardJan 1998J Gallagher
ColdspringSan JacintoNov 1989J Gallagher
ColleyvilleTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
CollinsvilleGraysonFeb 2006J Gallagher
Colorado CityMitchellDec 1993J Gallagher
Colorado CityMitchellJul 2015J Emerson
ComancheComancheNov 1995J Gallagher
CombesCameronJan 2006J Gallagher
ComfortKendallApr 1991J Gallagher
ComstockVal VerdeJan 1998J Gallagher
ConcanUvaldeJan 1998J Gallagher
ConcepcionDuvalJan 2006J Gallagher
ConroeMontgomery1974J Gallagher
CookvilleTitusJan 1995J Gallagher
CooperDeltaJun 2015L Moore
CoppellDallasAug 2012E Kalish
Corpus Christi: MPONuecesApr 1991J Gallagher
. Downtown StationNuecesApr 1991J Gallagher
. Flour Bluff StationNuecesApr 1991J Gallagher
. Gulfway StationNuecesJan 2006J Gallagher
. Lamar StationNuecesJan 2006J Gallagher
. Portairs StationNuecesApr 1991J Gallagher
. Roy Miller StationNuecesApr 1991J Gallagher
. Six Points StationNuecesApr 1991J Gallagher
. Southside StationNuecesJan 2006J Gallagher
CostGonzalesApr 1991J Gallagher
CotullaLa Salle1982J Gallagher
CraneCraneJan 1998J Gallagher
Creedmoor CPOTravisJul 1976J Gallagher
CrockettHoustonJul 1976J Gallagher
CrowellFoardMar 1994J Gallagher
Crystal CityZavala1982J Gallagher
Crystal CityZavalaJan 1998J Gallagher
CueroDeWitt1982J Gallagher
CuneyCherokeeNov 2011J Gallagher
CunninghamLamarNov 2011J Gallagher
Cut and Shoot CPOMontgomery1974J Gallagher
D'HanisMedinaJan 1998J Gallagher
D'HanisMedinaFeb 2016J Gallagher
DaingerfieldMorrisMar 2000J Gallagher
DaisettaLibertyNov 1989J Gallagher
DalhartDallamMay 2008J Gallagher
Dallas: MPODallasca. 1900N/AFormer site
Dallas: MPODallasca. 1907N/AFormer site
Dallas: MPODallasNov 1930N/ANow Downtown Sta.
. DFW BranchTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
DanburyBrazoriaJan 2006J Gallagher
DanevangWhartonDec 2012Djmaschek
DarrouzettLipscombSep 1985J Gallagher
DawnDeaf SmithNov 1995J Gallagher
DaytonLibertyNov 1989J Gallagher
De BerryPanolaNov 2011J Gallagher
DeanvilleBurlesonJan 2003J Gallagher
DecaturWiseAug 2012E Kalish
. IGA Foodliner CPUWiseAug 2012E KalishExt.
. IGA Foodliner CPUWiseAug 2012E KalishInt.
Del RioVal Verdeca. 1914N/AFormer site
Del RioVal VerdeJan 1998J Gallagher
. Pecan StationVal VerdeJan 1998J Gallagher
. Plaza del Sol CPUVal VerdeJan 1998J Gallagher
Del ValleTravisApr 1991J Gallagher
DelmitaStarrJan 2006J Gallagher
DennisParkerNov 1995J Gallagher
DennisonGraysonFeb 2006J Gallagher
Denton: MPODentonAug 2012E Kalish
. Cracker Barrel CPUDentonAug 2012E Kalish
. Golden Triangle StationDentonAug 2012E Kalish
. Mail-N-More CPUDentonAug 2012E Kalish
. Sack 'N Save CPUDentonAug 2012E Kalish
. TWU StationDentonAug 2012E KalishDisc.
Denver CityYoakumJan 1998J Gallagher
DeportLamarNov 2011J Gallagher
DetroitRed RiverJan 1995J Gallagher
DeversLibertyFeb 2005J Gallagher
DevineMedinaJan 1998J Gallagher
DevineMedinaJun 2011B Hathorn
DeweyvilleNewtonFeb 2005J Gallagher
DianaUpshurMar 2000J Gallagher
DickensDickensNov 1995J Gallagher
DickinsonGalvestonFeb 2005J Gallagher
DikeHopkinsNov 2011J Gallagher
Dime BoxLeeSep 2011J Emerson
DimmittCastroNov 1995J Gallagher
DineroLive OakApr 1991J Gallagher
DodgeWalkerDec 1998J Gallagher
DodsonCollingsworthSep 1985J Gallagher
DodsonCollingsworthSep 2014J Emerson
DonnaHidalgoJan 2006J Gallagher
DossGillespieAug 2012E Kalish
DoughertyFloydNov 1995J Gallagher
DouglassNacogdochesJul 1976J Gallagher
DouglassvilleCassNov 2011J Gallagher
DriftwoodHaysAug 2012E Kalish
Dripping SpringsHaysAug 2012E Kalish
DriscollNuecesJan 2006J Gallagher
Dryden CPO [Comstock]TerrellAug 2012E Kalish
DumasMooreMay 2008J Gallagher
DumontKingNov 1995J Gallagher
DunnScurryJan 1998J GallagherDisc.
Eagle PassMaverickJan 1998J Gallagher
East BernardWhartonDec 2012Djmaschek
East Texas P&DC [Tyler]SmithAug 2012E Kalish
EastlandEastlandMay 2007J Emerson
EddyMcLennanAug 2012E Kalish
EdenConchoJan 1998J Gallagher
EdgewoodVan ZandtAug 2012E Kalish
EdnaJacksonJan 2006J Gallagher
Edom CPO [Ben Wheeler]Van ZandtNov 2011J Gallagher
Edom CPO [Ben Wheeler]Van ZandtNov 2011J GallagherInt.
EdroySan PatricioJan 2006J Gallagher
EgyptWhartonMay 2013Djmaschek
El CampoWhartonJul 2015J Emerson
El MatonMatagordaSep 2006Imelda
El Paso: MPOEl PasoJul 1900N/AFormer site
El Paso: MPO and P&DCEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish
. Coronado StationEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish
. Downtown StationEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish
. East Fort Bliss CPUEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish
. Executive Office Services CPUEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish
. Five Points StationEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish
. Mesa Hills StationEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish
. National Self Storage CPUEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish[Horizon City]
. National Self Storage CPUEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish
. Northwood StationEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish
. Pebble Hills StationEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish
. Ranchland StationEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish
. Sandy Creek StationEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish
. Sta. #1 CPUEl PasoAug 2012E KalishCards-N-Things CPU
. Sta. #22 CPUEl PasoAug 2012E KalishSharon's Hallmark CPU
. Sta. #25 (Montwood) CPUEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish
. Summit Heights StationEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish
. Sunrise StationEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish
. Washington Park StationEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish
. Ysleta StationEl PasoAug 2012E Kalish
ElbertThrockmortonNov 1995J Gallagher
EldoradoSchleicherDec 1993J Gallagher
ElectraWichitaSep 2014J Emerson
ElginBastropOct 2011J Emerson
EllingerFayetteAug 2013Djmaschek
ElmatonMatagordaJan 2006J Gallagher
ElmoKaufmanAug 2012E Kalish
Elysian FieldsHarrisonNov 2011J Gallagher
EncinalLa Salle1982J Gallagher
EncinoBrooksJan 2006J Gallagher
EnergyComancheNov 1995J Gallagher
EnochsBaileyFeb 1992J Gallagher
EolaConchoJan 1998J Gallagher
EraCookeAug 2012E Kalish
EstellineHallMar 1994J Gallagher
EulessTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. High Point Cleaners CPUTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. Start Track Food CPUTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
FabensEl PasoSep 2013J Gallagher
FalfurriasBrooksJan 2006J Gallagher
FanninGoliadJan 2006J Gallagher
FarmersvilleCollinAug 2012E Kalish
FarnsworthOchiltreeSep 1985J Gallagher
FischerComalAug 2012E Kalish
FlatCoryellNov 1995J Gallagher
Flower Mound BranchDentonAug 2012E Kalish[Lewisville]
FloydadaFloydNov 1995J Gallagher
FluvannaScurryJan 1998J Gallagher
FluvannaScurryFeb 2010Leaflet
FollettLipscombSep 1985J Gallagher
ForestburgMontagueAug 2012E Kalish
ForsanHowardJan 1998J Gallagher
Fort Bliss Branch [El Paso]El PasoAug 2012E Kalish
Fort HancockHudspethSep 2013J Gallagher
Fort McKavettMenardDec 1993J Gallagher
Fort Worth: MPOTarrantca. 1900N/AFormer site
Fort Worth: MPOTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. Alliance StationTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. Downtown StationTarrantSep 2014J Emerson
. Handley StationTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. North Carrier AnnexTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. Riverbend StationTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. Rufe Snow Self Storage CPUTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. Stockyards StationTarrantSep 2014J Emerson
FowlertonLa SalleJul 2015J EmersonPrev. susp.; disc.
FrancitasJacksonJan 2006J GallagherSusp. 2013
FrankstonAndersonNov 2011J Gallagher
FredTylerFeb 2005J Gallagher
FredericksburgGillespieAug 2012E Kalish
FresnoFort BendFeb 2005J Gallagher
FriendswoodGalvestonFeb 2005J Gallagher
FriscoCollinAug 2012E Kalish
. City of Frisco CPUCollinAug 2012E KalishExt.
. City of Frisco CPUCollinAug 2012E Kalish
. City of Frisco CPUCollinAug 2012E KalishInt.
. East Frisco Carrier AnnexCollinAug 2012E Kalish
. Sierra Market CPUCollinAug 2012E Kalish
. Teel Village StationCollinAug 2012E Kalish
FritchHutchinsonSep 1985J Gallagher
FultonAransasJan 2006J Gallagher
GailBordenApr 2011B Hathorn
GainesvilleCookeca. 1910N/AFormer site
GainesvilleCookeFeb 2006J Gallagher
GalvestonGalvestonJan 1937N/AFormer site
GalvestonGalvestonFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Bob Lyons StationGalvestonFeb 2005J Gallagher
GanadoJacksonJan 2006J Gallagher
GarciasvilleStarrJan 2006J Gallagher
Garden CityGlasscockDec 1993J Gallagher
GardendaleEctorJan 1998J Gallagher
GarrisonNacogdochesJul 2009J Gallagher
GaryPanolaMar 2000J Gallagher
GatesvilleCoryellMay 2007J Emerson
GenevaSabineJul 1976J GallagherDisc. 2004
George WestLive OakApr 1991J Gallagher
GeronimoGuadalupeJul 1976J GallagherDisc.
GiddingsLeeSep 2011J Emerson
GilchristGalvestonFeb 2005J Gallagher
GirardKentNov 1995J Gallagher
GirvinPecosJan 1998J Gallagher
Glen FloraWhartonMay 2013Djmaschek
GoberFanninJan 1995J Gallagher
GoldsmithEctorMay 2009N Ritchie
GonzalesGonzalesApr 1991J Gallagher
GoodrichPolkNov 1989J Gallagher
GordonvilleGraysonFeb 2006J Gallagher
GoreeKnoxNov 1995J Gallagher
GrahamYoungDec 1998J Gallagher
Grand SalineVan ZandtNov 2011J Gallagher
GrapevineTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. Valero CPUTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. Weir's Furniture CPUTarrantAug 2012E KalishExt.
. Weir's Furniture CPUTarrantAug 2012E KalishInt.
GreenvilleHuntAug 2012E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexHuntAug 2012E Kalish
. Rolling Hills StationHuntAug 2012E Kalish
GreenwoodWiseAug 2012E KalishSusp. 2013
GregoryNuecesApr 1991J Gallagher
GroesbeckLimestoneMay 2015L Moore
GroomCarsonSep 1985J Gallagher
GroomCarsonOct 1999N/A
GrovesJeffersonFeb 2005J Gallagher
GruverHansfordSep 1985J Gallagher
GustineComancheNov 1995J Gallagher
GuyFort BendNov 2012Djmaschek
HallettsvilleLavaca1982J Gallagher
HallsvilleHarrisonAug 2012E Kalish
Haltom City Branch [Ft. Worth]TarrantAug 2012E Kalish
HamiltonHamiltonMay 2007J Emerson
HamshireJeffersonFeb 2005J Gallagher
HankamerChambersFeb 2005J Gallagher
HappySwisherNov 1995J Gallagher
HardinLibertyNov 1989J Gallagher
Harker Heights BranchBellAug 2012E Kalish[Killeen]
HarlingenCameronJan 2006J Gallagher
. Downtown StationCameronJan 2006J Gallagher
HarperGillespieAug 2012E Kalish
HarroldWilbargerMar 1994J GallagherDisc.
HartCastroNov 1995J Gallagher
HartleyHartleyJul 2010B Hathorn
HasletTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
HawleyJonesJul 2003N/A
HebronvilleJim HoggJan 2006J Gallagher
HedleyDonleyNov 2012J Gallagher
HenriettaClayApr 2013B Hathorn
HerefordDeaf SmithSep 2014J Emerson
HermleighScurryJan 1998J Gallagher
HewittMcLennanAug 2012E Kalish
HicoHamiltonJul 2003N/A
HigginsLipscombSep 1985J Gallagher
High IslandGalvestonFeb 2005J Gallagher
HighlandsHarrisFeb 2005J Gallagher
HitchcockGalvestonFeb 2005J Gallagher
HondoMedinaJan 1998J Gallagher
Honey GroveFanninJan 1995J Gallagher
Houston: MPOHarrisJun 1900N/AFormer site
Houston: MPOHarrisca. 1911N/AFormer site
Houston: MPOHarrisFeb 1933N/AFormer site
. Airport Mail CenterHarrisFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Albert Thomas StationHarrisFeb 2005J Gallagher
. DeMoss StationHarrisFeb 2005J Gallagher
. North Shepherd StationHarrisFeb 2005J Gallagher
Hughes SpringsCassNov 2011J Gallagher
HullLibertyNov 1989J Gallagher
HumbleHarris1974J Gallagher
HungerfordWhartonJan 2006J Gallagher
HuntingtonAngelinaJul 2009J Gallagher
HuntsvilleWalkerDec 1998J Gallagher
HurstTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. Chinese Avenue CPUTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. North Hurst StationTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
HyeBlancoAug 2012E Kalish
IdalouLubbockNov 1995J Gallagher
InezVictoriaJan 2006J Gallagher
InglesideNuecesApr 1991J Gallagher
IraScurryJan 1998J Gallagher
IraanPecosJan 1998J Gallagher
IredellBosqueJul 2003N/A
IreneHillDec 1998J Gallagher
Irving: Valley Ranch StationDallasAug 2012E Kalish
JacksonvilleCherokeeNov 2011J Gallagher
JarrellWilliamsonAug 2012E Kalish
JasperJasperFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Sam Rayburn CPOJasperFeb 2005J Gallagher
JaytonKentNov 1995J Gallagher
JeffersonMarion1901N/AFormer site
JeffersonMarionNov 2011J Gallagher
JermynJackNov 1995J Gallagher
JermynJackNov 2004D Greenwald
JoaquinShelbyJul 2009J Gallagher
Johnson CityBlancoAug 2012E Kalish
JoinervilleRuskNov 2011J Gallagher
JonesvilleHarrisonNov 2011J Gallagher
JourdantonAtascosaApr 1991J Gallagher
JunctionKimbleAug 2012E Kalish
JusticeburgGarzaJan 1998J Gallagher
JustinDentonAug 2012E Kalish
KarnackHarrisonAug 2012E Kalish
Karnes CityKarnesApr 1991J Gallagher
KellerTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. Heritage Pharmacy CPUTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. Jabo's Ace Hardware CPUTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
KemahGalvestonFeb 2005J Gallagher
KendaliaKendallApr 1991J Gallagher
KendletonFort BendJan 2006J Gallagher
KenedyKarnesSep 2011J Emerson
KenneyAustinMay 2013Djmaschek
Kent CPO [Van Horn]CulbersonAug 2012E Kalish
KermitWinklerFeb 1992J Gallagher
Kilgore: Larry's Gifts CPUGreggAug 2012E Kalish
Killeen: MPOBellAug 2012E Kalish
. Copper Mountain StationBellAug 2012E Kalish
. Jasper Food Mart CPUBellAug 2012E Kalish
. Willow Springs StationBellAug 2012E Kalish
KingsburyGuadalupeJul 1976J Gallagher
KingsvilleKlebergJan 2006J Gallagher
KirbyvilleJasperFeb 2005J Gallagher
KnickerbockerTom GreenJan 1998J Gallagher
KnippaUvaldeJan 1998J Gallagher
KnippaUvaldeFeb 2016J Gallagher
KnottHowardJan 1998J Gallagher
Knox CityKnoxNov 1995J Gallagher
KrumDentonAug 2012E Kalish
KurtenBrazosDec 1998J Gallagher
KyleHaysJul 1976J Gallagher
KyleHaysApr 1991J Gallagher
La GrangeFayetteSep 2011J Emerson
La GrullaStarrJan 2006J Gallagher
La MarqueGalvestonFeb 2005J Gallagher
La PryorZavala1982J Gallagher
La PryorZavalaJan 1998J Gallagher
La WardJacksonJan 2006J Gallagher
LaCosteMedinaFeb 2016J Gallagher
Lake DallasDentonAug 2012E Kalish
Lake Travis Branch [Austin]TravisAug 2012E Kalish
LamesaDawsonJan 1998J Gallagher
Lane CityWhartonJul 2013Djmaschek
LangtryVal VerdeJan 1998J Gallagher
LangtryVal VerdeJul 2015J Emerson
LaredoWebbca. 1907N/ANow El Centro Sta.
LaredoWebbJan 2006J Gallagher
. Del Mar StationWebbJan 2006J Gallagher
. El Centro StationWebbJan 2006J Gallagher
LarueHendersonNov 2011J Gallagher
LazbuddieParmerNov 1995J Gallagher
League CityGalvestonFeb 2005J Gallagher
LeanderWilliamsonDec 1993J Gallagher
LeesburgCampNov 2011J Gallagher
LeesvilleGonzalesApr 1991J Gallagher
LeforeGraySep 1985J Gallagher
LeggettPolkNov 1989J Gallagher
LemingAtascosaApr 1991J Gallagher
LemingAtascosaFeb 2016J Gallagher
LenorahMartinJan 1998J Gallagher
LevellandHockleyNov 1995J Gallagher
LewisvilleDentonAug 2012E Kalish
. Old Town StationDentonAug 2012E Kalish
. Preferred Self Storage CPUDentonAug 2012E Kalish
. Prince Cleaners CPUDentonAug 2012E Kalish
LibertyLibertyNov 1989J Gallagher
LillianJohnsonAug 2012E Kalish
LindaleSmithAug 2012E Kalish
LindenCassApr 2008J Emerson
LindsayCookeAug 2012E Kalish
LinglevilleErathJul 2015J Emerson
LinnHidalgoJan 2006J Gallagher
LipscombLipscombSep 1985J Gallagher
Little ElmDentonAug 2012E Kalish
LittlefieldLambNov 1995J Gallagher
LiverpoolBrazoriaJan 2006J Gallagher
LivingstonPolkNov 1989J Gallagher
LockhartCaldwellAug 2012E Kalish
LolitaJacksonJan 2006J Gallagher
LondonKimbleDec 1993J Gallagher
LondonKimbleJul 2015J Emerson
Lone StarMorrisJul 2015J Emerson
Longview: Downtown StationGreggMay 2007J Emerson
LoopGainesJan 1998J Gallagher
LopenoZapataJan 2006J Gallagher
LorenaMcLennanAug 2012E Kalish
LorenzoCrosbyNov 1995J Gallagher
LouiseWhartonJan 2006J Gallagher
LovingYoungNov 2004D Greenwald
LowakeConchoJan 1998J Gallagher
Lubbock: MPOLubbockNov 1995J GallagherGMF
. Downtown StationLubbockNov 1995J Gallagher
. Freedom StationLubbockNov 1995J Gallagher
. Midwest Carrier AnnexLubbockNov 1995J Gallagher
. Monterey StationLubbockNov 1995J Gallagher
. Singer StationLubbockNov 1995J Gallagher
. Sunset StationLubbockNov 1995J Gallagher
LuedersJonesNov 1995J Gallagher
LufkinAngelinaJul 2009J Gallagher
. Downtown StationAngelinaJul 2009J Gallagher
. Kelty's StationAngelinaJul 2009J Gallagher
LulingCaldwellApr 1991J Gallagher
Lumberton Branch [Beaumont]HardinFeb 2005J Gallagher
LyfordWillacyJan 2006J Gallagher
LyonsBurlesonJan 2003J Gallagher
LytleAtascosaFeb 2016J Gallagher
MadisonvilleMadisonDec 1998J Gallagher
MaloneHillDec 1998J Gallagher
ManchacaTravisAug 2012E Kalish
MansfieldTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
. CubeSmart CPUTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
ManvelBrazoriaFeb 2005J Gallagher
MapleBaileyFeb 1992J GallagherDisc.
MarathonBrewsterAug 2012E Kalish
MarfaPresidioAug 2012E Kalish
MariettaCassNov 2011J Gallagher
MarionGuadalupeJul 1976J Gallagher
MarkhamMatagordaJan 2006J Gallagher
MarquezLeonJul 1976J Gallagher
MarshallHarrisonJan 1915N/AFormer site
MarshallHarrisonAug 2012E Kalish
MartMcLennanMay 2007J Emerson
MartinsvilleNacogdochesJul 2009J Gallagher
MarynealNolanDec 1993J Gallagher
MathisSan PatricioApr 1991J Gallagher
MaudBowieNov 2011J Gallagher
MauricevilleOrangeFeb 2005J Gallagher
MaypearlEllisAug 2012E Kalish
McAdooDickensNov 1995J Gallagher
McAllenHidalgoJan 2006J Gallagher
. Downtown StationHidalgoJan 2006J Gallagher
McCameyUptonJan 1998J Gallagher
McCaulleyFisherNov 1995J Gallagher
McKinney: Linkside Park StationCollinAug 2012E Kalish
. Mail America CPUCollinAug 2012E Kalish
McLeanGray1976J Gallagher
McNeilTravisAug 2012E Kalish
McQueeneyGuadalupeJul 1976J Gallagher
MeadowTerryNov 1995J Gallagher
MedinaBanderaJan 1998J Gallagher
MelissaCollinJul 2004F Sutera
MenardMenardDec 1993J Gallagher
MentoneLovingMar 1998J Gallagher
MeretaTom GreenJan 1998J Gallagher
MertensHillDec 1998J Gallagher
MertzonIrionJan 1998J Gallagher
MiamiRobertsSep 1985J Gallagher
MidkiffUptonDec 1993J Gallagher
Midland GMFMidlandJan 1998J Gallagher
. Claydesta StationMidlandJan 1998J Gallagher
. Downtown StationMidlandJan 1998J Gallagher
. Dunlap's (Sta. #4) CPUMidlandJan 1998J GallagherExt.
. Dunlap's (Sta. #4) CPUMidlandJan 1998J GallagherInt.
. Village StationMidlandJan 1998J Gallagher
MidwayMadisonDec 1998J Gallagher
MilanSabineJul 1976J Gallagher
MilesRunnelsJan 1998J Gallagher
MillersviewConchoMay 2009N Ritchie
MineolaWoodJul 2004F Sutera
MineolaWoodMay 2007J EmersonFormer site
Mineral WellsPalo PintoNov 1995J Gallagher
Mineral WellsPalo PintoMay 2007J EmersonFormer site
Mirando CityWebbJan 2006J GallagherDisc.
Missouri CityFort BendFeb 2005J Gallagher
MobeetieWheelerSep 1985J Gallagher
Mont BelvieuChambersFeb 2005J Gallagher
MoranShackelfordDec 1998J Gallagher
MorseHansfordSep 1985J Gallagher
MortonCochranNov 1995J Gallagher
MoscowPolkNov 1989J Gallagher
MoundCoryellNov 1995J Gallagher
MuensterCookeAug 2012E Kalish
MuleshoeBaileyFeb 1992J Gallagher
MullinMillsDec 1993J Gallagher
MyersvilleDeWitt1982J Gallagher
MyraCookeAug 2012E Kalish
NacogdochesNacogdochesJul 2009J Gallagher
NataliaMedinaFeb 2016J Gallagher
NavasotaGrimesJan 2003J Gallagher
NazarethCastroNov 1995J Gallagher
NederlandJeffersonFeb 2005J Gallagher
NeedvilleFort BendMay 2013Djmaschek
NemoSomervellNov 1995J Gallagher
NevadaCollinJul 2015J Emerson
New CaneyMontgomery1974J Gallagher
New Home CPOLynnJan 1998J Gallagher
New LondonRuskMay 2015Nsaum75
New SummerfieldCherokeeNov 2011J Gallagher
New WaverlyMontgomeryDec 1998J Gallagher
NewarkWiseAug 2012E Kalish
NewcastleYoungDec 1998J Gallagher
NewtonNewtonFeb 2005J Gallagher
NixonGonzalesApr 1991J Gallagher
NolanNolanDec 1993J Gallagher
NolanvilleBellAug 2012E Kalish
NomeJeffersonFeb 2005J Gallagher
NormannaBeeApr 1991J Gallagher
North Houston P&DCHarrisFeb 2005J Gallagher
North Richland Hills BranchTarrantAug 2012E Kalish[Fort Worth]
North Texas P&DC [Coppell]DallasAug 2012E Kalish
North Texas P&DC [Coppell]DallasAug 2012E Kalish
North ZulchMadisonDec 1998J Gallagher
NortonRunnelsDec 1993J Gallagher
NotreesEctorJan 1998J Gallagher
O'DonnellLynnJan 1998J Gallagher
OakhurstSan JacintoNov 1989J Gallagher
Oakville CPO [Three Rivers]Live OakApr 1991J GallagherDisc. 1998
OdellWilbargerMar 1994J Gallagher
OdemSan PatricioJan 2006J Gallagher
OdessaEctorJan 1998J Gallagher
. Kent (Sta. #1) CPUEctorJan 1998J GallagherExt.
. Kent (Sta. #1) CPUEctorJan 1998J GallagherInt.
. Northeast StationEctorJan 1998J Gallagher
. West Odessa StationEctorJan 1998J Gallagher
OglesbyCoryellNov 1995J Gallagher
OiltonWebbJan 2006J Gallagher
OiltonWebbJul 2015J Emerson
OklaunionWilbargerMar 1994J Gallagher
Old GloryStonewallNov 1995J GallagherFormer site
Old GloryStonewallSep 2014J Emerson
Old OceanBrazoriaJan 2006J Gallagher
OlmitoCameronJan 2006J Gallagher
OmahaMorrisMar 2000J Gallagher
OnalaskaPolkNov 1989J Gallagher
OrangeOrangeFeb 2005J Gallagher
OrangefieldOrangeFeb 2005J Gallagher
OrchardFort BendJun 2013Djmaschek
Ore CityUpshurMar 2000J Gallagher
OttineGonzalesApr 1991J Gallagher
OzonaCrockettAug 2012E Kalish
Paint RockConchoJan 1998J Gallagher
Palo PintoPalo PintoMay 2007J Emerson
PaluxyHoodNov 1995J GallagherDisc.
PampaGraySep 1985J Gallagher
PampaGraySep 2014J Emerson
PandoraWilsonApr 1991J Gallagher
PanhandleCarsonSep 1985J Gallagher
Panna MariaKarnesApr 1991J Gallagher
PanolaPanolaJun 1993J Gallagher
ParadiseWiseAug 2012E Kalish
ParisLamarca. 1895N/AFormer site
ParisLamar1927N/AFormer site
PattisonWaller1982J Gallagher
PattonvilleLamarNov 2011J Gallagher
PearlandBrazoriaFeb 2005J Gallagher
PearsallFrioFeb 2016J Gallagher
PecosReevesFeb 1936N/A
PenwellEctorJan 1998J Gallagher
PepHockleyNov 1995J Gallagher
PerrinJackNov 1995J Gallagher
PerrytonOchiltreeSep 1985J Gallagher
PetersburgHaleNov 1995J Gallagher
PettusBeeApr 1991J Gallagher
PharrHidalgoJan 2006J Gallagher
PierceWhartonJan 2006J Gallagher
PittsburgCampNov 2011J Gallagher
PlainsYoakumJan 1998J Gallagher
PlainviewHaleSep 2014J Emerson
Plano: Northwest StationCollinAug 2012E Kalish
PleasantonAtascosaApr 1991J Gallagher
PleasantonAtascosaFeb 2016J Gallagher
PledgerMatagordaSep 2014Djmaschek
PlumFayetteSep 2011J Emerson
PointRainsJan 1995J Gallagher
Point BlankSan JacintoNov 1989J Gallagher
Point ComfortCalhounJan 2006J Gallagher
Point O'ConnorCalhounJan 2006J Gallagher
PollokAngelinaJul 2009J Gallagher
PonderDentonAug 2012E Kalish
PontotocMasonNov 1995J Gallagher
Port AransasNuecesApr 1991J Gallagher
Port ArthurJeffersonFeb 2005J Gallagher
. North Port Arthur StationJeffersonFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Port Acres CPOJeffersonFeb 2005J GallagherDisc. 2012
Port BolivarGalvestonFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Crystal Beach BranchGalvestonFeb 2005J Gallagher
Port LavacaCalhounJan 2006J Gallagher
Port NechesJeffersonFeb 2005J Gallagher
PorterMontgomery1974J GallagherFormer site
PortlandNuecesApr 1991J Gallagher
PostGarzaJan 1998J Gallagher
PoteetAtascosaApr 1991J Gallagher
PoteetAtascosaFeb 2016J Gallagher
PottsvilleHamiltonNov 1995J GallagherDisc.
PremontJim WellsJan 2006J Gallagher
PresidioPresidioAug 2012E Kalish
PriddyMillsNov 1995J Gallagher
PrincetonCollinAug 2012E Kalish
PurdonNavarroDec 1998J Gallagher
PurmelaCoryellDec 1993J Gallagher
PutnamCallahanNov 1995J Gallagher
QuailCollingsworthSep 1985J Gallagher
QuanahHardemanSep 2014J Emerson
Queen CityCassJun 1993J Gallagher
QuemadoMaverickJan 1998J Gallagher
QuinlanHuntAug 2012E Kalish
RangerEastlandMay 2007J Emerson
RankinUptonMar 2009JS Conn
RaymondvilleWillacyJan 2006J Gallagher
RaywoodLibertyNov 1989J Gallagher
ReaganFallsDec 1998J Gallagher
RedwaterBowieNov 2011J Gallagher
RefugioRefugioJan 2006J Gallagher
RhomeWiseAug 2012E Kalish
Richland Hills BranchTarrantAug 2012E Kalish[Fort Worth]
Rio Grande CityStarrJan 2006J Gallagher
RiversideWalkerDec 1998J Gallagher
RoanokeDentonAug 2012E Kalish
Roaring SpringsMotleyNov 1995J Gallagher
Robert LeeCokeDec 1993J Gallagher
RobstownNuecesJan 2006J Gallagher
Rock IslandColoradoDec 2014Djmaschek
RockdaleMilamSep 2011J Emerson
RockportAransasJan 2006J Gallagher
RockspringsEdwardsJan 1998J Gallagher
RomayorLibertyNov 1989J Gallagher
RooseveltKimbleDec 1993J Gallagher
RooseveltKimbleAug 2012E Kalish
RopesvilleHockleyNov 1995J Gallagher
RosenbergFort BendJan 2006J Gallagher
RosharonBrazoriaJan 2006J Gallagher
RosstonCookeAug 2012E Kalish
RowenaRunnelsJan 1998J Gallagher
Royse CityRockwallJan 1995J Gallagher
RuleHaskellNov 1995J Gallagher
RuskCherokeeMay 2007J Emerson
RyeLibertyNov 1989J Gallagher
SabinalUvaldeJan 1998J Gallagher
Sabine PassJeffersonFeb 2005J Gallagher
SadlerGraysonFeb 2006J Gallagher
Sagerton CPOHaskellNov 1995J Gallagher
Saginaw: Eagle Mountain CPUTarrantAug 2012E Kalish
Saint JoMontagueAug 2012E Kalish
SaladoBellNov 1995J Gallagher
SaladoBellAug 2012E Kalish
SamnorwoodCollingsworthSep 1985J Gallagher
San AngeloTom Green1933N/AFormer site
San Antonio: MPOBexarAug 1900N/AFormer site
San Antonio: MPOBexarSep 1937N/ANow Downtown Sta.
. Airport Mail Facility StationBexarFeb 2016J Gallagher
. Arsenal StationBexarFeb 2016J Gallagher
. Downtown StationBexarSep 2011J Emerson
. Fort Sam Houston BranchBexarJun 2013N Ritchie
. Harlandale StationBexarApr 1991J Gallagher
. Lackland A.F.B. BranchBexarJan 1998J Gallagher
. South San Antonio StationBexarApr 1991J GallagherDisc. 2001
. Tejeda StationBexarFeb 2016J Gallagher
San AugustineSan AugustineJul 1976J Gallagher
San BenitoCameronJan 2006J Gallagher
San DiegoDuvalJan 2006J Gallagher
San IsidroStarrJan 2006J Gallagher
San JuanHidalgoJan 2006J Gallagher
San Leon CPO [Dickinson]GalvestonFeb 2005J Gallagher
San MarcosHaysJul 1976J Gallagher
San SabaSan SabaNov 1995J Gallagher
SandersonTerrellAug 2012E Kalish
SanfordHutchinsonSep 1985J Gallagher
SangerDentonAug 2012E Kalish
Santa ElenaStarrJan 2006J Gallagher
Santa FeGalvestonFeb 2005J Gallagher
SaratogaHardinNov 1989J Gallagher
SaritaKenedy1982J Gallagher
SchertzGuadalupeJul 1976J Gallagher
ScotlandArcherDec 1998J Gallagher
ScottsvilleHarrisonNov 2011J Gallagher
ScrogginsFranklinNov 2011J Gallagher
SeabrookHarrisFeb 2005J Gallagher
SeadriftCalhounJan 2006J Gallagher
SeagravesGainesJan 1998J Gallagher
SebastianWillacyJan 2006J Gallagher
Selman CityRuskNov 2011J Gallagher
SeminoleGainesJan 1998J Gallagher
SeymourBaylorSep 2014J Emerson
ShallowaterLubbockNov 1995J Gallagher
ShamrockWheelerSep 1985J Gallagher
ShamrockWheelerSep 2014J Emerson
SheffieldPecosJan 1998J Gallagher
SheffieldPecosAug 2012E Kalish
ShelbyvilleShelbyJul 2009J Gallagher
ShepherdSan JacintoNov 1989J Gallagher
SheridanColoradoDec 2014Djmaschek
ShermanGraysonca. 1907N/AFormer site
SilverCokeDec 1993J Gallagher
SilvertonBriscoeNov 2012J Gallagher
SimontonKenedy1982J Gallagher
SintonNuecesApr 1991J Gallagher
SkellytownCarsonSep 1985J Gallagher
SkidmoreBeeApr 1991J Gallagher
SlatonLubbockJan 1998J Gallagher
SlidellWiseAug 2012E Kalish
SmithvilleBastropSep 2011J Emerson
SmyerHockleyNov 1995J Gallagher
SnookBurlesonJan 2003J Gallagher
SnyderScurryJan 1998J Gallagher
Socorro Branch [El Paso]El PasoAug 2012E Kalish
SomersetBexarFeb 2016J Gallagher
SomervilleBurlesonJan 2003J Gallagher
SonoraSuttonDec 1993J GallagherFormer site
SonoraSuttonAug 2012E Kalish
Sour LakeHardinFeb 2005J Gallagher
South BendYoungDec 1998J Gallagher
South Padre Island BranchCameronJan 2006J Gallagher[Brownsville]
South PlainsFloydSep 2014J Emerson
Southlake BranchTarrantAug 2012E Kalish[Grapevine]
SouthmaydGraysonFeb 2006J Gallagher
SpadeLambNov 1995J Gallagher
SpearmanHansfordSep 1985J Gallagher
SplendoraMontgomery1974J Gallagher
SpringHarris1974J Gallagher
. Panther Creek BranchMontgomeryDec 1998J Gallagher
SpurDickensNov 1995J Gallagher
SpurgerTylerFeb 2005J Gallagher
StaffordFort BendFeb 2005J Gallagher
StantonMartinJan 1998J Gallagher
StaplesGuadalupeJul 1976J Gallagher
StarMillsDec 1993J Gallagher
Sterling CitySterlingDec 1993J Gallagher
StinnettHutchinsonSep 1985J Gallagher
StockdaleWilsonApr 1991J Gallagher
StonewallGillespieDec 1993J GallagherFormer site
StonewallGillespieAug 2012E Kalish
StowellChambersFeb 2005J Gallagher
StratfordShermanSep 2013M Wasko
SublimeLavaca1982J GallagherDisc.
SudanLambNov 1995J Gallagher
Sugar LandFort BendJun 2009WhisperToMe
Sullivan CityHidalgoJan 2006J Gallagher
Sulphur BluffHopkinsNov 2011J Gallagher
SundownHockleyNov 1995J Gallagher
SunrayMooreMay 2008J Gallagher
SunsetMontagueAug 2012E Kalish
SweenyBrazoriaJan 2006J Gallagher
Sweet HomeLavaca1982J Gallagher
Sweet HomeLavacaJul 2015J Emerson
SylvesterFisherNov 1995J Gallagher
TaftNuecesApr 1991J Gallagher
TahokaLynnJan 1998J Gallagher
TalpaColemanDec 1993J Gallagher
TarzanMartinJan 1998J Gallagher
TatumRuskMar 2000J Gallagher
TeagueFreestoneMay 2007J Emerson
TelegraphKimbleDec 1993J Gallagher
TellChildressMar 1994J Gallagher
TempleBellAug 2012E Kalish
TenahaShelbyJul 2009J Gallagher
TennysonCokeDec 1993J Gallagher
TerlinguaBrewsterAug 2012E Kalish
TerrellKaufmanAug 2012E Kalish
Texarkana: MPOBowie1901N/AFormer site
Texarkana: MPOBowie1933N/ANow Downtown Sta.
Texarkana: MPOBowieAug 2012E Kalish
. Downtown StationBowieAug 2012E Kalish
. Oaklawn Carrier AnnexBowieAug 2012E KalishPrev. disc.
Texas CityGalvestonFeb 2005J Gallagher
TexlineDallamMay 2008J Gallagher
The Colony BranchDentonAug 2012E Kalish[Lewisville]
The Colony Carrier AnnexDentonAug 2012E Kalish[Lewisville]
The Grove CPO [Gatesville]CoryellNov 1995J Gallagher
ThicketHardinNov 1989J Gallagher
Three RiversLive OakApr 1991J Gallagher
ThrockmortonThrockmortonDec 1998J Gallagher
TildenMcMullenApr 1991J Gallagher
TimpsonShelbyJul 2009J Gallagher
TiogaGraysonFeb 2006J Gallagher
TivoliRefugioJan 2006J Gallagher
Tokio CPOYoakumJan 1998J Gallagher
TornilloEl PasoSep 2013J Gallagher
TrinityTrinityApr 2015L Moore
TroyBellAug 2012E Kalish
TuletaBeeApr 1991J Gallagher
TuliaSwisherNov 1995J Gallagher
TwittyWheelerSep 1985J Gallagher
Tyler: MPOSmithJul 1900N/AFormer site
Tyler: MPOSmithca. 1909N/AFormer site
Tyler: MPOSmith1934N/AFormer site
Tyler: MPOSmithAug 2012E Kalish
. Azalea StationSmithAug 2012E Kalish
. Global Mailing CPUSmithAug 2012E Kalish
. South Carrier AnnexSmithAug 2012E Kalish
. Southeast Crossing StationSmithAug 2012E Kalish
TynanBeeJul 2015J Emerson
UmbargerRandallNov 1995J Gallagher
UvaldeUvaldeJan 1998J Gallagher
ValentineJeff DavisAug 2012E Kalish
ValeraColemanJul 2015J Emerson
Valley SpringLlanoNov 1995J Gallagher
Valley ViewCookeAug 2012E Kalish
VanVan ZandtAug 2012E Kalish
Van HornCulbersonAug 2012E Kalish
Van VleckMatagordaJan 2006J Gallagher
VancourtTom GreenJan 1998J Gallagher
VanderpoolBanderaJan 1998J Gallagher
VenusJohnsonAug 2012E Kalish
VeraKnoxNov 1995J Gallagher
VeribestTom GreenJan 1998J Gallagher
VictoriaVictoriaca. 1913N/AFormer site
. James Moody StationVictoriaJan 2006J Gallagher
. Raisin CPUVictoriaJan 2006J Gallagher
VidorOrangeFeb 2005J Gallagher
Von OrmyBexarJul 1976J Gallagher
Von OrmyBexarFeb 2016J Gallagher
VotawHardinNov 1989J Gallagher
Waco: MPOMcLennan1900N/AFormer site
Waco: MPOMcLennan1936N/AFormer site
Waco: MPOMcLennanAug 2012E Kalish
. Downtown StationMcLennanAug 2012E Kalish
. Highlander StationMcLennanAug 2012E Kalish
. Westview StationMcLennanAug 2012E Kalish
WakaOchiltreeSep 1985J Gallagher
WallTom GreenJan 1998J Gallagher
WallisvilleChambersFeb 2005J Gallagher
Walnut SpringsBosqueNov 1995J Gallagher
WaringKendallApr 1991J Gallagher
WashingtonWashingtonJan 2003J Gallagher
WashingtonWashingtonOct 2008WhisperToMe
WaskomHarrisonAug 2012E Kalish
Watauga Branch [Fort Worth]TarrantAug 2012E Kalish
Watauga Carrier AnnexTarrantAug 2012E Kalish[Fort Worth]
Water ValleyTom GreenDec 1993J Gallagher
Waxahachie Ellisca. 1911N/AFormer site
WebsterHarrisFeb 2005J Gallagher
WeirWilliamsonNov 1995J Gallagher
WelchDawsonJan 1998J Gallagher
WellingtonCollingsworthSep 1985J Gallagher
WellingtonCollingsworthSep 2014J Emerson
WellmanTerryJan 1998J Gallagher
WeslacoHidalgoJan 2006J Gallagher
West ColumbiaBrazoriaJan 2006J Gallagher
West Lake Hills Br. [Austin]TravisAug 2012E Kalish
WhartonWhartonJan 2006J Gallagher
WheelerWheelerSep 1985J Gallagher
WheelockRobertsonDec 1998J Gallagher
White DeerCarsonSep 1985J Gallagher
WhitefaceCochranNov 1995J Gallagher
WhitesboroGraysonFeb 2006J Gallagher
WhitharralHockleyNov 1995J Gallagher
WhittParkerNov 1995J Gallagher
Wichita FallsWichitaca. 1915N/AFormer site
Wichita FallsWichitaApr 1933N/A
WiergateNewtonFeb 2005J Gallagher
WildoradoOldhamNov 1995J Gallagher
WillisWalkerDec 1998J Gallagher
Willow CityGillespieAug 2012E KalishDisc.
Wills PointVan ZandtAug 2012E Kalish
WilsonLynnJan 1998J Gallagher
WimberleyHaysAug 2012E Kalish
WindomFanninJan 1995J Gallagher
WindthorstArcherDec 1998J Gallagher
WinfieldTitusJan 1995J Gallagher
WingateRunnelsDec 1993J Gallagher
WinnieChambersFeb 2005J Gallagher
WinonaSmithAug 2012E Kalish
WolfforthLubbockNov 1995J Gallagher
WoodlakeTrinityJul 2015J Emerson
WoodlawnHarrisonNov 2011J Gallagher
WoodsboroRefugioJan 2006J Gallagher
WoodsonThrockmortonDec 1998J Gallagher
Woodville: Dogwood CPOTylerFeb 2005J Gallagher
YanceyMedinaJan 1998J Gallagher
YantisWoodNov 2011J Gallagher
ZapataZapataJan 2006J Gallagher
ZavallaAngelinaJul 2009J Gallagher
ZephyrBrownJul 2015J Emerson

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