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California Post Office Photographs (1562)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
AcampoSan JoaquinSep 2012E Kalish
ActonLos AngelesDec 2016J Gallagher
AdelantoSan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
AdinModocMar 2009J Gallagher
Agoura HillsLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
AguangaRiversideApr 2010J Gallagher
AhwahneeMaderaApr 2011J Gallagher
AlamedaAlamedaca. 1913N/AFormer site
AlamedaAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
. Nob Hill CPUAlamedaJun 2017E KalishInt.
. Park Central StationAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
. Webster StationAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
AlamoContra CostaJun 2008J Gallagher
AlamoContra CostaJul 2017E Kalish
Albany Branch [Berkeley]AlamedaDec 2007J Gallagher
AlbionMendocinoMar 2014J Gallagher
AlpaughTulareSep 2012E Kalish
AlpineSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
AltaPlacerJul 2017E Kalish
AltadenaLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Webster's Pharmacy CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Webster's Pharmacy CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E KalishInt.
AlturasModocMar 2009J Gallagher
AlvisoSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
Amador CityAmadorJun 2014J Gallagher
Anaheim P&DFOrangeMay 2018E Kalish
AnaheimOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
. Anaheim Canyon StationOrangeMay 2018E Kalish
. Anaheim Hills StationOrangeAug 2007J Gallagher
. Anaheim Hills StationOrangeMay 2018E Kalish
. Federal StationOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
. Holiday StationOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
. Sunkist StationOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
AndersonShastaMar 2001J Gallagher
Angels CampCalaverasJun 2014J Gallagher
. Altaville StationCalaverasJun 2014J Gallagher
Angelus OaksSan BernardinoSep 2007J Gallagher
AngwinNapaOct 1999J GallagherDisc. 2017
AntiochContra CostaJun 2008J Gallagher
. Rivertown StationContra CostaJun 2008J Gallagher
AnzaRiversideApr 2010J Gallagher
Apple ValleySan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
. Rancho Drugs CPUSan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
ApplegatePlacerJun 2017E Kalish
AptosSanta CruzJan 2001J Gallagher
ArbuckleColusaSep 2012E Kalish
ArcadiaLos AngelesSep 2007J Gallagher
. West Arcadia StationLos AngelesSep 2007J Gallagher
ArcataHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
ArmonaKingsMar 1996J Gallagher
ArnoldCalaverasJun 2014J Gallagher
. Camp Connell CPOCalaverasJun 2014J Gallagher
Arrowhead LakeSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
Arroyo GrandeSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
. Halcyon CPOSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
. Cerritos BranchLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Cerritos BranchLos AngelesMay 2018E Kalish
ArtoisGlennMar 2001J Gallagher
ArvinKernSep 2012E Kalish
AtascaderoSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
AtwaterMercedSep 2012E Kalish
AtwoodOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
AuberryFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
AuburnPlacerJun 2017E Kalish
. Bel Air #517 CPUPlacerJul 2017E KalishExt.
. Bel Air #517 CPUPlacerJul 2017E Kalish
. Bowman BranchPlacerJun 2017E Kalish
. Downtown StationPlacerJun 2017E Kalish
. Station A CPUPlacerJun 2017E Kalish
. Station A CPUPlacerJun 2017E Kalish
AveryCalaverasJun 2014J Gallagher
Avila BeachSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
AzusaLos AngelesSep 2007J Gallagher
BakerSan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
Bakersfield: MPOKernSep 2012E Kalish
Bakersfield: MPO and P&DCKernSep 2012E Kalish
. Brundage StationKernSep 2012E Kalish
. Camino Media StationKernSep 2012E Kalish
. Downtown StationKernSep 2012E Kalish
. East Bakersfield StationKernSep 2012E Kalish
. Hillcrest StationKernSep 2012E Kalish
. Minner StationKernSep 2012E Kalish
. Oildale Carrier AnnexKernSep 2012E Kalish
. Pumpkin Center CPOKernDec 2016J Gallagher
. South StationKernDec 2016J Gallagher
. Sta. #1 CPUKernSep 2012E Kalish
. Sta. #1 CPUKernSep 2012E KalishInt.
. Stockdale Carrier AnnexKernDec 2016J Gallagher
. Stockdale StationKernDec 2016J Gallagher
Baldwin ParkLos AngelesSep 2007J Gallagher
BallicoMercedSep 2012E Kalish
BangorButteMay 2013J Gallagher
BanningRiversideSep 2012E Kalish
BardImperialApr 2010J Gallagher
BarstowSan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
Bass LakeMaderaApr 2011J Gallagher
BaysideHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
Bear Valley CPOKernDec 2016J Gallagher[Ext.] Disc. 2016
Bear Valley CPOKernDec 2016J GallagherDisc. 2016
Bear Valley CPO [Arnold]AlpineJun 2014J Gallagher
Bear Valley CPO [Arnold]AlpineJun 2014J GallagherInt.
BeaumontRiversideJan 2018J Gallagher
BellLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
Bella VistaShastaMar 2001J Gallagher
BellflowerLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
Ben LomondSanta CruzJan 2001J Gallagher
Ben LomondSanta CruzJul 2019D Carlson
BeniciaSolanoMay 2013J Gallagher
BentonMonoJul 2021J Emerson
BentonMonoJul 2021J EmersonInt.
BerkeleyAlamedaca. 1915N/A
Berkeley: MPOAlamedaDec 2007J Gallagher
. DCU / Carrier AnnexAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
. Elmwood StationAlamedaDec 2007J Gallagher
. Elmwood StationAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
. Landscape StationAlamedaDec 2007J Gallagher
. North Berkeley StationAlamedaDec 2007J Gallagher
. Park StationAlamedaDec 2007J GallagherDisc.
. Sather Gate StationAlamedaDec 2007J Gallagher
. South Berkeley StationAlamedaDec 2007J Gallagher
. Station AAlamedaDec 2007J Gallagher
. Station AAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
Beverly HillsLos AngelesJan 2007J GallagherFormer site
Beverly HillsLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Beverly Hills Card Shop CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Beverly StationLos AngelesJan 2007J Gallagher
. Beverly StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Crescent StationLos AngelesJan 2007J GallagherFormer site
. Crescent StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Maple Street Carrier AnnexLos AngelesJan 2007J GallagherDisc.
Big BarTrinityJul 2011J Emerson
Big BarTrinityJan 2016J Gallagher
Big Bear CitySan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
. Sugarloaf BranchSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
Big Bear LakeSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
. Moonridge BranchSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
Big CreekFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
Big PineInyoAug 2015J Emerson
Big SurMontereyOct 2010J Gallagher
BiolaFresnoSep 2012E Kalish
BishopInyoJul 2021J Emerson
Blue JaySan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
Blue LakeHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
BlytheRiversideSep 2012E Kalish
BodegaSonomaMay 2013J Gallagher
Bodega BaySonomaMay 2013J Gallagher
BonsallSan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
BoonvilleMendocinoMar 2014J Gallagher
BoronKernAug 1988J Gallagher
BoronKernDec 2016J Gallagher
Boulder CreekSanta CruzJan 2001J Gallagher
Boulder CreekSanta CruzJun 2019D Carlson
BoulevardSan DiegoAug 1977A Patera
BoulevardSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
Boyes Hot SpringsSolanoMar 2014J Gallagher
BradleyMontereyMar 2015J Gallagher
Branscomb CPO [Laytonville]MendocinoJan 2016J Gallagher
BrawleyImperialApr 2010J Gallagher
BrentwoodContra CostaJun 2008J Gallagher
BrisbaneSan MateoJan 2001J Gallagher
BrookdaleSanta CruzJan 2001J Gallagher
BrookdaleSanta CruzJul 2019D Carlson
Browns ValleyYubaMay 2013J Gallagher
BrownsvilleYubaMay 2013J Gallagher
Bryn MawrSan BernardinoAug 2007J Gallagher
BuelltonSanta BarbaraMar 2015J Gallagher
BurbankLos AngelesDec 2016J Gallagher
. Downtown StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
BurlingameSan MateoAug 2015J EmersonFormer site
Burnt RanchTrinityJul 2011J Emerson
Burnt RanchTrinityJan 2016J Gallagher
Burrell CPOFresnoMar 1996J Gallagher
BursonCalaverasMar 1996J Gallagher
Butte CityGlennMar 2001J Gallagher
ByronContra CostaJun 2008J Gallagher
. Discovery Bay StationContra CostaJun 2008J Gallagher
CabazonRiversideSep 2012E Kalish
Calabasas BranchLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish[Woodland Hills]
CalexicoImperialApr 2010J Gallagher
CalienteKernDec 2016J Gallagher
California City Branch [Mojave]KernAug 1988J Gallagher
California City Branch [Mojave]KernDec 2016J Gallagher
CalimesaRiversideSep 2012E Kalish
CalipatriaImperialApr 2010J Gallagher
CalistogaNapaOct 1999J Gallagher
CalistogaNapaMar 2014J Gallagher
CalpineSierraMar 2009J Gallagher
CamarilloVenturaSep 2012E Kalish
. Sta. #2 CPUVenturaSep 2012E Kalish
. Sta. #2 CPUVenturaDec 2016J GallagherInt.
CambriaSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
CaminoEl DoradoJun 2014J Gallagher
Camp MeekerSonomaOct 1999J Gallagher
CampbellSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
CampoSan DiegoAug 1977A Patera
CampoSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
Campo SecoCalaverasMar 1996J Gallagher
CanbyModocMar 2009J Gallagher
Canoga ParkLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Challenger StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. West Hills StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Winnetka StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
Cantil Branch [Mojave]KernAug 1988J Gallagher
Cantua CreekFresnoDec 1993J Gallagher
CanyonContra CostaJun 2017E Kalish
Canyon DamPlumasMar 2009J Gallagher
CapitolaSanta CruzJan 2001J Gallagher
Cardiff-by-the-SeaSan DiegoAug 1977A Patera
Cardiff-by-the-SeaSan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
CarlottaHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
CarlsbadSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
. La Costa StationSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
CarlsbadSan DiegoAug 1977A Patera
CarmelMontereyOct 2010J Gallagher
Carmel ValleyMontereyOct 2010J Gallagher
Carmel-by-the-SeaMontereyOct 2010J Gallagher
Carnelian BayPlacerJun 2014J Gallagher
CarpinteriaSanta BarbaraMar 2015J Gallagher
CarsonLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
Carson Branch [Long Beach]Los AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
CaruthersFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
CasmaliaSanta BarbaraMar 2015J Gallagher
CastellaShastaSep 2012E Kalish
CastrovilleMontereyJan 2001J Gallagher
Cathedral CityRiversideAug 2007J Gallagher
Cathys ValleyMariposaAug 2015J Emerson
CayucosSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
CazaderoSonomaMar 2014J Gallagher
Cedar GlenSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
Cedar RidgeNevadaJun 2014J Gallagher
Cedarpines BranchSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher[Crestline]
CedarvilleModocJul 2021J Emerson
CeresStanislausJun 2014J Gallagher
. Sta. #1 CPUStanislausSep 2012E KalishExt.
. Sta. #1 CPUStanislausSep 2012E KalishInt.
ChallengeYubaMay 2013J Gallagher
ChatsworthLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
Chicago ParkNevadaJun 2017E Kalish
ChicoButteMar 2001J Gallagher
. Midtown StationButteMar 2001J Gallagher
ChilcootPlumasMar 2009J Gallagher
Chinese CampTuolumneJun 2014J Gallagher
Chiriaco Summit CPO [Indio]RiversideSep 2012E KalishFormer site
Chiriaco Summit CPO [Indio]RiversideJan 2018J Gallagher
ChowchillaMaderaSep 2012E Kalish
Citrus HeightsSacramentoSep 2012E Kalish
. Antelope StationSacramentoSep 2012E Kalish
. Sta. #1 CPUSacramentoSep 2012E KalishRaley's
ClaremontLos AngelesSep 2007J Gallagher
. Sauder Real Estate CPULos AngelesJan 2018J Gallagher
. Sauder Real Estate CPULos AngelesJan 2018J GallagherInt.
ClaytonContra CostaJul 2017E Kalish
Clearlake OaksLakeJan 2016J Gallagher
Clearlake ParkLakeOct 1999J Gallagher
ClementsSan JoaquinMar 1996J Gallagher
ClioPlumasMar 2009J Gallagher
CloverdaleSonomaMar 2014J Gallagher
ClovisFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
CoachellaRiversideApr 2010J Gallagher
CoarsegoldMaderaApr 2011J Gallagher
ColevilleMonoAug 1988J Gallagher
ColevilleMonoJun 2014J Gallagher
ColfaxPlacerJun 2017E Kalish
ColomaEl DoradoOct 2008J Emerson
ColtonSan BernardinoSep 2007J Gallagher
. Smart Time Food Store CPUSan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
. Smart Time Food Store CPUSan BernardinoMay 2018E KalishInt.
ColumbiaTuolumneJun 2014J Gallagher
ComptcheMendocinoMar 2014J Gallagher
ComptcheMendocinoMar 2014J Gallagher
Compton: Hub City StationLos AngelesAug 2015J Emerson
ConcordContra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
. Casa Correo StationContra CostaJul 2017E Kalish
. Todos Santos StationContra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
CopperopolisCalaverasJun 2014J Gallagher
CorcoranKingsSep 2012E Kalish
CorningTehamaSep 2012E Kalish
CoronaRiversideAug 2007J Gallagher
. Citrus StationRiversideAug 2007J Gallagher
. Water 4 U CPURiversideMay 2018E Kalish
Corte MaderaMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
Costa MesaOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
. Center StationOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
CotatiSonomaOct 1999J Gallagher
CottonwoodShastaMar 2001J Gallagher
CovinaLos AngelesSep 2007J Gallagher
. Federal StationLos AngelesSep 2007J Gallagher
Crescent CityDel NorteJan 2016J Gallagher
Crescent MillsPlumasMar 2009J Gallagher
CresseyMercedSep 2012E Kalish
CrestlineSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
. Valley of Enchantment DBUSan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
CrestonSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
CrockettContra CostaDec 2007J GallagherFormer site
CrockettContra CostaJul 2017E Kalish
CudahyLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
Culver CityLos AngelesFeb 2018J Gallagher
. Gateway StationLos AngelesJan 2007J Gallagher
CupertinoSanta ClaraJan 2001J Gallagher
CutlerTulareDec 2014J Gallagher
CypressOrangeFeb 2005J Gallagher
. South StationOrangeFeb 2005J Gallagher
DaggettSan BernardinoDec 2016J Gallagher
Daly City: Colma StationSan MateoJan 2001J Gallagher
Dana PointOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
DanvilleContra CostaJun 2008J Gallagher
. Danville Square StationContra CostaJun 2008J Gallagher
DavisYoloOct 1999J Gallagher
DavisYoloJul 2017E Kalish
. Downtown StationYoloJul 2017E Kalish
Davis CreekModocMar 2009J Gallagher
Davis CreekModocJul 2011J Emerson
Death ValleyInyoAug 1988J GallagherFormer site
Death ValleyInyoAug 2015J EmersonFormer site
Deer ParkNapaOct 1999J Gallagher
Del MarSan DiegoAug 1977A Patera
Del MarSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
Del ReyFresnoDec 2014J Gallagher
DelanoKernSep 2012E Kalish
DelhiMercedJun 2014J Gallagher
DenairStanislausSep 2012E Kalish
DescansoSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
Desert CenterRiversideSep 2012E Kalish
Desert CenterRiversideJan 2018J Gallagher
Desert Hot SpringsRiversideJan 2018J Gallagher
DiabloContra CostaJun 2008J Gallagher
Diamond SpringsEl DoradoJun 2014J Gallagher
Dillon BeachMarinOct 1999J Gallagher
DinubaTulareDec 2014J Gallagher
DixonSolanoOct 1999J Gallagher
DixonSolanoJul 2017E Kalish
DobbinsYubaMay 2013J Gallagher
DorrisSiskiyouSep 2012E Kalish
Douglas CityTrinityAug 1977A Patera
Douglas CityTrinityJan 2016J Gallagher
Drytown CPO [Sutter Creek]AmadorAug 1977A PateraDisc.
DuarteLos AngelesSep 2007J Gallagher
Dublin Branch [Pleasanton]AlamedaJun 2008J Gallagher
DulzuraSan DiegoAug 1977A Patera
Duncans MillsSonomaOct 1999J Gallagher
DunlapFresnoDec 2014J Gallagher
DunniganYoloSep 2012E Kalish
DunsmuirSiskiyouSep 2012E Kalish
DurhamButteMar 2001J Gallagher
Dutch FlatPlacerJul 2017E Kalish
EaglevilleModocJul 2021J Emerson
EarlimartTulareSep 2012E Kalish
EarpSan BernardinoFeb 2013J Emerson
El CentroImperialApr 2010J Gallagher
El CerritoContra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
. Carrier AnnexContra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
. Carrier AnnexContra CostaJun 2017E Kalish
. Fairmount StationContra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
El DoradoEl DoradoJun 2014J Gallagher
El PortalMariposaDec 2014J Gallagher
El SegundoLos AngelesFeb 2020E KalishPrev. Bay Cities CAx
El Sobrante Branch [Richmond]Contra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
El VeranoSolanoMar 2014J Gallagher
EldridgeSolanoMar 2014J Gallagher
ElkMendocinoMar 2014J Gallagher
Elk CreekGlennMar 2001J Gallagher
Elk GroveSacramentoMar 1996J Gallagher
ElmiraSolanoOct 1999J Gallagher
ElmiraSolanoJul 2017E Kalish
ElvertaSacramentoJun 2014J Gallagher
Emeryville Branch [Oakland]AlamedaDec 2007J Gallagher
EncinitasSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
. Leucadia StationSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
EncinitasSan DiegoAug 1977A Patera
EscondidoSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. Orange City StationSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. Postal StoreSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
EspartoYoloMay 2013J Gallagher
EurekaHumboldt1911N/ANow Downtown Sta.
EurekaHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
. Cutten StationHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
. Downtown StationHumboldtJul 2011J Emerson
. Henderson StationHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
Fair OaksSacramentoSep 2012E Kalish
. Bel Air Market CPUSacramentoSep 2012E Kalish
. Bel Air Market CPUSacramentoSep 2012E KalishInt.
. Sta. #2 CPUSacramentoSep 2012E KalishRaley's #417
FairfaxMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
FairfieldSolanoMay 2013J Gallagher
FallbrookSan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
Fallen Leaf CPOEl DoradoJun 2014J Gallagher[South Lake Tahoe]
FawnskinSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
Felicity CPU [Winterhaven]ImperialApr 2010J Gallagher
FellowsKernDec 2016J Gallagher
FeltonSanta CruzJan 2001J Gallagher
FeltonSanta CruzJul 2019D Carlson
FerndaleHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
FiddletownAmadorJun 2014J Gallagher
Fields LandingHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
FillmoreVenturaFeb 2020E Kalish
FinleyLakeOct 1999J Gallagher
FirebaughFresnoDec 1993J Gallagher
Fish CampMariposaApr 2011J Gallagher
Flournoy CPOTehamaMar 2001J Gallagher
FontanaSan BernardinoSep 2007J Gallagher
. Southside StationSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
Forest FallsSan BernardinoSep 2007J Gallagher
Forest KnollsMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
ForestvilleSonomaOct 1999J Gallagher
Fort BidwellModocJul 2021J Emerson
Fort Dick CPODel NorteJan 2016J Gallagher
Fort Dick CPO [Crescent City]Del NorteAug 1977A Patera
FortunaHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
Foster City BranchSan MateoApr 2019D Carlson[San Mateo]
Fountain ValleyOrangeFeb 2005J Gallagher
FowlerFresnoDec 1993J Gallagher
FowlerFresnoDec 2014J Gallagher
Frazier ParkKernSep 2012E Kalish
. Pine Mountain Club CPUKernSep 2012E KalishExt.
. Pine Mountain Club CPUKernSep 2012E KalishInt.
FreedomSanta CruzJan 2001J Gallagher
Freestone CPOSonomaOct 1999J Gallagher
FremontAlamedaJan 2001J Gallagher
. Detached Delivery Unit (DDU)AlamedaJun 2008J Gallagher
. Irvington StationAlamedaJan 2001J Gallagher
. Mission San Jose StationAlamedaJun 2008J Gallagher
. Niles StationAlamedaJun 2008J Gallagher
. Warm Springs StationAlamedaJun 2008J Gallagher
French GulchShastaJan 2016J Gallagher
Fresno: MPOFresnoca. 1908N/AFormer site
Fresno: MPOFresnoAug 1940N/ANow Civic Ctr. Sta.
Fresno: MPOFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
. Artisan Gift CPUFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
. Ashlan Park Carrier AnnexFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
. Barton StationFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
. Bullard Pharmacy CPUFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
. Calwa BranchFresnoDec 1993J Gallagher
. Calwa BranchFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
. Cardwell StationFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
. Cedar StationFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
. Civic Center StationFresnoAug 2015J Emerson
. Clinter StationFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
. East Fresno StationFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
. Fig Garden Village CPUFresnoSep 2012E Kalish
. Fig Garden Village CPUFresnoSep 2012E KalishInt.
. Fresno State CPUFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
. Hughes StationFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
. Mobile Page CPUFresnoSep 2012E Kalish
. Pinedale BranchFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
. Sta. #3 CPUFresnoSep 2012E Kalish
. Sunnyside Carrier AnnexFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
. Tower StationFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
. Woodward Park StationFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
FriantFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
FullertonOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
. Commonwealth StationOrangeAug 2015J Emerson
FultonSonomaOct 1999J Gallagher
GaltSacramentoMar 1996J Gallagher
GarbervilleHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
Garden Grove: West Garden Grove StationOrangeFeb 2005J Gallagher
GardenaLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Alondra BranchLos AngelesJan 2007J Gallagher
. Alondra BranchLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. South Gardena StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
GasquetDel NorteJan 2016J Gallagher
GerberTehamaMar 2001J Gallagher
GerberTehamaSep 2012E Kalish
GeyservilleSonomaMar 2014J Gallagher
Glen EllenSonomaMay 2013J Gallagher
GlencoeCalaverasJun 2014J Gallagher
GlendaleLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Grand Central StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. North Glendale StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Tropico StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Verugo Viejo StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
GlenhavenLakeOct 1999J Gallagher
GlenhavenLakeJan 2016J Gallagher
GlennGlennMar 2001J Gallagher
Gold RunPlacerJul 2017E Kalish
Goleta Branch [Santa Barbara]Santa BarbaraFeb 2020E Kalish
GonzalesMontereyOct 2010J Gallagher
Gorman CPO [Lebec]Los AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
GoshenTulareApr 2011J Gallagher
GraeaglePlumasMar 2009J Gallagher
Grass ValleyNevadaJun 2014J Gallagher
GratonSonomaMay 2013J Gallagher
Green Valley Lake BranchSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher[Running Spgs.]
GreenvillePlumasMar 2009J GallagherFormer site
GrenadaSiskiyouMar 2001J Gallagher
GridleyButteMay 2013J Gallagher
Grizzly FlatsEl DoradoJun 2014J Gallagher
Grover BeachSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
GuadalupeSanta BarbaraMar 2015J Gallagher
GualalaMendocinoMar 2014J Gallagher
GuastiSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
GuernevilleSonomaOct 1999J Gallagher
GuindaYoloJan 2016J Gallagher
Hamilton CityGlennMar 2001J Gallagher
HanfordKingsMar 1996J Gallagher
Harbor CityLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
Harbor CityLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
Hathaway PinesCalaverasJun 2014J Gallagher
HawthorneLos AngelesJan 2007J Gallagher
HaywardAlamedaJun 2008J Gallagher
HaywardAlamedaJul 2017E Kalish
. Bradford StationAlamedaJun 2008J Gallagher
. Castro Valley StationAlamedaJun 2008J Gallagher
. Mount Eden StationAlamedaJan 2001J Gallagher
. Mount Eden StationAlamedaJul 2017E Kalish
HealdsburgSonomaMar 2014J Gallagher
HeberImperialAug 1977A Patera
HeberImperialApr 2010J Gallagher
HelenaTrinityAug 1977A PateraDisc. 1990
HelendaleSan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
HemetRiversideFeb 2012J Gallagher
. Sanderson DBURiversideFeb 2012J Gallagher
. Yale StationRiversideFeb 2012J Gallagher
Hercules Branch [Pinole]Contra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
Hercules Branch [Pinole]Contra CostaJun 2017E Kalish
Hermosa Beach BranchLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish[Redondo Beach]
HesperiaSan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
HighlandSan BernardinoSep 2007J Gallagher
HilmarMercedJun 2014J Gallagher
HinkleyKernDec 2016J Gallagher
HinkleySan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
HollisterSan BenitoDec 1993J Gallagher
HoltvilleImperialAug 1992N/A
HoltvilleImperialApr 2010J Gallagher
HomewoodPlacerJun 2014J Gallagher
HomewoodPlacerJul 2021J Emerson
HoopaHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
Hope ValleyAlpineAug 1977A PateraDisc. 1980
HoplandMendocinoOct 1999J Gallagher
HornbrookSiskiyouMar 2001J Gallagher
Huntington ParkLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
Huntington ParkLos AngelesAug 2015J Emerson
. Soto StationLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
HydesvilleHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
IgoShastaJan 2016J Gallagher
ImperialImperialAug 1977A Patera
ImperialImperialApr 2010J Gallagher
Imperial BeachSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
IndependenceInyoAug 2015J Emerson
IndioRiversideApr 2010J Gallagher
Ingleside: Morningside StationLos AngelesFeb 2018J Gallagher
Inglewood: Alla Vista StationLos AngelesJan 2007J GallagherSusp.
. Carrier AnnexLos AngelesJan 2007J Gallagher
. Crenshaw-Imperial StationLos AngelesMay 2018E Kalish
. Hillcrest StationLos AngelesJan 2007J Gallagher(+ MPO)
. Hillcrest StationLos AngelesJan 2020E Kalish(+ MPO)
. Morningside Park StationLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
. North Inglewood StationLos AngelesJan 2007J GallagherDisc.
InvernessMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
InyokernKernJul 2021J Emerson
IoneAmadorMar 1996J Gallagher
Irvine: Harvest StationOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
Irwindale BranchLos AngelesSep 2007J Gallagher[Baldwin Park]
IsletonSacramentoMar 1996J Gallagher
JacksonAmadorJun 2014J Gallagher
JacumbaSan DiegoAug 1977A Patera
JacumbaSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
JamestownTuolumneJun 2014J Gallagher
JamulSan DiegoAug 1977A Patera
JennerSonomaMar 2014J Gallagher
Joshua TreeSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
JulianSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
Junction CityTrinityAug 1977A Patera
Junction CityTrinityJul 2011J Emerson
Junction CityTrinityJan 2016J Gallagher
Kaweah CPO [Tulare]TulareAug 2015J Emerson
KeelerInyoAug 2015J Emerson
KeeneKernDec 2016J Gallagher
Kentfield Branch [San Rafael]MarinMay 2013J Gallagher
KenwoodSonomaMay 2013J Gallagher
KermanFresnoMar 1996J Gallagher
KeyesStanislausJun 2014J Gallagher
Kings BeachPlacerJun 2014J Gallagher
Kings Canyon National Park CPOTulareAug 2015J Emerson
KingsburgFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
KlamathDel NorteJan 2016J Gallagher
Knights FerryStanislausAug 2015J Emerson
Knights LandingYoloMay 2013J Gallagher
KyburzEl DoradoOct 2008J Emerson
La Cañada FlintridgeLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
La CrescentaLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
La GrangeStanislausJun 2014J Gallagher
La JollaSan DiegoAug 2015J Emerson
. Carrier AnnexSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. La Jolla Village Center StationSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. UCSD CPUSan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
La Mesa: Copy-It CPUSan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
La Mesa: Finance StationSan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
La QuintaRiversideApr 2010J Gallagher
. Cove StationRiversideApr 2010J Gallagher
La Selva Beach CPOSanta CruzJan 2001J Gallagher[Watsonville]
La VerneLos AngelesSep 2007J Gallagher
LafayetteContra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
. Carrier AnnexContra CostaJul 2017E Kalish
Laguna Beach: Laguna Hills StationOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
. Laguna Niguel StationOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
. Laguna Woods StationOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
LagunitasMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
Lake ArrowheadSan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
Lake CityModocJul 2021J Emerson
Lake ForestOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
Lake HughesLos AngelesJun 2019O Green
LakeheadShastaSep 2012E Kalish
LakesideSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
LakewoodLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
LamontKernDec 2016J Gallagher
Lancaster: Cedar StationLos AngelesNov 2015O Green
Landers BranchSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher[Yucca Valley]
LarkspurMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
LatonFresnoMar 1996J Gallagher
LawndaleLos AngelesJan 2007J Gallagher
LawndaleLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
LebecKernSep 2012E Kalish
LeggettMendocinoJan 2016J Gallagher
Lemon CoveTulareAug 2015J Emerson
LemooreKingsMar 1996J Gallagher
Lennox Branch [Inglewood]Los AngelesSep 2012E KalishDisc.
LewistonTrinityJan 2016J Gallagher
LikelyModocJul 2021J Emerson
Little LakeInyoAug 1988J Gallagher
LittlerockLos AngelesDec 2016J Gallagher
Live OakSutterMay 2013J Gallagher
LivermoreAlamedaJun 2008J Gallagher
LlanoLos AngelesDec 2016J Gallagher
LockwoodMontereyMar 2015J Gallagher
LoletaHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
Loma LindaSan BernardinoAug 2007J Gallagher
. Carrier AnnexSan BernardinoAug 2007J Gallagher
LomitaLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
LompocSanta BarbaraMar 2015J Gallagher
. Village Market CPUSanta BarbaraMar 2015J Gallagher
Lone PineInyoJul 2021J Emerson
Long Beach: Bixby StationLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Cabrillo StationLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
. North Long Beach StationLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Southbay Pavilion BranchLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Spring Carrier AnnexLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Viking StationLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
LoomisPlacerJul 2017E Kalish
Los AlamitosOrangeFeb 2005J Gallagher
Los AlamosSanta BarbaraFeb 2020E Kalish
Los AltosSanta ClaraJun 2008J GallagherFormer site
. Loyola Corners StationSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
Los Angeles Int'l Svc. Ctr.Los AngelesFeb 2020E KalishFormer site
Los Angeles: MPOLos Angeles1901N/AFormer site
Los Angeles: MPOLos Angelesca. 1910N/AFormer site
Los Angeles: MPOLos AngelesOct 1940N/AFormer site
Los Angeles: MPOLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Airport StationLos AngelesSep 2012E KalishFormer site
. Alameda Carrier AnnexLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Apothecary CPULos AngelesJan 2020E Kalish
. Apothecary CPULos AngelesJan 2020E KalishInt.
. Arcade StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Arco / Atl. Richfield Plz. Sta.Los AngelesFeb 2020E KalishExt.
. Arco / Atl. Richfield Plz. Sta.Los AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Augustus F. Hawkins StationLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Barrington StationLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
. Bicentennial StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Bunker Hill StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Century City StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Chinatown CPULos AngelesSep 2012E KalishFormer site
. Chinatown CPULos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
. Col. Leon H. Washington Sta.Los AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Cole BranchLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Crenshaw StationLos AngelesFeb 2018J Gallagher
. Crenshaw StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Del Valle StationLos AngelesFeb 2018J Gallagher
. Dockweiler StationLos AngelesFeb 2018J Gallagher
. Dockweiler StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish(Marvin Gaye Sta.)
. Dosan Ahn Chang Ho Sta.Los AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish(Sanford Station)
. Eagle Rock StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Edendale StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. El Sereno StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Farmers Market CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Federal Photo CPULos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
. Federal StationLos AngelesSep 2012E KalishExt.; no photos inside
. Foy StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Glassell StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Greenmead StationLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Griffith StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Highland Park StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Hollywood StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Julian C. Dixon StationLos AngelesFeb 2018J Gallagher(La Tijera Sta.)
. Julian C. Dixon StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish(La Tijera Station)
. Koreatown CPULos AngelesFeb 2018J Gallagher
. Koreatown CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. La Tijera StationLos AngelesFeb 2018J Gallagher(Julian Dixon Sta.)
. La Tijera StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish(Julian Dixon Sta.)
. Lincoln Heights Carrier AnnexLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Lincoln Heights StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Little Tokyo CPULos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
. Los Feliz StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Macy's StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Mar Vista StationLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
. Market StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Marvin Gaye StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish(Dockweiler Sta.)
. Miracle Mile StationLos AngelesJan 2007J Gallagher
. Miracle Mile StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Nat King Cole StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish(Oakwood Station)
. Nat King Cole StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E KalishRear
. Oakwood StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish(Nat King Cole Sta.)
. Oakwood StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E KalishRear
. Palms StationLos AngelesJan 2007J Gallagher
. Pico Heights StationLos AngelesFeb 2018J Gallagher
. Plaza Stationers CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Preuss StationLos AngelesJan 2007J Gallagher
. Preuss StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Ramirez StationLos AngelesFeb 2018J Gallagher
. Ramirez StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Rancho Park StationLos AngelesJan 2020E Kalish
. Ray Charles StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish(West Adams Sta.)
. Rimpau StationLos AngelesFeb 2018J Gallagher
. Rimpau StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Sanford StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish(D.A.C.H. Sta.)
. StorQuest CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Studio X CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E KalishExt.
. Studio X CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Sunset StationLos AngelesMay 2019J W Hue
. Terminal Annex StationLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
. UCLA / Assoc. Stud. CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E KalishExt.
. UCLA / Assoc. Stud. CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Village StationLos AngelesJan 2007J GallagherFormer site
. Village StationLos AngelesJan 2020E Kalish
. Village StationLos AngelesJan 2020E KalishRear
. Wagner BranchLos AngelesJan 2007J Gallagher
. Wagner BranchLos AngelesJan 2020E Kalish
. West Adams StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish(Ray Charles Sta.)
. West Hollywood StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. West Los Angeles StationLos AngelesJan 2007J Gallagher
. West Los Angeles StationLos AngelesJan 2020E Kalish
. Westchester StationLos AngelesJan 2007J Gallagher
. Westvern StationLos AngelesFeb 2018J Gallagher
. Westvern StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Wilshire La Jolla Pharm. CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Wilshire World CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Worldway StationLos AngelesJan 2007J Gallagher
. York StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
Los Gatos: Dell StationSanta ClaraJul 2000N/A
Los MolinosTehamaAug 1977A Patera
Los MolinosTehamaMar 2001J Gallagher
Los OlivosSanta BarbaraMar 2015J Gallagher
Los OsosSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
Lower LakeLakeAug 2015J Emerson
LoyaltonSierraMar 2009J Gallagher
LucerneLakeJan 2016J Gallagher
Lucerne ValleySan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
LynwoodLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
Lytle CreekSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
Lytle CreekSan BernardinoJan 2018J GallagherRear
MacdoelSiskiyouSep 2012E Kalish
MadelineLassenJul 2021J Emerson
MaderaMaderaSep 2012E Kalish
MadisonYoloMay 2013J Gallagher
MalibuLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
. La Costa StationLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
. Point Dume StationLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
Mammoth LakesMonoJul 2021J Emerson
ManchesterMendocinoMar 2014J Gallagher
Manhattan BeachLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
. Downtown StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish(Civic Center Sta.)
MantonTehamaJan 2016J Gallagher
MaricopaKernDec 2016J Gallagher
MarinaMontereyJan 2001J Gallagher
Marina P&DCLos AngelesSep 2012E KalishPrev. disc.
MariposaMariposaDec 2014J Gallagher
MarkleevilleAlpineAug 1977A Patera
MarkleevilleAlpineAug 1988J Gallagher
MarkleevilleAlpineJun 2014J Gallagher
MarshallMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
Martell CPO [Jackson]AmadorAug 1977A Patera
Martell CPO [Jackson]AmadorJun 2014J Gallagher
MartinezContra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
. Court StationContra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
MarysvilleYubaMay 2013J Gallagher
MaywoodLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
McCloudSiskiyouSep 2012E Kalish
McFarlandKernSep 2012E Kalish
McKinleyville Branch [Arcata]HumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
Meadow VistaPlacerJun 2017E Kalish
MeccaRiversideApr 2010J Gallagher
MendotaFresnoDec 1993J Gallagher
Menlo ParkSan MateoJun 2008J Gallagher
. Oak Grove StationSan MateoJun 2008J Gallagher
MentoneSan BernardinoSep 2007J Gallagher
MercedMercedSep 2012E Kalish
. Raley's #309 CPUMercedSep 2012E Kalish
. T. V. Bell StationMercedSep 2012E Kalish
Meyers BranchEl DoradoJun 2014J Gallagher[South Lake Tahoe]
MidpinesMariposaDec 2014J Gallagher
Mill ValleyMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
MillvilleShastaMar 2001J Gallagher
MilpitasSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
MineralTehamaAug 2015J Emerson
Mira LomaRiversideMay 2018E Kalish
MiramonteFresnoDec 2014J Gallagher
MirandaHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
Mission Viejo BranchOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher[San Juan Cap.]
MojaveKernDec 2016J Gallagher
Mokelumne HillCalaverasJun 2014J Gallagher
MonroviaLos AngelesSep 2007J Gallagher
MontagueSiskiyouMar 2001J Gallagher
Monte RioSonomaMar 2014J Gallagher
MontereyMontereyOct 2010J Gallagher
MontroseLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
MoorparkVenturaSep 2012E Kalish
MoragaContra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
. Saint Marys College StationContra CostaDec 2007J GallagherDisc.
Morongo ValleyRiversideJan 2018J Gallagher
Morro BaySan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
Moss LandingMontereyJan 2001J Gallagher
Mount AukumEl DoradoJun 2014J Gallagher
Mount BaldySan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
Mount Hamilton CPOSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher[San Jose]
Mount Hamilton CPOSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher[San Jose]; int.
Mount HermonSanta CruzJan 2001J Gallagher
Mount LagunaSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
Mount ShastaSiskiyouSep 2012E Kalish
Mountain RanchCalaverasJun 2014J GallagherFormer site
Mountain RanchCalaverasJun 2014J Gallagher
Mountain View: Blossom Valley StationSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
MurphysCalaverasJun 2014J Gallagher
Myers FlatHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
NapaNapaOct 1999J Gallagher
. Downtown StationNapaOct 1999J GallagherFormer site
. Wine Valley Box UnitNapaOct 1999J Gallagher
National CitySan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. Lincoln Acres BranchSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
Nelson CPOButteMar 2001J Gallagher
Nevada CityNevadaJun 2014J Gallagher
New CuyamaSanta BarbaraAug 2015J Emerson
New CuyamaSanta BarbaraDec 2016J Gallagher
New CuyamaSanta BarbaraDec 2016J GallagherInt.
NewarkAlamedaJun 2008J Gallagher
Newberry SpringsSan BernardinoDec 2016J Gallagher
Newbury Park BranchVenturaSep 2012E KalishFormer site; [T.O.]
Newbury Park BranchVenturaFeb 2020E KalishPrev. CAx [T.O.]
Newbury Park Carrier AnnexVenturaSep 2012E Kalish[Thousand Oaks]
NewcastlePlacerJun 2017E Kalish
NiceLakeJan 2016J Gallagher
NicolausSutterMay 2013J Gallagher
NilandImperialApr 2010J Gallagher
NipomoSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
NorcoRiversideMay 2018E Kalish
NordenNevadaAug 1988J GallagherDisc. 1989
North Bay P&DCSonomaOct 1999J GallagherPetaluma
North Edwards CPOKernDec 2016J Gallagher[Ext.]
North Edwards CPOKernDec 2016J Gallagher
North Edwards CPO [Edwards]KernAug 1988J Gallagher
North ForkMaderaApr 2011J Gallagher
North HollywoodLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish(Carrier Annex)
. Chandler StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Studio City StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Toluca Lake StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Valley Plaza StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Valley Village StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Victory Center StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
North Palm SpringsRiversideAug 2007J Gallagher
NorthridgeLos AngelesFeb 2020E KalishFormer site
. Porter Ranch StationLos AngelesSep 2012E KalishFormer site
. Porter Ranch StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
NovatoMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
O'Brien CPO [Lakehead]TehamaMar 2001J Gallagher
O'Brien CPO [Lakehead]TehamaMar 2001J GallagherInt.
O'NealsMaderaApr 2011J Gallagher
Oak ViewVenturaFeb 2020E Kalish
Oakdale: Knights Ferry CPOStanislausJun 2014J Gallagher
OakhurstMaderaApr 2011J Gallagher
Oakland MPO and P&DCAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
Oakland: MPOAlamedaca. 1905N/AFormer site
. 24 Hour Mail Boxes CPUAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
. Airport StationAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
. Byron Rumford StationAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
. Byron Rumford StationAlamedaJun 2017E KalishSide
. Civic Center StationAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
. Dimond StationAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
. Eastmont StationAlamedaDec 2007J Gallagher
. Eastmont StationAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
. Fruitvale StationAlamedaDec 2007J Gallagher
. Grand Lake StationAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
. Laurel StationAlamedaDec 2007J Gallagher
. Marcus Foster StationAlamedaAug 2007J Gallagher
. Marcus Foster StationAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
. Mills College StationAlamedaDec 2007J GallagherDisc.
. New Oakland Pharmacy CPUAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
. North Oakland StationAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
. Piedmont DPOBUAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish("Crestmont Sta.")
. Piedmont StationAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
. Station BAlamedaDec 2007J GallagherDisc.
. Station E (Montclair Sta.)AlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
. West Grand Carrier AnnexAlamedaDec 2007J Gallagher
OakleyContra CostaJun 2008J Gallagher
OakvilleNapaMar 2014J Gallagher
OccidentalSonomaOct 1999J Gallagher
OceanoSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
OceansideSan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
. Brooks Street StationSan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
. First Street StationSan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
. San Luis Rey BranchSan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
OceansideSan DiegoAug 1977A Patera
OcotilloImperialAug 1977A Patera
OcotilloImperialApr 2010J Gallagher
OjaiVenturaJul 2019M-C Olson
OjaiVenturaJul 2019M-C Olson
OlanchaInyoAug 2015J Emerson
OlancheInyoAug 1988J Gallagher
OlemaMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
OlivehurstYubaMay 2013J Gallagher
Ontario: Crown Stationers CPUSan BernardinoSep 2007J Gallagher
. Downtown StationSan BernardinoFeb 2013J Emerson
OrangeOrangeAug 2007J Gallagher
. El Modena StationOrangeAug 2007J Gallagher
. Olive StationOrangeAug 2007J Gallagher
. Plaza StationOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
Orange CoveFresnoDec 2014J Gallagher
. Squaw Valley CPOFresnoDec 2014J Gallagher
Orange CoveFresnoDec 1993J Gallagher
OrangevaleSacramentoSep 2012E Kalish
. Orangevale Copy Center CPUSacramentoSep 2012E Kalish
Orcutt Branch [Santa Maria]Santa BarbaraMar 2015J Gallagher
Oregon HouseYubaMay 2013J Gallagher
OrickHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
OrindaContra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
OrindaContra CostaJul 2017E Kalish
OrlandGlennMar 2001J Gallagher
Oro GrandeSan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
OrosiTulareDec 2014J Gallagher
Oxnard P&DCVenturaSep 2012E KalishPrev. disc. 2012
Oxnard: MPOVenturaSep 2012E Kalish
. Federal StationVenturaSep 2012E Kalish
. Saviers StationVenturaSep 2012E Kalish
Pacheco Branch [Martinez]Contra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
Pacific GroveMontereyOct 2010J Gallagher
Pacific PalisadesLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
PacoimaLos AngelesDec 2007J Gallagher
PacoimaLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Arleta StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
PaicinesSan BenitoDec 1993J Gallagher
PalaSan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
. Pala Postal CPUSan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
PalermoButteMay 2013J Gallagher
Palm DesertRiversideApr 2010J Gallagher
. Portola StationRiversideApr 2010J Gallagher
Palm SpringsRiversideAug 2007J Gallagher
. Smoke Tree StationRiversideAug 2007J Gallagher
Palmdale: Carrier AnnexLos AngelesDec 2016J Gallagher
. Towne Square StationLos AngelesDec 2016J Gallagher
. West Palmdale CPULos AngelesDec 2016J Gallagher
Palo AltoSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
. Cambridge StationSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
. Hamilton StationSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
. Stanford StationSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
Palo CedroShastaMar 2001J Gallagher
Palo VerdeImperialJan 2018J Gallagher
Palomar MountainSan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
Palos Verdes PeninsulaLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Palos Verdes Estates BranchLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
ParamountLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
ParlierFresnoDec 2014J Gallagher
Pasadena: MPOLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Caltech CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E KalishExt.
. Caltech CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Catalina StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. East Pasadena StationLos AngelesAug 2019MLN
. Fuller Theological Sem. CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Fuller Theological Sem. CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E KalishInt.
. Jackie Robinson StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Orangewood StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Plaza Pasadena StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
PaskentaTehamaMar 2001J Gallagher
Paso RoblesSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
PattonSan BernardinoSep 2007J Gallagher
Pauma ValleySan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
PearblossomLos AngelesDec 2016J Gallagher
Pebble BeachMontereyOct 2010J Gallagher
Penn Valley BranchNevadaJun 2014J Gallagher[Rough and Ready]
PenngroveSonomaOct 1999J Gallagher
PenrynPlacerJul 2017E Kalish
PetalumaSonomaOct 1999J Gallagher
PhelanSan BernardinoDec 2016J Gallagher
PhillipsvilleHumboldtca. 1965N/A
PhillipsvilleHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
PhiloMendocinoMar 2014J Gallagher
PiedraFresnoDec 2014J Gallagher
Pine GroveAmadorAug 1977A Patera
Pine GroveAmadorJun 2014J Gallagher
Pine Mountain Club CPOKernSep 2012E Kalish[Frazier Park]
Pine ValleySan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
PinoleContra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
PinoleContra CostaJun 2017E Kalish
Piñon HillsSan BernardinoDec 2016J Gallagher
PioneerAmadorJun 2014J Gallagher
PioneertownSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
Pismo BeachSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
. Shell Beach BranchSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
PittsburgContra CostaJun 2008J Gallagher
. Atlantic Plaza StationContra CostaJun 2008J Gallagher
. Bay Point CPUContra CostaJun 2008J Gallagher
PixleyTulareSep 2012E Kalish
PlacentiaOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
PlacervilleEl DoradoJun 2014J Gallagher
. Raleys #422 CPUEl DoradoJun 2014J Gallagher
. Raleys #422 CPUEl DoradoJun 2014J GallagherInt.
Plaster City CPO [El Centro]ImperialAug 1977A PateraDisc. 1988
Playa Vista Branch [Venice]Los AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
Pleasant GroveSutterJun 2014J Gallagher
Pleasant Hill Branch [Concord]Contra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
PleasantonAlamedaJun 2008J Gallagher
. Hacienda StationAlamedaJun 2008J Gallagher
PlymouthAmadorJun 2014J Gallagher
Point ArenaMendocinoMar 2014J Gallagher
Point Reyes StationMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
Pollock PinesEl DoradoJun 2014J Gallagher
Pope ValleyNapaOct 1999J Gallagher
Port CostaContra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
Port CostaContra CostaJul 2017E Kalish
Port HuenemeVenturaSep 2012E Kalish
PortreroSan DiegoAug 1977A Patera
PowaySan DiegoAug 1977A Patera
PowaySan DiegoAug 1994N/A
PowaySan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
PratherFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
PrincetonColusaMar 2001J Gallagher
ProbertaTehamaMar 2001J Gallagher
QuincyPlumasMar 2009J Gallagher
RackerbyYubaMay 2013J Gallagher
Railroad FlatCalaverasJun 2014J Gallagher
Raisin CityFresnoDec 1993J Gallagher
RamonaSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
Rancho CordovaSacramentoSep 2012E Kalish
Rancho Cucamonga: Alta Loma Sta.San BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
Rancho MirageRiversideAug 2007J Gallagher
Rancho Santa FeSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
. Del Rayo Plaza StationSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
Rancho Santa FeSan DiegoAug 1977A Patera
Rancho Santa Margarita Br.OrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher[Trabuco Canyon]
Rancho Sta. Margarita CAXOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher[Trabuco Canyon]
RaymondMaderaDec 2014J Gallagher
Red BluffTehamaMar 2001J Gallagher
. North Valley Box UnitTehamaAug 2015J Emerson
RedcrestHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
ReddingShastaMar 2001J Gallagher
. Downtown StationShastaMar 2001J Gallagher
. Downtown StationShastaSep 2012E Kalish
RedlandsSan BernardinoAug 2007J Gallagher
. Lugonia StationSan BernardinoSep 2007J Gallagher
Redondo BeachLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. North StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
Redondo BeachLos AngelesAug 2015J Emerson
RedwayHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
Redwood City: Downtown Sta.San MateoAug 2015J Emerson
. Woodside StationSan MateoJan 2001J Gallagher
Redwood EstatesSanta ClaraJan 2001J Gallagher
Redwood ValleyMendocinoJan 2016J Gallagher
ReedleyFresnoDec 2014J Gallagher
ResedaLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
RialtoSan BernardinoSep 2007J Gallagher
. Carrier AnnexSan BernardinoSep 2007J Gallagher
RichmondContra CostaJun 2017E Kalish
. Hilltop Carrier AnnexContra CostaJun 2017E Kalish
. McVittie Carrier AnnexContra CostaJun 2017E Kalish
. Mira Vista StationContra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
. Point Richmond StationContra CostaJun 2017E Kalish
. Station AContra CostaDec 2007J GallagherDisc.
RichvaleButteMar 2001J Gallagher
RimforestSan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
Rio DellHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
Rio LindaSacramentoJun 2014J Gallagher
Rio Nido CPOSonomaOct 1999J Gallagher
Rio OsoSutterMay 2013J Gallagher
Rio VistaSolanoMar 1996J Gallagher
RiponSan JoaquinMar 1996J Gallagher
RiverdaleFresnoMar 1996J Gallagher
Riverside: A Unique Mailing Store CPURiversideMay 2018E Kalish
. Rubidoux BranchRiversideMay 2018E Kalish
RobbinsSutterMay 2013J Gallagher
RocklinPlacerJul 2017E Kalish
. Bel Air #518 CPUPlacerJul 2017E KalishExt.
. Bel Air #518 CPUPlacerJul 2017E Kalish
RodeoContra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
Rohnert ParkSonomaMar 2014J Gallagher
Roseland Branch [Santa Rosa]SonomaMay 2013J Gallagher
RosevillePlacerJul 2017E Kalish
. Bel Air #509 CPUPlacerJul 2017E KalishExt.
. Bel Air #509 CPUPlacerJul 2017E Kalish
. Bel Air #512 CPUPlacerJul 2017E KalishExt.
. Bel Air #512 CPUPlacerJul 2017E Kalish
. Vernon Downtown StationPlacerOct 2008J Emerson
Rough and ReadyNevadaOct 2008J Emerson
Rumsey CPOYoloJan 2016J Gallagher
Running SpringsSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
RutherfordNapaMar 2014J Gallagher
Sacramento P&DCYoloJun 2017E KalishWest Sac.
Sacramento P&DC and Ind. Br.YoloJun 2017E KalishWest Sac.
Sacramento: MPOSacramento1901N/AFormer site
Sacramento: MPOSacramentoMar 1938N/AFormer site
. Airport Mail FacilitySacramentoMar 1996J GallagherDisc.
. Broadway StationSacramentoJun 2014J Gallagher
. California Expo StationSacramentoJul 2019M Lathrop
. Del Paso Heights StationSacramentoSep 2012E Kalish
. Downtown Plaza StationSacramentoMay 2019J W HueExt.
. Downtown Plaza StationSacramentoMay 2019J W Hue
. Downtown StationSacramentoMar 1996J GallagherClosed
. Elkhorn Carrier AnnexSacramentoSep 2012E Kalish
. Florin BranchSacramentoMar 1996J Gallagher
. Foothill Farms BranchSacramentoSep 2012E Kalish
. Industrial BranchYoloJun 2017E Kalish
Saint HelenaNapaAug 2015J Emerson
SalidaStanislausSep 2012E Kalish
Salinas: MPOMontereyOct 2010J Gallagher
. Alisal StationMontereyOct 2010J Gallagher
. Sherwood CPUMontereyOct 2010J GallagherDisc.
. Spreckels BranchMontereyOct 2010J Gallagher
. Steinbeck StationMontereyAug 2015J Emerson
Salton City CPO [Thermal]ImperialApr 2010J Gallagher
Salton City CPO [Thermal]ImperialApr 2010J GallagherInt.
SalyerTrinityAug 1977A Patera
SalyerTrinityJan 2016J Gallagher
SamoaHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
San AndreasCalaverasJun 2014J Gallagher
San AnselmoMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
San ArdoMontereyMar 2015J Gallagher
San Bernardino P&DCSan BernardinoSep 2007J Gallagher
San Bernardino: MPOSan BernardinoFeb 2013J Emerson
. 'Main Office Station'San BernardinoSep 2007J GallagherAt P&DC
. Del Rosa StationSan BernardinoSep 2007J Gallagher
. North Park StationSan BernardinoSep 2007J Gallagher
. Uptown StationSan BernardinoSep 2007J Gallagher
. Westside StationSan BernardinoSep 2007J Gallagher
San BrunoSan MateoJan 2001J Gallagher
San Diego: MPOSan DiegoFeb 1940N/AFormer site
San Diego: MPO, Midway P&DCSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. Andrew Jackson StationSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. Carmel Valley Carrier AnnexSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. Carmel Valley StationSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
. City Heights StationSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. College Grove Center StationSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. Downtown StationSan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
. George Washington StationSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. Golden Triangle StationSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
. Grantville StationSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. John Adams StationSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. Margaret Sellers P&DCSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. Mira Mesa StationSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. Navajo StationSan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
. North Park StationSan DiegoSep 2005J GallagherDisc. 2011
. Otay Mesa StationSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. Paradise Hills StationSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. Rancho Bernardo Carr. AnnexSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. Rancho Bernardo StationSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. Rancho Peñasquitos StationSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. San Ysidro StationSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. Scripps Ranch Carrier AnnexSan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
. Serra Mesa StationSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. Southeast StationSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. Tierrasanta StationSan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
. University City StationSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
. William Taft StationSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
San DimasLos AngelesSep 2007J Gallagher
San FernandoLos AngelesAug 2015J Emerson
. Granada Hills BranchLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Knollwood Pharmacy CPULos AngelesSep 2012E KalishFormer site
. Knollwood Pharmacy CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Mission Hills BranchLos AngelesDec 2016J Gallagher
. North Hills BranchLos AngelesDec 2016J Gallagher
. North Hills BranchLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Sylmar BranchLos AngelesDec 2016J Gallagher
. Sylmar BranchLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
San Francisco Int'l Svc. Ctr.San MateoJan 2001J GallagherDaly City
San Francisco NDCContra CostaJun 2017E KalishRichmond
San Francisco: MPOSan Franciscoca. 1905N/AFormer site
San Francisco: MPOSan FranciscoJan 2001J Gallagher
. 18th Street StationSan FranciscoJan 2001J Gallagher
. Bay View StationSan FranciscoJan 2001J Gallagher
. Bernal Heights StationSan FranciscoJan 2001J Gallagher
. Brannan Street StationSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. Bryant Street Carrier AnnexSan FranciscoJan 2001J Gallagher
. Chinatown StationSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. Clayton Street StationSan FranciscoJan 2001J Gallagher
. DHK CPUSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. Federal Building StationSan FranciscoJun 2017E KalishExt.
. Fox Plaza StationSan FranciscoAug 2015J EmersonFormer site
. Fox Plaza StationSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. Gateway StationSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. Geary StationSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. General Delivery UnitSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. Golden Gate StationSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. Irving Street StationSan FranciscoJan 2001J Gallagher
. Macy's StationSan FranciscoJun 2017E KalishExt.
. Macy's StationSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. Marina Green StationSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. Marina StationSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. Mission StationSan FranciscoJan 2001J Gallagher
. North Beach Carrier AnnexSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. North Beach StationSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. Parkside StationSan FranciscoJan 2001J Gallagher
. Pine Street StationSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. Presidio StationSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. Rincon Annex [Station]San FranciscoAug 2015J EmersonFormer site/disc.
. Rincon Annex [Station]San FranciscoJun 2017E KalishFormer site/disc.
. Rincon Center StationSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. Steiner Street StationSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. Sunset StationSan FranciscoJan 2001J Gallagher
. Sutter StationSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. Townsend Carrier AnnexSan FranciscoJun 2017E Kalish
. Visitacion StationSan FranciscoJan 2001J Gallagher
. West Portal StationSan FranciscoJan 2001J Gallagher
San GabrielLos AngelesAug 2015J Emerson
San GeronimoMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
San GregorioSan MateoJul 1997N/A
San JacintoRiversideFeb 2012J Gallagher
San Jose: MPOSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
. Bayside StationSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
. Berryessa StationSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
. Blossom Hill StationSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
. Cambrian Park StationSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
. Colonnade StationSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
. Garden StationSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
. Parkmoor StationSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
. Robertsville StationSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
. Saint James Park StationSanta ClaraAug 2015J Emerson
. Station DSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
. Westgate StationSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
. Willow Glen StationSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
San Juan BautistaSan BenitoDec 1993J Gallagher
San Juan Capistrano: Plaza StationOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
San LeandroAlamedaAug 2007J Gallagher
San LeandroAlamedaJun 2017E Kalish
. Estudillo StationAlamedaAug 2007J Gallagher
. South San Leandro StationAlamedaAug 2007J Gallagher
. Washington Manor StationAlamedaJun 2008J Gallagher
San LorenzoAlamedaJun 2008J GallagherFormer site
San LorenzoAlamedaJul 2017E Kalish
San LucasMontereyMar 2015J Gallagher
San Luis ObispoSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
. Mission StationSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
San Luis ReySan DiegoAug 1977A Patera
San MarcosSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
San Mateo: Saint Matthew Sta.San MateoAug 2015J Emerson
San MiguelSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
San Pablo Branch [Richmond]Contra CostaDec 2007J Gallagher
San PedroLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Eastview StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Eastview StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E KalishRear
. Fort MacArthur StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Sta. #2 CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E KalishA.L.S.P. CPU
. Sta. #2 CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish[int.]
San QuentinMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
San Rafael: MPOMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
San Rafael: MPOMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
. Civic Center StationMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
. Mission StationMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
. Terra Linda StationMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
San RamonContra CostaJun 2008J Gallagher
San SimeonSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
SangerFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
Santa Ana P&DCOrangeAug 2007J Gallagher
Santa Ana: MPOOrangeAug 2007J Gallagher
. Bristol StationOrangeAug 2007J Gallagher
. Carrier AnnexOrangeAug 2007J Gallagher
. Diamond StationOrangeAug 2007J Gallagher
. Grand Avenue StationOrangeAug 2007J Gallagher
. Industrial StationOrangeAug 2007J Gallagher
. King StationOrangeAug 2007J Gallagher
. South Main StationOrangeAug 2007J Gallagher
. Spurgeon StationOrangeAug 2007J Gallagher
Santa Barbara P&DCSanta BarbaraMar 2015J Gallagher
. Ellwood BranchSanta BarbaraFeb 2020E KalishAt P&DC
. Milpas StationSanta BarbaraMar 2015J Gallagher
. Montecito BranchSanta BarbaraMar 2015J Gallagher
. Read N Post CPUSanta BarbaraFeb 2020E Kalish
. Read N Post CPUSanta BarbaraFeb 2020E Kalish
. Read N Post CPUSanta BarbaraFeb 2020E KalishInt.
. San Roque StationSanta BarbaraMar 2015J Gallagher
. UCSB CPUSanta BarbaraMar 2015J GallagherGoleta
. UCSB CPUSanta BarbaraFeb 2020E KalishGoleta
. Victoria Court StationSanta BarbaraFeb 2020E Kalish
Santa Barbara: MPOSanta BarbaraFeb 2020E Kalish
Santa ClaraSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
. Agnew StationSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
. Mission StationSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
Santa Clarita P&DCLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
Santa Clarita: MPOLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
. Bouquet Plaza CPULos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
. Bouquet Plaza CPULos AngelesSep 2012E KalishInt.
. Canyon Country BranchLos AngelesDec 2007J Gallagher
. Canyon Country BranchLos AngelesDec 2016J Gallagher
. Castaic BranchLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
. Lyons StationLos AngelesSep 2012E KalishFormer site
. Lyons StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Newhall Carrier AnnexLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
. Newhall Carrier AnnexLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
. Valencia BranchLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
Santa CruzSanta CruzAug 2015J Emerson
. East Santa Cruz StationSanta CruzJan 2001J GallagherFormer site
Santa MargaritaSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
Santa MariaSanta BarbaraMar 2015J Gallagher
Santa MonicaLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
. Colorado Mail FacilityLos AngelesJan 2007J Gallagher
. Ocean Park StationLos AngelesJan 2007J Gallagher
. Sta. #263 CPULos AngelesSep 2012E KalishBrentwood Country Mart
. Sta. #263 CPULos AngelesSep 2012E KalishBrentwood Country Mart
. Will Rogers StationLos AngelesJan 2007J Gallagher
Santa PaulaVenturaFeb 2020E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexVenturaFeb 2020E Kalish
Santa RosaSonomaMar 2014J Gallagher
. Coddingtown BranchSonomaMay 2013J Gallagher
. McBride Carrier AnnexSonomaMay 2013J Gallagher
. Montgomery Village StationSonomaMar 2014J Gallagher
. Roseland BranchSonomaMar 2014J Gallagher
Santa YnezSanta BarbaraMar 2015J Gallagher
Santa YsabelSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
SaratogaSanta ClaraJan 2001J Gallagher
. Village StationSanta ClaraJan 2001J Gallagher
SattleySierraMar 2009J GallagherPrev. disc.; final site
ScotiaHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
Scotts ValleySanta CruzJan 2001J Gallagher
SeasideMontereyOct 2010J Gallagher
SebastopolSonomaMay 2013J Gallagher
SeeleyImperialApr 2010J Gallagher
SelmaFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
Sequoia National ParkTulareAug 2015J EmersonPrev. susp.
ShafterKernSep 2012E Kalish
ShandonSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
ShastaShastaAug 1977A Patera
ShastaShastaJan 2016J Gallagher
Shasta LakeShastaSep 2012E Kalish
. Project City BranchShastaSep 2012E Kalish
. Summit City BranchShastaSep 2012E Kalish
Shaver LakeFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
SheridanPlacerJun 2014J Gallagher
ShingletownShastaJan 2016J Gallagher
ShoshoneInyoAug 1988J Gallagher
ShoshoneInyoApr 2012E Kalish
Sierra CitySierraAug 2015J Emerson
Sierra MadreLos AngelesSep 2007J Gallagher
SierravilleSierraMar 2009J Gallagher
Simi ValleyVenturaSep 2012E Kalish
. Kopy King CPUVenturaSep 2012E Kalish
. Mount McCoy StationVenturaSep 2012E Kalish
SkyforestSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
SloughhouseSacramentoMar 1996J Gallagher
SmartsvilleYubaJun 2014J Gallagher
Smith RiverDel NorteJul 2011J Emerson
Smith RiverDel NorteJan 2016J Gallagher
SnellingMercedJun 2014J Gallagher
Soda SpringsNevadaAug 1988J Gallagher
Soda SpringsNevadaJun 2014J Gallagher
Solana BeachSan DiegoAug 1977A Patera
Solana BeachSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
SoledadMontereyApr 2022P Soroka
SolvangSanta BarbaraMar 2015J Gallagher
SomersetEl DoradoJun 2014J Gallagher
SomisVenturaSep 2012E Kalish
SonomaSonomaMay 2013J Gallagher
SonoraTuolumneJun 2014J Gallagher
. Downtown StationTuolumneJun 2014J Gallagher
SoquelSanta CruzJan 2001J Gallagher
South Gate: Firestone StationLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
South Lake TahoeEl DoradoJun 2014J Gallagher
. Tahoe Valley StationEl DoradoJun 2014J Gallagher
South PasadenaLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
South San Francisco: Linden Ave. Sta.San MateoAug 2015J Emerson
StantonOrangeFeb 2005J Gallagher
Stewarts PointSonomaMar 2014J Gallagher
StocktonSan Joaquinca. 1910N/AFormer site
Stockton P&DCSan JoaquinSep 2012E Kalish+ Airport Sta.
. East Stockton StationSan JoaquinSep 2012E Kalish
StratfordKingsMar 1996J Gallagher
StrathmoreTulareMar 1996J Gallagher
Suisun CitySolanoMay 2013J Gallagher
SultanaTulareDec 2014J Gallagher
SummerlandSanta BarbaraMar 2015J Gallagher
Sun City: Sun City Carrier AnnexRiversideFeb 2012J Gallagher
Sun ValleyLos AngelesDec 2016J Gallagher
SunlandLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
SunnyvaleSanta ClaraJun 2008J Gallagher
SunolAlamedaJun 2008J Gallagher
SusanvilleLassenJul 2021J Emerson
SutterSutterMay 2013J Gallagher
Sutter CreekAmadorJun 2014J Gallagher
TaftKernDec 2016J Gallagher
Tahoe CityPlacerJun 2014J Gallagher
Tahoe CityPlacerJul 2017E KalishRear
. Olympic Valley BranchPlacerJun 2014J Gallagher
Tahoe VistaPlacerJun 2014J Gallagher
TahomaPlacerJun 2014J Gallagher
TalmageMendocinoOct 1999J Gallagher
TarzanaLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
TaylorsvillePlumasMar 2009J Gallagher
TecateSan DiegoAug 1977A Patera
TecopaInyoAug 1988J Gallagher
TecopaInyoApr 2012E Kalish
TehachapiKernDec 2016J Gallagher
TehamaTehamaMar 2001J Gallagher
TemeculaRiversideFeb 2012J Gallagher
. Old Town StationRiversideFeb 2012J Gallagher
TempletonSan Luis ObispoMar 2015J Gallagher
The Sea Ranch CPO [Gualala]SonomaMar 2014J Gallagher
ThermalRiversideApr 2010J Gallagher
ThorntonSan JoaquinMar 1996J Gallagher
Thousand OaksVenturaFeb 2020E Kalish
. Burt's Pharmacy CPUVenturaDec 2016J Gallagher
. Conejo Valley BranchVenturaSep 2012E Kalish
. Hollyood Storage CPUVenturaFeb 2020E KalishNewbury Park
. Hollyood Storage CPUVenturaFeb 2020E KalishInt.
. Hollywood Storage CPUVenturaSep 2012E Kalish
Thousand PalmsRiversideSep 2012E Kalish
TiptonTulareSep 2012E Kalish
TollhouseFresnoApr 2011J Gallagher
TomalesMarinOct 1999J Gallagher
TomalesMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
TopangaLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
TopangaLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
TopazMonoAug 1977A PateraDisc.
TopazMonoAug 1988J Gallagher
TopazMonoJun 2014J Gallagher
TorranceLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Del Amo StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E KalishExt.
. Del Amo StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Marcelina StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. North StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Walteria StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
Trabuco CanyonOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
TracySan JoaquinJun 2008J Gallagher
. Carrier AnnexSan JoaquinJun 2008J Gallagher
TranquillityFresnoDec 1993J Gallagher
TraverTulareApr 2011J Gallagher
Tres PinosSan BenitoDec 1993J Gallagher
TrinidadHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
TronaSan BernardinoJul 2021J Emerson
TruckeeNevadaJun 2014J Gallagher
TruckeeNevadaJul 2017E KalishRear
. Donner StationNevadaJun 2014J Gallagher
TujungaLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
TulareTulareApr 2011J Gallagher
TurlockStanislausJun 2014J Gallagher
TustinOrangeAug 2007J Gallagher
Twentynine PalmsSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
Twin PeaksSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
Union CityAlamedaJan 2001J Gallagher
. Alvarado StationAlamedaJun 2008J Gallagher
Upland: Crown Stationers CPUSan BernardinoJan 2018J GallagherDisc. 2017
. Mountain Plaza Pharmacy CPUSan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
Upper LakeLakeJan 2016J Gallagher
VacavilleSolanoMar 2014J Gallagher
. Cernon StationSolanoMar 2014J Gallagher
VallecitoCalaverasJun 2014J Gallagher
Vallejo: MPOSolanoMay 2013J Gallagher
. Springstowne StationSolanoMay 2013J Gallagher
. Station ASolanoMay 2013J GallagherFormer site
. Virginia Street DBUSolanoMay 2013J Gallagher
Valley CenterSan DiegoMar 2011J Gallagher
Valley FordSonomaMay 2013J Gallagher
Valley SpringsCalaverasJun 2014J Gallagher
. Campo Seco CPOCalaverasJun 2014J Gallagher
Valyermo CPO [Pearblossom]Los AngelesDec 2016J Gallagher
Van NuysLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Balboa StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Civic Center StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Encino (White Oak) StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Panorama City StationLos AngelesDec 2016J Gallagher
. Sherman Oaks StationLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
. Sta. #1 CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish(Post Masters)
. Sta. #1 CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E KalishInt.
. Sta. #2 CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish(Maxson's Drugs)
. Sta. #2 CPULos AngelesFeb 2020E KalishInt.
VeniceLos AngelesSep 2012E KalishPrev. Venice CAX
. Marina Del Rey BranchLos AngelesJan 2007J GallagherFormer site
. Playa Del Rey BranchLos AngelesSep 2012E Kalish
VenturaVenturaFeb 2020E Kalish
. East Ventura StationVenturaSep 2012E Kalish
. Montalvo BranchVenturaSep 2012E Kalish
. Montalvo BranchVenturaDec 2016J Gallagher
. Power Storage CPUVenturaSep 2012E Kalish
. Saticoy StationVenturaSep 2012E KalishMoved (same bldg.)
. Sta. #6 CPUVenturaDec 2016J Gallagher
Verdugo CityLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
Vernon Branch [Los Angeles]Los AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
VictorvilleSan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
. Curt's Pharmacy CPUSan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
. Hitech Storage CPUSan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
. Reliable Storage CPUSan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
. Spring Valley Lake BranchSan BernardinoMay 2018E Kalish
Villa GrandeSonomaMar 2014J Gallagher
VinaTehamaMar 2001J Gallagher
VinaTehamaSep 2012E Kalish
VineburgSonomaMar 2014J Gallagher
VisaliaTulareMar 1996J Gallagher
VisaliaTulareAug 2015J Emerson
VistaSan DiegoSep 2005J Gallagher
VolcanoAmadorJun 2014J Gallagher
WallaceCalaverasMar 1996J Gallagher
Walnut CreekContra CostaJun 2008J Gallagher
. Dollar Ranch Carrier AnnexContra CostaJun 2008J Gallagher
. Rossmoor StationContra CostaJun 2008J Gallagher
. Ygnacio Valley StationContra CostaJun 2008J Gallagher
Walnut GroveSacramentoMar 1996J Gallagher
Warner SpringsSan DiegoApr 2010J Gallagher
WascoKernSep 2012E Kalish
WashingtonNevadaJun 2014J Gallagher
WatsonvilleSanta CruzJan 2001J Gallagher
WaukenaTulareMar 1996J Gallagher
WeavervilleTrinityAug 1977A Patera
WeavervilleTrinityJan 2016J Gallagher
WeedSiskiyouJul 2011J Emerson
WeimarPlacerJun 2017E Kalish
WeottHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
West PointCalaverasJun 2014J Gallagher
West SacramentoYoloJun 2014J Gallagher
. Broderick StationYoloJun 2014J Gallagher
WestminsterOrangeFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Bolsa StationOrangeFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Golden West StationOrangeFeb 2005J Gallagher
. Midway City StationOrangeFeb 2005J Gallagher
WestmorelandImperialApr 2010J Gallagher
Westport CPO [Fort Bragg]MendocinoJan 2016J Gallagher
WestwoodLassenMar 2009J Gallagher
WheatlandYubaMay 2013J Gallagher
WhiskeytownShastaAug 1977A PateraDisc. 2004
WildomarRiversideFeb 2012J Gallagher
WilliamsColusaSep 2012E Kalish
Willow CreekHumboldtAug 1977A Patera
Willow CreekHumboldtJan 2016J Gallagher
WillowsGlennSep 2012E Kalish
WilmingtonLos AngelesFeb 2005J Gallagher
WilmingtonLos AngelesFeb 2020E Kalish
WilseyvilleCalaverasJun 2014J Gallagher
WinchesterRiversideFeb 2012J Gallagher
WindsorSonomaMar 2014J Gallagher
WinterhavenImperialApr 2010J Gallagher
WintersYoloMay 2013J Gallagher
WintonMercedSep 2012E Kalish
WoodacreMarinMay 2013J Gallagher
Woodfords CPO [Markleeville]AlpineAug 1977A PateraDisc. 1988
Woodlake CPOTulareMar 1996J Gallagher
WoodlandYoloSep 2012E Kalish
. Bel Air Market #526 CPUYoloSep 2012E KalishExt.
. Bel Air Market #526 CPUYoloSep 2012E KalishInt.
. Midtown StationYoloSep 2012E Kalish
Woodland HillsLos AngelesFeb 2020E KalishFormer site
WrightwoodSan BernardinoDec 2016J Gallagher
YermoSan BernardinoDec 2016J Gallagher
YettemTulareDec 2014J Gallagher
YoloYoloSep 2012E Kalish
Yorba LindaOrangeFeb 2012J Gallagher
YorkvilleMendocinoMar 2014J Gallagher
Yosemite National ParkMariposaDec 2014J Gallagher
Yosemite National ParkMariposaDec 2014J GallagherInt.
Yosemite National ParkMariposaJan 2018S Vitureira
. Tuolomne Meadows CPUMariposaAug 2015J EmersonExt.
. Wawona CPOMariposaDec 2014J Gallagher
. Yosemite Lodge StationMariposaDec 2014J Gallagher
YountvilleNapaOct 1999J Gallagher
. Veterans Home StationNapaOct 1999J Gallagher
. Veterans Home StationNapaMar 2014J Gallagher
YrekaSiskiyouMar 2001J Gallagher
Yuba CitySutterMay 2013J Gallagher
YucaipaSan BernardinoAug 2007J Gallagher
Yucca ValleySan BernardinoJan 2018J Gallagher
ZamoraYoloSep 2012E Kalish

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