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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
Arizona Post Office Photographs (353)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
AguilaMaricopaApr 1995J Gallagher
Apache JunctionPinalJan 1989J GallagherFormer site
Apache JunctionPinalMar 2010J Gallagher
. A Plus Water & Ice CPUPinalMar 2010J Gallagher
Arizona City CPOPinalJan 1989J Gallagher
Ash ForkYavapaiApr 1995J Gallagher
Ash ForkYavapaiMay 2018E Kalish
Avondale-GoodyearMaricopaJan 1989J Gallagher
BagdadYavapaiApr 1995J Gallagher
BagdadYavapaiMay 2018E Kalish
BagdadYavapaiMay 2018E KalishInt.
BensonCochiseAug 2012E Kalish
BisbeeCochiseJan 2019J Gallagher
. Copper Queen StationCochiseJan 2019J Gallagher
Black Canyon CityYavapaiJul 2015G Splittberger
BlueGreenlee1982J Gallagher
BouseLa PazApr 2013N Ritchie
BowieCochise1982J Gallagher
Brenda CPO [Salome]La PazApr 1995J GallagherDisc. 1996
Bullhead CityMohaveApr 1995J Gallagher
. Highway StationMohaveApr 1995J Gallagher
BylasGrahamJan 1991J Gallagher
CameronCoconinoMay 2018E Kalish
. The Gap [Trading Post] CPOCoconinoMay 2018E Kalish
. The Gap [Trading Post] CPOCoconinoMay 2018E KalishInt.
Camp VerdeYavapaiApr 1995J Gallagher
Camp VerdeYavapaiNov 2015G Splittberger
Carefree CPO [Cave Creek]MaricopaJan 1989J Gallagher
Carefree CPO [Cave Creek]MaricopaFeb 2014G Splittberger
Casa GrandePinalJan 1989J Gallagher
CashionMaricopaJan 1989J Gallagher
Cave CreekMaricopaJan 1989J GallagherFormer site
Cave CreekMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger
. Carrier AnnexMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger
. Anderson Springs StationMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Chevron 1990 CPUMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Chevron 1990 CPUMaricopaMay 2018E KalishInt.
. Karen's Hallmark CPUMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Karen's Hallmark CPUMaricopaMay 2018E KalishInt.
ChandlerMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
Chandler HeightsMaricopaApr 2013N Ritchie
ChinleApacheMay 2016G Splittberger
ChlorideMohaveApr 1995J Gallagher
ChlorideMohaveFeb 2010J Emerson
ClarkdaleYavapaiApr 1995J Gallagher
Clay SpringsNavajoFeb 2010J Gallagher
ClaypoolGilaMar 2010J Gallagher
CliftonGreenlee1982J Gallagher
CliftonGreenleeOct 2021J Emerson
CochiseCochiseAug 2012E Kalish
Colorado CityMohaveFeb 1994J Gallagher+ Hildale, UT
Colorado CityMohaveMay 2018E Kalish+ Hildale, UT
CongressYavapaiApr 1995J GallagherFormer site
CongressYavapaiJun 2011D Greenwald
CoolidgePinalJan 1991J Gallagher
CornvilleYavapaiApr 1995J Gallagher
CottonwoodYavapaiApr 1995J Gallagher
Crown King CPO [Mayer]YavapaiApr 1995J Gallagher
DeweyYavapaiApr 1995J Gallagher
Dolan SpringsMohaveApr 1995J Gallagher
DouglasCochiseJun 2011D Greenwald
DragoonCochiseAug 2012E Kalish
DuncanGreenlee1982J Gallagher
EhrenburgLa PazApr 1995J Gallagher
Eleven Mile Corner CPOPinalJan 1991J Gallagher[Casa Grande]
ElfridaCochiseJun 2011D Greenwald
EloyPinalJan 1989J Gallagher
FlagstaffCoconinoApr 1995J Gallagher
FlagstaffCoconinoMay 2018E Kalish
. Downtown StationCoconinoMay 2018E Kalish
. Northern Arizona Univ. CPUCoconinoDec 2016J Emerson
. Northern Arizona Univ. CPUCoconinoMay 2018E KalishExt.
. Northern Arizona Univ. CPUCoconinoMay 2018E KalishInt.
. Silver Saddle CPUCoconinoMay 2018E Kalish
. Silver Saddle CPUCoconinoMay 2018E KalishInt.
Fort ApacheNavajoFeb 2010J Gallagher
Fort ThomasGrahamJan 1991J Gallagher
Fountain Hills BranchMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger[Scottsdale]
Fountain Hills CardSmart CPUMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger[Scottsdale]
Fountain Hills CPOMaricopaJan 1989J Gallagher
Franklin CPOGreenlee1982J Gallagher
FredoniaCoconinoMay 2018E Kalish
GanadoApacheDec 2016J Emerson
Gila BendMaricopaMay 2022P Soroka
GilbertMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Fiesta Carrier AnnexMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Val Vista StationMaricopaMar 2010J Gallagher
GlendaleMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger
. Arrowhead StationMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger
. Downtown StationMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger
GlobeGilaMar 2010J Gallagher
Grand CanyonCoconinoMay 2018E Kalish
. Tusayan CPUCoconinoMay 2018E KalishExt.
. Tusayan CPUCoconinoMay 2018E Kalish
Green ValleyPimaJan 2019J Gallagher
. Gift & Gab CPUPimaJan 2019J Gallagher
HackberryMohaveApr 1995J Gallagher
HaydenGilaJun 2019G Splittberger
Heber: Forest Lakes CPOMaricopaJun 2013N Ritchie
HerefordCochiseJan 2019J Gallagher
HigleyMaricopaMar 2010J Gallagher
HolbrookNavajoFeb 2010J Gallagher
Huachuca CityCochiseJun 2011D Greenwald
Huachuca CityCochiseJan 2019J Gallagher
Hualapai CPO [Kingman]MohaveApr 1995J Gallagher
HumboldtYavapaiApr 1995J Gallagher
Joseph CityNavajoFeb 2010J Gallagher
KayentaNavajoApr 1999N/A
KearnyPinalApr 2013N Ritchie
KearnyPinalJun 2019G Splittberger
KingmanMohaveMay 2018E Kalish
. Downtown CPUMohaveMay 2018E Kalish
. Hualapai CPOMohaveMay 2018E Kalish
KirklandYavapaiApr 1995J Gallagher
Lake Havasu CityMohaveApr 1995J Gallagher
Lake Montezuma CPOYavapaiApr 1995J Gallagher[Rimrock]
LakesideNavajoFeb 2010J Gallagher
LaveenMaricopaJan 1989J Gallagher
LaveenMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
LeuppCoconinoApr 1995J GallagherFormer site
Leupp CPOCoconinoMay 2018E Kalish
Litchfield ParkMaricopaJan 1989J Gallagher
LittlefieldCoconinoFeb 1994J GallagherFormer site
LittlefieldMohaveMay 2018E Kalish
MaranaPimaJan 1989J GallagherFormer site
MaranaPimaAug 2012E Kalish
Marble Canyon CPOCoconinoMay 2018E Kalish[Page]
MaricopaPinalJan 1989J Gallagher
MayerYavapaiApr 1995J Gallagher
McNaryApacheFeb 2010J Gallagher
McNealCochiseJun 2011D Greenwald
MesaMaricopaJan 1989J Gallagher
MesaMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. American Discount Foods CPUMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. American Discount Foods CPUMaricopaMay 2018E KalishInt.
. Country Club Chevron CPUMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Country Club Chevron CPUMaricopaMay 2018E KalishInt.
. Desert StationMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Dobson StationMaricopaFeb 2010J Gallagher
. Dobson StationMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Falcon Field StationMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Four Peaks StationMaricopaMar 2010J Gallagher
. Good Life RV Park CPUMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Good Life RV Park CPUMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Greenfield CPUMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Karen's Hallmark CPUMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Karen's Hallmark CPUMaricopaMay 2018E KalishInt.
. Mesa Regal CPUMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Mountain View StationMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Sherwood StationMaricopaJan 2016G Splittberger
. Sun Life Resort CPUMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Sun Life Resort CPUMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Tower Point CPUMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Val Vista Village CPUMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Viewpoint Golf Resort CPUMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
MiamiGilaMar 2010J Gallagher
MorenciGreenlee1982J Gallagher
MorristownMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
Munds ParkCoconinoApr 1995J Gallagher
Munds Park CPOCoconinoDec 2015M Kesy
NacoCochiseJun 2011D Greenwald
NogalesSanta CruzFeb 2013J Emerson
Nogales: Rio Rico BranchSanta CruzJan 2019J Gallagher
North Rim CPU [Fredonia]CoconinoMay 2018E Kalish
NutriosoApacheJun 2010J Emerson
OatmanMohaveApr 1995J Gallagher
PageCoconinoSep 2014S Charluteau
. Lake Powell Mart CPUCoconinoMay 2018E Kalish
ParkerLa PazApr 1995J Gallagher
ParksCoconinoApr 1995J GallagherFormer site
Parks CPOCoconinoMay 2018E KalishExt.
Parks CPOCoconinoMay 2018E Kalish
PatagoniaSanta CruzJan 2019J Gallagher
PaysonGilaFeb 2010J Gallagher
Peach SpringsMohaveApr 1995J Gallagher
Peach SpringsMohaveMay 2018E Kalish
PearceCochiseJun 2011D Greenwald
PeoriaMaricopaApr 2013N Ritchie
. Downtown StationMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Sta #2 CPUMaricopaApr 2013N RitchieFreedom Plaza CPU
PeridotGilaJan 1991J Gallagher
Petrified Forest National ParkApacheJun 2010J Emerson
Phoenix: MPOMaricopa1913N/AFormer site
Phoenix: MPO and P&DCMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Ahwatukee StationMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Arcadia StationMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger
. Boulder Hills StationMaricopaJan 2015G Splittberger
. Cactus StationMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger
. Capitol StationMaricopaOct 2015G Splittberger
. Daisy Mountain StationMaricopaJul 2015G Splittberger
. Downtown StationMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Downtown StationMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Maryvale StationMaricopaApr 2013N Ritchie
. New River Mail Box CPUMaricopaJul 2015G Splittberger
. Northeast StationMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Northwest AnnexMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger
. Northwest StationMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger
. Osborn StationMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger
. Pecos StationMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Phoenix Mail CPUMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger
. Rio Salado StationMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Shaw Butte StationMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger
. Sierra Adobe StationMaricopaApr 2005G Splittberger
. South Mountain StationMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Sunnyslope StationMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger
. Washington StationMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger
PicachoPinalJan 1991J Gallagher
PimaGilaJan 1991J Gallagher
PineGilaFeb 2010J Gallagher
PinedaleNavajoFeb 2010J Gallagher
PinetopNavajoFeb 2010J Gallagher
Pinnacle Peak BranchMaricopaApr 2013N Ritchie[Scottsdale]
PirtlevilleCochiseJan 2019J Gallagher
PomereneCochiseAug 2012E Kalish
Portal CPOCochise1982J Gallagher
Portal CPO [San Simon]CochiseAug 2012E Kalish
PostonLa PazApr 1995J Gallagher
PrescottYavapai1931N/AFormer site
PrescottYavapaiApr 1995J Gallagher
. Whipple BranchYavapaiApr 1995J Gallagher
Prescott ValleyYavapaiApr 1995J Gallagher
QuartziteLa PazAug 2012E Kalish
Queen CreekMaricopaApr 2013N Ritchie
Red RockPinalJan 1989J Gallagher
Red RockPinalAug 2012E Kalish
RillitoPimaJan 1989J Gallagher
RillitoPimaAug 2012E Kalish
RimrockYavapaiApr 1995J Gallagher
RimrockYavapaiNov 2015G Splittberger
Rio Verde BranchMaricopaApr 2013N Ritchie[Scottsdale]
RooseveltGilaJan 1989J Gallagher
RooseveltGilaJan 1991J Gallagher
RooseveltGilaJan 2015G Splittberger
SacatonPinalJan 1991J Gallagher
SaffordGrahamJan 1991J Gallagher
SaffordGrahamOct 2021J Emerson
SahauritaPimaJan 2019J Gallagher
Saint DavidCochiseJun 2011D Greenwald
Saint DavidCochiseJan 2019J Gallagher
SalomeLa PazApr 1995J Gallagher
San CarlosGilaJan 1991J Gallagher
San SimonCochise1982J Gallagher
San SimonCochiseAug 2012E Kalish
Scottsdale: MPOMaricopaJan 1989J GallagherFormer site
. Airpark StationMaricopaFeb 2010J Gallagher
. Bike Emporium CPUMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger
. Fountain Hills StationMaricopaFeb 2010J Gallagher
. Hopi StationMaricopaFeb 2010J Gallagher
. Kachina StationMaricopaApr 2013N Ritchie
. Papago StationMaricopaJan 1989J GallagherFormer site; disc.
. Papago StationMaricopaApr 2013N RitchieDisc.
. Paradise Valley CPUMaricopaJan 2015G Splittberger
. Pebblestone Market CPUMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger
. Pinnacle Peak Gen. Store CPUMaricopaFeb 2014G Splittberger
. Rose's Hallmark CPUMaricopaJul 2018G Splittberger
ScottsdaleMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
SedonaCoconinoApr 1995J Gallagher
. Village of Oak Creek BranchYavapaiMay 2022P Soroka
. Village of Oak Creek CPOYavapaiApr 1995J GallagherReplaced
SeligmanYavapaiApr 1995J GallagherFormer site
SeligmanYavapaiMay 2018E Kalish
Show Low: White Mountain Lake CPOMaricopaJun 2013N Ritchie
Sierra VistaCochiseJan 2019J Gallagher
Skull ValleyYavapaiApr 1995J Gallagher
SnowflakeNavajoSep 1999N/AFormer site
SnowflakeNavajoFeb 2010J Gallagher
SonoitaCochiseJan 2019J Gallagher
SpringervilleApacheJun 2010J Emerson
StanfieldPinalJan 1989J Gallagher
Sun Lakes CPO [Chandler]MaricopaJan 1991J Gallagher
Sun Lakes CPO [Chandler]MaricopaApr 2013N Ritchie
Sun Valley CPO [Holbrook]NavajoFeb 2010J Gallagher
SupaiCoconinoMar 2000G Splittberger
SuperiorPinalApr 2013N Ritchie
TaylorNavajoSep 1999T Meier
TaylorNavajoFeb 2010J Gallagher
Teec Nos PosApacheJun 2010J Emerson
TempeMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Apache StationMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Arizona Flooring CPUMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Arizona Flooring CPUMaricopaMay 2018E KalishInt.
. Diane's Hallmark CPUMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. Diane's Hallmark CPUMaricopaMay 2018E KalishInt.
. Retail StoreMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
. South StationMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
ThatcherGrahamJan 1991J Gallagher
TollesonMaricopaJan 1989J GallagherFormer site
TollesonMaricopaApr 2013N Ritchie
TombstoneCochiseJan 2019J Gallagher
TonopahMaricopaAug 2012E Kalish
Tonto BasinGilaJan 1991J Gallagher
Tonto BasinGilaMay 2007G Splittberger
TopockMohaveApr 1995J Gallagher
Tortilla Flat CPOMaricopaJan 1989J Gallagher
Tortilla Flat CPOMaricopaSep 1999T Meier
Tortilla Flat CPOMaricopaJan 2015G Splittberger
Tucson: MPOPima1931N/AFormer site
Tucson: MPO and P&DCPimaAug 2012E Kalish
. AlphaGraphics Oracle CPUPimaAug 2012E Kalisha.k.a. Br. #B011
. Card Smart CPUPimaAug 2012E Kalisha.k.a. Sta. #751
. Card Smart Fort Lowell CPUPimaAug 2012E Kalisha.k.a. Sta. #B010
. Casas Adobes StationPimaAug 2012E Kalish
. Choates CPUPimaAug 2012E Kalisha.k.a. Sta. #B001
. College Station CPUPimaAug 2012E Kalisha.k.a. Sta. #782
. Coronado StationPimaJan 2019J Gallagher
. Desert Foothills StationPimaAug 2012E Kalish
. Downtown StationPimaJan 2019J Gallagher
. Fort Lowell StationPimaAug 2012E Kalish
. Giant Golf Links CPUPimaAug 2012E Kalisha.k.a. Br. #B007
. Giant Houghton CPUPimaJan 2019J Gallagher
. Giant Oracle CPUPimaAug 2012E Kalisha.k.a. Br. #B008
. Giant Sunrise CPUPimaAug 2012E Kalisha.k.a. Sta. #B009
. Kino StationPimaAug 2012E KalishFormer site
. National Self Storage CPUPimaAug 2012E Kalisha.k.a. Br. #B004
. Postal Express CPUPimaAug 2012E Kalisha.k.a. Sta. #787
. Postal History Found. CPUPimaAug 2012E KalishExt.
. Postal History Found. CPUPimaAug 2012E Kalish
. Rincon StationPimaAug 2012E Kalish
. Rita Ranch StationPimaAug 2012E Kalish
. Rita Ranch StationPimaJan 2019J GallagherExt.
. Rita Ranch StationPimaJan 2019J Gallagher
. San Xavier Carrier AnnexPimaAug 2012E Kalish
. Silverbell StationPimaJan 2019J Gallagher
. South Tucson StationPimaJan 2019J Gallagher
. Student Union CPUPimaAug 2012E Kalisha.k.a. Sta. #785; U. of A.
. Sun StationPimaJan 2019J Gallagher
. Amado CPOPimaJan 2019J Gallagher
. Tubac CPOSanta CruzJan 2019J Gallagher
TumacacoriSanta CruzJan 2019J Gallagher
VailPimaAug 2012E Kalish
. Br. #B001 CPUPimaAug 2012E KalishAce Hardware CPU
. Carrier AnnexPimaAug 2012E Kalish
WelltonYumaJul 2018M Holloway
WendenLa PazApr 1995J Gallagher
White Mountain Lake CPONavajoFeb 2010J Gallagher[Show Low]
WhiteriverNavajoFeb 2010J Gallagher
WickenburgMaricopaJun 2011D Greenwald
WikieupMaricopaJun 2011D Greenwald
WikieupMohaveMay 2018E Kalish
WillcoxCochiseAug 2012E Kalish
WilliamsCoconinoMay 2018E Kalish
Window RockApacheOct 1999T Meier
WinkelmanGilaJun 2019G Splittberger
WinslowNavajoApr 1999T Meier
WinslowNavajoMay 2018E Kalish
WittmannMaricopaMay 2018E Kalish
Woodruff CPONavajoFeb 2010J Gallagher[Snowflake]
YarnellYavapaiApr 1995J Gallagher
YoungtownMaricopaJan 1989J Gallagher
Yuba CityCoconinoApr 1999T Meier
YumaYumaca. 1932N/AFormer site

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