Local PMCC Chapters
The PMCC offers many opportunities to learn about postmarks, expand your collection (often for free!), and get involved in the philatelic community. In addition to general PMCC membership, the PMCC currently possesses three local postmark chapters: Colorado, New England, and New Jersey. Each chapter hosts multiple meetings per year, produces a [usually] quarterly newsletter, and has modest dues of $3 to $5. While each chapter specializes in philately from a specialized geographic location, you need not be from that area to enjoy chapter membership.

New England Chapter Contact
New England Chapter
New England Chapter Meeting

The New England Chapter of the PMCC seeks to be a resource for postmark collectors who live in, visit, or otherwise have an interest in postmarks and post offices of the New England area. The quarterly newsletter presents regional postmark and post office information that includes news about recent openings and closures.

The chapter meets twice a year: once during the spring and once in the autumn. Its get-togethers are varied: a meeting might take place at a member's home or somewhere on the road. Recent meetings have included a behind-the-scenes tour of the historic New London post office; a visit to a horseless carriage museum featuring rural mail carriages; and (photo above) a postal tour of the past and present postal operations serving East Windsor, CT.

Dues: $3 per year.

Colorado Chapter Contact

Colorado Chapter
Colorado Chapter Newsletter Header

The Colorado Chapter of the PMCC boasts quarterly newsletters with well-researched articles on long-forgotten locations in Colorado. Printed in color on glossy paper, they are complete with photographs and images of postmarks.

Quarterly meetings are held at varying locations that hold historical significance. Most take place in the Denver area, often at the Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library. Postmarks are discussed and often traded!

Dues: $5 per year.